Watching Winsome Sears absolutely RUIN Dana Bash for trying to Covid TRAP her will MAKE YOUR DAY.

The historic Virginia Lt. Gov. victory by Winsome Sears was completely ignored by the media, right up until they thought they could make fun of her because there’s a photo of her with a (gasp!) gun. They went so far as to accuse her of being a white supremacist. (Seriously). But after having failed to ridicule her into silence as they (especially CNN) do with ALL black Americans who aren’t outspoken progressive lunatics, she is finally getting some air time.

CNN isn’t one to quit while they’re behind, though, and Dana Bash still thought she could find a way to destroy Sears. Sadly for Dana and luckily for literally everyone else, Sears wasn’t about to be played by some echo chamber fake journo munchkin.

The result was INCREDIBLE. I won’t even highlight her answers with text until AFTER you see and hear it. I don’t want to spoil it for ya.

“As I said, America, if it’s nothing else, it’s about liberty. It’s about being able to live your life free from the government telling you what to do. And so we understand this thing about slippery slopes.

The minute that I start telling you about my vaccine status, we’re going to be down the bottom of the mountain trying to figure out how we got there, because now you want to know what’s in my DNA. You’re going to want to know this, that and the other.”

In New York, you see, we have people, waiters, waiters, asking people their vaccination status. And, by the way, do you know what else they require? A photo I.D. to determine if this vaccine card you’re presenting is really you.

Who are we fooling? Come on. Let’s say you get the vaccine. Go ahead and get the vaccine. If that’s what you want to do, get the vaccine. Don’t force it on anybody else. We know — and, by the way, media, they’re not telling us that people are suffering as a result of getting the vaccine, that they have all kinds of problems.

I understand it might be the minuscule. But when you’re the one out of 30,000 that gets it, it’s important to you. So, we need to tell the good, the bad and the ugly about the vaccine.

AMEN! And she had a lot more Winning in the interview. Here are some other highlights.

Winsome Sears is simply saying obvious and truthful things, but the media will never stop trying to punish her for it.

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