WATCH: Young girl causes PANDEMONIUM at city meeting when she says abortion is murder and compares it to slavery!

A young North Carolina girl caused pandemonium at a city meeting this week when she called on the city to make abortion illegal. In front of the entire room, she said that abortion is murder and compared it to slavery.

I know people say ‘must watch’ a lot, but it absolutely applies here:

This young girl, 13-year-old Addison Woosley, just impressed the heck out of me.

I love how she called abortion out for being murder and compared it to slavery, but my favorite part was when she asked people who they were going to be:

“Are you choosing to be like the plantation owner flogging the little black child? Or are you going to protest even if it is going to cost you your life like Martin Luther King Jr?”

That was AMAZING! This girl has no fear!

You can tell from the reaction just how on point she was. Here’s what some in the crowd said via the News and Observer:

“Y’all are so disrespectful,” a woman in the audience shouted at the anti-abortion speakers. “Let black people speak for black people when we are in the room. We can speak for ourselves.”

“You are a black man,” she said directing her comments to Mayor Pro Tem Corey Branch. “You need to stand up and recognize.”

Branch, who was running the meeting in Mayor Nancy McFarlane’s absence, hit his gavel and said, “I need order in here.”

“So, yes, I am a black man,” he said. “And, yes, everyone who signs up has a right to speak. That is the rule of the land. I can’t come up here and say you can speak or you can’t speak.”

I gotta hand it to Addison. She just made herself a rock-star in the pro-life community. I know she’s only 13 but I hope people reach out to her and give her an even bigger voice because with that kind of passion she needs to be heard.

UPDATE: I found this copy of Addison’s speech on YouTube. It has a few blips in it but still pretty good and you can definitely hear the people screaming in the room after her speech:

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