WATCH: Volker and Morrison agree that Zelensky did NOT know about aid; Volker says there was no ‘bribery’…

Here’s a few notable clips from this evening’s hearing, the first of which is both Tim Morrison and Kurt Volker agreeing that Zelensky had no idea that the Ukraine ad was being held up at the time of the July 25th phone call:

Volker also testified that there was no quid pro quo or ‘bribery’, as they are now calling it:

And finally, Morrison, who was listening in on the July 25th phone call between Trump and Zelensky says nothing concerned him about the call:

I know this is a rehash, for the most part, of what we already know, but it’s important to put it out there and share it to ensure people understand that Democrats really have zilch when it comes to any wrongdoing of the president.

As an aside, I just want to point out that Democrats are saying that Trump only released the aid to Ukraine because of the whistleblower complaint, and that proves it was a quid pro quo. But that would only make sense if Zelensky knew the aid was being held up in the first place, which he clearly did not.

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