WATCH: White House spox says past statement by Robert Jeffress would NOT be embraced by the White House

Last night Mitt Romney took a swipe at Robert Jeffress, the pastor of a big church in Texas, calling him a bigot and suggested he shouldn’t give the blessing today at the ceremony for the new embassy in Jerusalem:

Well that led to this question being asked about Jeffress in the White House:

The reporter quoted Jeffress as saying that Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism “lead people to an eternity separated from God in Hell.”

The White House spox responded by saying that he doesn’t know how these people were picked for this event, but suggested if the past comments by Jeffress were accurate that they wouldn’t be adopted by the White House.

Here’s my opinion. I’m not a fan of Robert Jeffress and his MAGA singing church in the least these days, but he’s not a bigot and that statement attributed to him is not bigotry, it’s truth!

Mitt Romney may not like what Jeffress said, but that doesn’t mean Jeffress is a bigot. He’s simply expressing the truth of his belief.

The Jews back in the days of Jesus and thereafter didn’t like what Jesus and the Apostles preached, and ended up killing many of them because of it. And what they were preaching was undoubtedly the truth.

Jesus made Christianity exclusive when he taught that the only way to God was through Himself, via His death and resurrection on the cross. If you deny the Son, you deny the Father. There is no other way under Heaven to get to God the Father, but through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

As many of you know, I’ve recently converted to Catholicism. And while I might have disagreements with Jeffress about several things, this is not one of them.

As the old children’s song says, “One way God said to get to Heaven, Jesus is the only way.”

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