Watch what happens when guy records drug deal on streets of San Francisco

A man from his apartment window recorded a couple of thugs doing a drug deal on the sidewalk behind a vehicle.

He got their faces on camera by saying ‘smile’, and they would look up at him recording.

Toward the end of the video the thug on the left throws a knife and shatters the man’s window with it. The man didn’t appear to be hurt, but that’s where the video ends. Clearly these thugs don’t care that much if they are being recorded because they know nothing will be done.

As you can see from the reporting, the resident said he has repeatedly called the police when witnessing these drug deals but they won’t come because it’s not an emergency.

If they won’t respond to the terrible shoplifting that’s happening all over the city, because it’s not a violent crime, then why would they care if people are doing drugs on the sidewalk?

And thus the city continues to descend into more and more chaos because it’s run by radical leftists who don’t care about the safety of their citizens.

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