WATCH: White woman pulls gun on black woman and daughter, but there’s a lot MORE to this story…

There’s a video going around where a white woman pulls a gun on a black woman and her daughter amidst a parking lot dispute at a Michigan Chipotle:

This is the video that the NY Post showed in their article:

But there’s a lot more that went on before this video happened and you need to watch it to appreciate why this woman pulled her gun:

The black woman and her daughter were clearly trying to instigate something. She claimed the lady bumped into the daughter. So what, people bump into people all the time. The ‘bump’ wasn’t caught on camera, but what was caught on camera is that this white woman was trying to leave and the black woman and her daughter were clearly escalating.

As far as vehicle backing into the woman, it appears to me the black woman stood there hoping their vehicle would hit her. When it stopped just shy of her, as she stood there waiting, she jerked like she’d been hit and slapped the vehicle. It’s hard to see exactly but that’s what it looked like to me.

That’s when the white woman got out of the vehicle and the black woman was threatening to beat her. There was a lot of yelling, but she repeatedly told the woman to get back and then finally pulled out her firearm and told the woman to get back and to call the police.

After all this happened, the NY Post writes that the white woman was arrested:

The woman was later arrested by police, according to the Daily Mail.

The Auburn Hills Police Department confirmed the incident happened to the outlet but it is not known if the woman was charged.

I hope the police have seen the entire video, because I believe once they see it they will see the woman was simply trying to defend herself. Again, that’s what it looks like to me. I could be wrong, what do you think?

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