Watchdog warns the DOJ may be selectively targeting ‘red states’ with their election day enforcement plan…

The DOJ has released a summary of their election day enforcement plans, but a watchdog says they are hiding the important details of their plan from the public.

This watchdog believes the DOJ is doing this to allow them to selectively target red states on election day to try do their part to tilt the election in the favor of Democrats.

Here’s mo via Fox News:

The Justice Department this week outlined the steps it will take on Election Day to ensure a fair election process, but a government watchdog is warning that the plan leaves out critical details that open the door to selective enforcement against red states.

The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) said the lack of detail in the DOJ announcement likely means “selective transparency and selective enforcement, something we’ve come to expect from the Biden administration’s two-tiered approach to justice.”

The Justice Department released a summary of its “comprehensive” Election Day plan Wednesday and said it is aimed at ensuring that “all qualified voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots and have their votes counted free of discrimination, intimidation or fraud in the election process.

The plan says the Civil Rights Division will conduct monitoring in the field and that Civil Rights Division attorneys will be prepared to receive complaints that day. It also said prosecutors at the Public Integrity Section will be on duty while polls are open to take election integrity complaints and that DOJ is prepared to hear complaints about intimidation at the polls and practices that have a “discriminatory purpose or a discriminatory result.”

FGA Legal Director Stewart Whitson said he’s worried DOJ will focus these efforts only on Republican-led states on Election Day in a bid to prop up chances for a Democratic victory and said DOJ is unlikely to reveal more for fear of revealing partisan bias.

Whitson’s group has been trying for months to force DOJ to hand over its strategic plan for implementing President Biden’s executive order on voting access. FGA sued for access to the plan. So far, DOJ has only released a heavily redacted copy.

Whitson said DOJ’s broad explanation of its plan this week still falls short of the details FGA is looking for and said the department is still failing to be transparent about its actions less than two weeks before the election. He said the limited information DOJ has released amounts to a warning to red states that their processes could be picked apart by DOJ.

“DOJ is withholding documents from FGA, despite our lawsuit demanding transparency, while simultaneously issuing press releases with veiled threats to states who simply want to conduct fair elections,” Whitson said.

“The problem with the complete lack of transparency on the part of DOJ is no one, including the more than fifty members of Congress who’ve demanded answers, knows exactly what DOJ’s Civil Rights Division is doing to carry out the President’s EO,” he added. “This is deeply concerning, especially in light of the restaffing of the division with left-wing ideologues committed to opposing any and all state election integrity measures, no matter how sense they make.”

FGA filed a lawsuit in April after failed attempts to obtain documents from DOJ under the Freedom of Information Act. The group is seeking all details about how DOJ is implementing Biden’s order from March 2021, “Promoting Access to Voting.”

Anyone remember the New Black Panthers intimidating people in Philadelphia at one or more voting locations in the city? They did it in 2008 and were back out in 2012 doing it again. But I don’t remember Obama’s DOJ every doing anything about it.

So when I read this watchdog’s concerns over what’s been a very partisan DOJ up to this point, I believe it. And I expect they will act in a very partisan manner on election day, targeting states like Georgia who have passed new election laws.

And no one will hold them accountable for it.

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