WATCH: Video evidence that Antifa members are dumber than a box of idiots…

This is a tweet from Antifa over the weekend where they decry this big Samoan dude trying to fight them.

Watch the video (CONTENT WARNING):

You saw it! That Samoan dude just attacked them for NO REASON!

They didn’t do anything….you know….except start pepper spraying people!!!

Geez. These Antifa SJW morons must really think their *bleep* don’t stink. They pepper spray a bunch of guys and then act shocked when fists start flying? They totally deserve what they got.

Also if you haven’t guessed yet, this is your open thread for the afternoon. So enjoy! And try not to pepper spray each other, kay?

UPDATE: This twitter account may be a parody, but the video is real. Oops. Well, I blame the Mexican luchador-wannabe who sent it to me.

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