Watch wealthy white woman KARENSPLAIN to black Surgeon General how to do his job on CBS

Imagine a Fox News host trying to tell a female surgeon general how to do HER job. It would be field day. And if the host was white and the surgeon general black? Total pandemonium.

But that’s the equivalent to what happened on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday. Rich white Karen host Margaret Brennan harangued Surgeon General Jerome Adams about vaccinating President Trump.

“The highest amount of hesitancy about taking the [vaccine] shot is from Republicans, 42 percent according to Kaiser,” said Brennan, an elite member of the party whose most important Governor and most popular members of Congress have been scaring Americans about the vaccine for months because they thought Trump might get credit for it.

“Wouldn’t it help to persuade those Republicans, if the Republican President himself came out to try to persuade them to take the vaccine he says he is so proud he fast-tracked? Do you have plans to have President Trump get a shot in the arm on camera,” Brennan imperiously demanded with full air of superiority.

Newsbusters sums up the next bit just right, writing that “as Dr. Adams was explaining why the President shouldn’t get the vaccination because he had received a monoclonal antibody treatment, and even though we’re still learning how long previous bouts with the virus leave a patient protected, Brennan began to yell at and over him.”

Which is exactly what happened. Just wait until you see the part where she says “YOU THINK” about his medical take. It’s as smug as it sounds.

“From a scientific point of view, I will remind people that President Trump has had COVID in the last 90 days, he received the monoclonal antibodies, and that is actually one scenario where we tell people, maybe you should hold off on getting the vaccine, talk to your health provider to find out the right time–” the Surgeon General began to say. Keeping in mind here that he is a scientist and a disease expert. Oh and he’s the freaking Surgeon General.

Remember LISTEN TO THE SCIENTISTS? Brennan doesn’t.

“That doesn’t make you immune!” she shrilly shouted over him as he tried to speak.

“Politics aside, there is a medical reason…” the black Surgeon General expert medical scientist tried to say again.

“That doesn’t make you immune!” the TV show host continued to explain to him.

“Well, it does not, but we know that monoclonal antibodies, if you’ve been administered them, actually are a potential reason why medically we would tell you to hold off on the vaccination,” Surgeon General Adams finally was able to say.

Imagine this with a different administration and a different TV channel. Seriously.

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