WATCH: Virginia school teacher BLASTS school board for race-based policies in epic speech [ADDED: FULL INTERVIEW ON FOX NEWS]

A Virginia school teacher blasted the Loudoun County school board in an epic speech yesterday and encouraged students to challenge the attempt of teachers to indoctrinate them:

While she doesn’t call it out by name, she’s obviously referring to teaching critical race theory in Loudoun County schools, among other things I’m sure.

Here’s the transcript of her comments from our friends at RCP:

I’m a Fairfax County Public School teacher and I am going to give a message of encouragement to parents and teachers of students who are too afraid to come to speak forth. Parents, the longer that you wait and you don’t hold your child’s schools accountable gives these guys (points to school board) more time to dictate what’s best for your child’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

Don’t be afraid to speak out for your kids because they are voiceless and they rely on you. You should be afraid of them rooting for socialism by the time they get to middle school.

Teachers, it may seem that our careers have come to a dead-end but I am here to remind you that we don’t work for the school board, we work to mold the next generation of well-rounded American patriots. So don’t give up because it is up to us.

Students, you are on the frontlines of these indoctrination camps. Challenge the staff when you are presented with a ludicrous statement and do not allow anybody to tell you that you can not accomplish anything because of your skin color or to hate yourself because of your skin color.

Students, it is up to you to be the next generation of victors or victims.

And, finally, to the board, this isn’t over.

If you watched the video you heard them cut off the mic at the very end. I did make out part of what she was saying, which was “And your policies are just as pathetic as making us wear masks…” Someone on the board began talking over top of her at the very last moment so I couldn’t tell exactly how she ended her statement.

But what an epic speech, and from a teacher no less. We normally hear parents speaking up like this, but for a school teacher to blast a school board like this is very brave. I should note that this teacher actually works in Fairfax County, which is the next county over from Loudoun County. But she has children that attend Loudoun County schools, so she most certainly has a vested interest her.

In case you’re wondering, her name is Lilit Vanetsyan. She was apparently on Fox News this morning, according to Ian Prior who was at the school board meeting:

I just found the video of this wonderful teacher on Fox News this morning and you can watch it below:

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