“WE ABANDON ISRAEL” – Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says nuke deal with Iran ‘IDIOTIC’

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says Obama’s foreign policy is always the same, he promises a Ferrari and delivers a bicycle with 2 flat tires. Peters agrees that Netanyahu is exactly right and goes on to call the proposed deal with Iran ‘idiotic’. When asked why the Obama administration would lift sanctions resulting in helping the Iranian economy, Peters says they are doing it in part to take pressure off themselves over the Obamacare rollout debacle, so they can say they’ve delivered a ‘win’ to the American people.

But when it’s all said and done, Peters says we abandon Israel with this deal, a deal he believes will go through.


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1,444 thoughts on ““WE ABANDON ISRAEL” – Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says nuke deal with Iran ‘IDIOTIC’

  1. Right on, Colonel! It’s Thursday and you just finished your spot with Fox’s cutest talking head Gretchen regarding NSA activities. The BS over government snooping drives me crazy. I spent four years with the ASA doing the same thing, more or less. I know NSA is simply building flow chart information regarding who’s talking to who. They don’t give a whit about the message content. The NSA is doing the same thing local law enforcement does driving down the street. They’re looking for slime. If a cop sees an illegal act in progress, he stops and takes care of business. So to me, stopping NSA’s activities is the same as blindfolding a constable on patrol. I’m tired of the whiners boodie-hooing over their perceived inconvenience and wonder how they’ll feel when a raghead pulls off a one-point landing on their pointy blubbering heads…?


    –John Burleson, who fears no evil
    PS: Where were you when I was on active duty? You’d have made a leader worth following!! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Let’s not forget that Mr Peters works for Fox News and the New York Post, both NewsCorp properties co-owned – surprise! – by Saudi Prince bin Talal. Let’s not forget that Riyadh is the international sponsor of the terrorist Wahhabi cult (of which *one* side-effect was the 9/11 Attacks). And we don’t need the likes of Saudi spymaster Prince Bandar telling the U.S. who we should and shouldn’t attack. Mr Putin, unlike some American Senators, had the guts to send Bandar packing, in spite of his threats to disrupt the Moscow Olympics ..

    1. Lieutenant Colonel Peters is probably the most intellectually gifted soldier-scholar in 3 generations. That you perceive him to be another FOX hack only demonstrates that it really is counterproductive to cast pearls before swine.

  3. This will be the final nail in America’s coffin. Obama has done everything to destroy this country. “Those who bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse Israel will be cursed.”
    He has destroyed our healthcare. He had destroyed our economy. He had destroyed our border sovereignty. Now, he has destroyed our foreign policy. He has destroyed our energy. He has destroyed our job market. We have no hope!

    1. You make some excellent points about Obama’s actions.

      My hope is in the Lord. I pray for Jesus to come quickly. Do you believe you are ready for Him? I hope you will take time to go to this site and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Who is my reason for living through good times and bad times, such as now:



  5. Nobama wasn’t happy with destroying America… now he’s after the Middle East. What a complete fool.

  6. “Peace in our time.” How many sheeple will get the Chamberlain reference? And I can fix a bike with two flat tires, but certainly not 0care.

  7. Iran will get the BOMB in a relatively short time. They WILL destroy Saudi Arabia not Israel. You just have to read Isaiah 21 (Elam is Biblical Persia) Isaiah 34 also confirms this too stating that Arabia will “BURN FOREVER” How about that Al Gore?

  8. Looks like most of the anti-Zionist ‘Flash Mob’ has moved on to greener pastures.
    Doubt we will find them over at the DNC web site though. 😉 😉

    1. I’ll give credit where it is due, the “conservative” websites have a generally freer atmosphere than the leftist-Democrat-socialist ones. I believe that is because conservatives have at least some sound bearing politically and morally, whereas the far leftists and internationalists don’t.

    2. They are in every partty. 75 hate groups on the internet. And the NAZIS are starting to culude with MUSLIMS once again.

  9. obamaer eased sanctions in JUNE with Iran what a piece of crap this guy is
    yet he takes away our healthcare

  10. Colonel Peters is a patriot….I admire his intelligence. Lord only knows what risk he takes to speak out so forthright..Bless him and his family!

      1. Fox news is peppered with them…like Sheppard Smith…ever wonder why he is now relegated to the breaking crisis news desk? Last time I heard….he was the highest paid anchor in the network…now olny seen when there is a crisis?

  11. Like no one saw this coming for how long? The Obama administration has been trying to do this since day one!

    They want to force Israel to use their nukes.

  12. Obama and Kerry are the Nevel Chamberlains of this decade.
    Iran is playing us for fools.
    If they finish theyre nuclear bomb aspirations, than one one in the middle east
    Will be safe.
    Israeli leaders have a right to be concerned

  13. Obama is a liar and a deciever and has and is endangering the safety of our ally and friend Israel, yet the Jews in this country keep voting for bad politicians like Obama.

      1. Where from your wacko suggestions that Jews “agree with the communist/socialist model”? Do you really believe that conspiracy theory? So why there wasn’t and isn’t any communists regime in Israel? Why Obama pushes America into socialist government?

        1. Not a conspiracy theory at all, it’s a known fact! Many Jews are partial to the Communist/Socialist point of view! It was the Floridian Jews and New York Jews who helped put Obama into office! Read the 2008 and 2012 polling data! Even after Obama snubbed Bibi, the majority still voted for Obama! Jews tend to be more liberal than conservative.

        1. Not talking about Israel, although the Kibbutz is a perfect example of Communism…and yes, Israelis ARE moving away from the commune model. It is American Jews who are still very liberal!

    1. And you are not alone!! It is inconceivable, that a peoples that were persecuted and fled to asylum in America, would overwhelmingly choose the chains again!!! The answer eludes me!

      1. Perhaps the following two brief articles will help.


        (1) “Prager Why Are Jews Liberal?”

        (2) “Podhoretz Why Are Jews Liberal?”

      2. It’s an old wives tale that the Republicans were for the rich and out of touch. The dems were supposedly for the working man. This is a belief that has many Jews still believing this. Funny though, the Democratic Party is no longer the party of Jack Kennedy. It has morphed into a very progressive movement (Ted Kennedy among them!) Get the people dependent on government, make them needy, and they will vote you in forever! You are so right, you would think the Jewish population would stop believing the lies!

        1. I saw a statistic recently, the Jewish pop. in America is 20%, but 40% of the wealthiest Americans…..just from a capitalistic free enterprise point of view….you would think they would want to protect what they have built….and be against the Socialist Progressives out to destroy our economy….convoluted thinking???

    2. There’s a huge disconnect between the secular Jew and the religious Jew.
      The latter does not vote liberal.

      1. I was a secular JEW when i was younger, and now am moving towards conservative beliefs. I also am a dual national.

        1. There’s a saying that goes like this:

          “If you’re not liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. If you’re not conservative when you’re older, you have no brain.”

    3. You have to understand, JEWISH people are not comfortable with religious type leadership and like secular government. That is out of history though. America was a place of safety for the JEWISH people. Now that time is wearing out, and in America there over 75 hate groups, and quite a number of islamic groups working together. The economic climate is rife for collapse and who do you think they will blame?

      1. Perhaps you would be interested in reading two brief articles written by Conservative Jews.


        (1) “Prager Why Are Jews Liberal?”

        (2) “Podhoretz Why Are Jews Liberal?”

        1. Rush, thank you. In part all sides are right and wrong. The conservatives in GERMANY gave rise to the NAZI party. But Prager is right on JEwish thought.

  14. I hope every Jewish person living in the US who supported Obama takes note of this: YOU GOT WHAT YOU ASKED FOR, IDIOTS.

    1. Obama received 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008 and 69% in 2012. Norman Podhoretz: “Since 1928, the average Jewish vote for the Democrat in presidential elections has been an amazing 75%—far higher than that of any other ethno-religious group.”

      For many who claim they are Jewish, their Leftist ideology trumps any religion.

      1. Thanks for providing the exact data! It is very true, as frustrating as it may be! Even after the bum snubbed Bibi, the Jews still voted for the creep!

  15. In the mood for a joke…

    A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were fans of 0bama.

    Not really knowing what an Obama fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny…

    The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different… again.

    Little Johnny said, “Because I’m not a fan of 0bama.”

    The teacher asked, “Why aren’t you a fan of 0bama?”

    Johnny said, “Because I’m a Conservative Republican.”

    The teacher asked him why he’s a Conservative Republican.

    Little Johnny answered, “Well, my Mom’s a Conservative Republican and my
    Dad’s a Conservative Republican, so I’m a Conservative Republican.”

    Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, “If your mom was a moron and your
    dad was an idiot, what would that make you?”

    Little Johnny replied, “That would make me an 0bama fan and a left wing

    1. donzap…That was funny, as well as true. Let me reciprocate.

      A Republican and a Democrat were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person. The Republican gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his business for a job. He then took twenty dollars out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person.

      The Democrat was very impressed, and when they came to another homeless person, he decided to help. He walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. He then reached into the Republican’s pocket and gave the homeless person fifty dollars.

  16. The Clinton deal with North Korea on steroids. Bush takes office and we find out North Korea kept building nukes….and had them….while we were giving them something like 500 million barrels of oil a year not to. Then Dems tried saying they built them overnight because of Bush, much like they claimed 911 was planned overnight because of Bush. Liberals are idiots.

    1. They blame everything on Bush. They blame stuff that happened before Bush was in office on him. They blame stuff that happened after he left on him.

      1. Bush did alot of crap but it was probably under his dads orders and his dads boss’s orders. Same people that give Obama orders. difference between Bush and Obama is bush had a break-down because he had a conscience.

        1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that saw Bush was taking it very hard at the end. He cared about what he did to the American people. He wasn’t always right on what he did, as we all know, but he did not want to destroy us.

          There are lots of differences between Bush and Obama. Hopefully you aren’t suggesting they are the same ideologically.

          1. They have different ideas but their ideas mean nothing when they take orders from a higher source. They each had their part to play in implementing the NWO. Different faces same goals. I think bush is trying to make up for some of the stuff he did but it’s 2 late for the country. His family is deeply entrenched in the NWO. Remember what Jeb did to Terry Shiavo and him being a sorta pro-life catholic.

          2. Creating a DHS type GESTAPO or HOMELAND security is not killing America? Every time i fly between US and ISRAEL on the American side get my dignity taken and have my rights violated.

            1. You are mistaken, You have the right not to fly… And for the record… Its America’s support for Israel that is one of the the reasons for all that security… Give your head a shake…

  17. Don’t worry. Hillary “Reset Button” Clinton or Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie will get this all sorted out (eye-roll).

    1. Christie might sell his soul to these devils for Sandy money, a free trip to Abu Dabi, and all the nuts the Elephant in the Room could eat!

  18. The USA is Mystery Babylon in Scripture, this is the beginning of the end for the USA. Jeremiah Chapter 50: 1 through 46 tells all of us what is to take place in the United States here very soon.

  19. This is very sad. This piece of crap we have for a President and the gutless Congress who will not impeach him could very well end up being responsible for the deaths of many people in the Mideast by abandoning our friends and allies. I hope Israel can take care of itself without our help until we have leadership that will stand with them again.

    1. The takeaway is the Democrats would sell out anyone, even an ally if it means more power and control for them.

    2. Heres a cynical bit of comfort. Israel is too useful as a scapegoat for Irans inane leadership. Why would they throw away thier favorite political punching bag?

      1. It doesn’t matter. Iran will blackmail the world into submission. I grew up during the “cold war”. It was pretty scary when we were under threat by Russia. But we had some faith that the Russians wouldn’t do anything foolish with the “Mutually Assured Destruction” policies being used by both parties. But with “Loon” Iran armed with nuclear arms, nobody can believe there is any safety out there. And with O’pussey in charge, well … who knows?

        1. kind of like israels Samson Option? Threaten to nuke the world if they ever feel threatened? Its not ok for Iran to have the same policy?

          1. Now thats just plain silly. Iran is the biggest supporter of terrorism worldwide. They have said openly that Israel would disappear when they obtained nukes. Israel says it will defend itself. The country is surrounded by howling screaming bearded idiots. It must be a terrible way to live.

            1. You are a liar. It’s so easy to identify sociopaths once you’ve been off the tv, newspapers and radio for a couple years.

              1. What is a lie self identified Uninformed person? Sociopath.. Ok.. where do you get that in my post Dr.Freud. Return to your hermit cave and go back to sleep for another 20 years.

          2. JC, Israel would not. The SAMPSON option is reserved for when the very life of israel and its population is threatened. It would be only used as a last resort. Otherwise not.

    3. Don’t kid yourself, this is more dangerous than you can imagine! This could set off a nuclear world war! Israel will not go down without a fight, and this Muslim OBUM in the WH is going to join the Iranians against Israel for sure! Why else would he secretly lift sanctions against Iran months ago?

  20. Life in Obama’s Amerika…

    One day, Jacob, a Jew slipped on the wet Potomac riverbank and fell into the

    Unfortunately, Jacob could not swim and was in serious danger of drowning.

    Two Homeland Security policemen heard cries for help and rushed over. But
    when they saw that it was a Jew, they laughed knowing how the administration
    thinks about Jews and just stood there watching him drown.

    “Help, I can’t swim,” shouted Jacob.

    “Then you will just have to drown,” they replied.

    Suddenly Jacob shouts with his last breath: “Down with the

    The policemen immediately rushed into the river, pulled Jacob out, and
    arrested him for trouble making.

  21. Oh, poor Israel!! Obama may have abandoned her, but there are many, many U.S. citizens who support her!!
    I have always loved the scripture passage in 2Kings 6:13-17:

    14 Therefore sent he (the king of Syria) thither horses,
    and chariots, and a great host: and they came by night, and compassed the city

    15 And when the servant of the man of God was risen early,
    and gone forth, behold, an host compassed the city both with horses and
    chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas,
    my master! how shall we do?

    16 And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be
    with them.

    17 And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.

    Israel WILL survive!!
    My thanks to others who show their support for Israel! Shalom!

    1. Oh poor Israel???? You have got to be kidding! Israel will annihilate those camel humps, but it might trigger a world war!

      1. Israel has shown amazing restraint. It has only been when she has been “pushed to the wall” that she has resorted to self-dense.
        Indeed, Israel has had to walk the tightrope.

  22. This must be said about this situation: Whatever nation is for Israel shall be blessed, and whatever nation is against Israel is already cursed… It happened in the past, and it surely hasn’t changed, because God is not a man that he should change/lie. Israel is still his nation of peculiar people… They are still the apple of God’s eye… This president certainly does not represent the American people on this issue, as well as many others, but this issue is the most consequential… America’s success as a nation (it’s superpower status) was a result of it’s very important role in WW2 with the Jewish people… And now… we have Abandoned Them…. Lord God… Please forgive America…!!!

    1. We haven’t abandoned Israel…Obama is the culprit in all of this along with the “progressives” in his doomed administration or so it seems. It is Obama who has the bias.

      1. Believe me I understand you, but the wording in the bible… The prophets like Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel… God deals with the nation, based on the Leadership that is in Power… Remember Romans chapter 13 about being subject to the hire powers… or even Rahab the prostitute that helped the Israelites take her city… Yes there are people inside the “goat nations” that are not in agreement with the Rulers policy, and scripture tells how God is able to save the Righteous out of the mist of his judgement on the wicked, however that nation will be punished none the less… God’s word is firm on that… We need to Pray… Hard…!!!

  23. Uh….isn’t Iran a muslim country? That’s why their brother in OUR White House dropped the sanctions in my opinion!

    1. I think sister Jerret had something to do with it. I must add though that many of the Iranian people are wonderful and they do not hate America or Israel. Those are the people Obama abandoned.

  24. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Our President is the best of friends with the extremely Anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan. Our President is very much a friend of Islam, and no friend of Israel’s.

  25. Most of the Jewish people in this country voted for Obummer. Not only has Obummer screwed Americans but is now screwing his allies. Oh well. Let the Israelis point the finger at “their own” who sent them down the river without a paddle.

  26. You can thank all the liberals, including ALL of the American liberals
    of the hebrew persuasion, when Tel Aviv is wiped off the face
    of the Earth.

    Just send them a little “thank you” note as you and your children
    waft skyward.

  27. The Jewish people should start spending more time with their relatives in Israel.. Your obedience to a the libtard dimwit in chief has condemned your fellow brethrens to a potential 2nd holocaust…i mean extinction. good luck . enjoy your time with your family traitors.

  28. Isreal has God Himself and he will destroy every nation that comes against Israel you can bet your ASS on that!!!!

    1. Tick tock, tick tock, the clock is ticking for the demise of what we grew up to know as the USA.

  29. The major threat to the region may very well be Obama.

    After all, look at what Obama did for Egypt and now 80% of Egyptians hate Obama.
    The picture of Obama as the devil with the orange-ed background was created
    by an Egyptian artist after the Muslim Brotherhood and Morci were kicked out.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic, if the same thing happened in Iran?

  30. Read Biblical Prohecy, you will be enlightened. It states that Israel will be abandoned by the nations

    1. We’ll probably be disabled before the battle against Israel. They should take all the people here that are loyal to Israel and ship us over there to help.

  31. As to Obama’s apology yesterday on cancelled health policies, for him it was better to lie and win an election – than tell the truth and lose. That is how he played that hand. He’s genuinely not sorry – he’s narcissistic – he’s not wired to feel empathy for Americans much less his party. He was simply clearing his throat voicing an “apology”, conditioning us for the next lie coming down the pike – while burning his party in the process. He is just a man that must – at all times – be in the center of his own universe.

    1. Actually, as Rush pointed out Obama didn’t really apologize. He basically said he was sorry that people felt bad.

    2. Google Obama’s classmate outs him as Barry the liar. Also his cousin who is a doctor outed him as a liar. Dr. Milton Wolf from Kansas.

  32. Just so you all know, the end of this story has already been written. It’s found in the Bible. All these things happening to Israel were prophesied nearly 3000 years ago. Each prophecy is taking place on schedule. The end is already determined and will not fail. Jesus is returning! Be ready.

    1. Zechariah 13:8-9 NKJV
      “…And it shall come to pass in all the land,”
      Says the Lord,
      “That two-thirds in it shall be cut off and die,
      But one–third shall be left in it:
      I will bring the one–third through the fire,
      Will refine them as silver is refined,
      And test them as gold is tested.
      They will call on My name,
      And I will answer them.
      I will say, ‘This is My people’;
      And each one will say, ‘The Lord is my God.’”

    2. You got it! No one should be surprised at what is happening, but maybe amazed at seeing prophecy fulfilled right before our eyes. All glory to God.

  33. A basically unknown community organizer with no other accomplishments, who somehow turned senator, with no valid birth certificate, who is an anti-Christian, anti-semetic, anti-capitalist, socialist muslim, is creating chaos and running the greatest country on the face of the Earth, over the whole history of the Earth.


    Wait and see what he does to stay in office (or at least in control of the US) past 2014. He has no intention of leaving.

  34. Israel is a great nation among the nations of the world. They can defend themselves and not expect the U.S. to spill more blood and send its sons and daughters home in body bags for the interests of a foreign nation. The U.S. is broke and cannot afford more wars. Non interventionism is the only hope for peace and freedom in America.

    1. Israel is our best ally in the region of the middle east and it is in our national interest to support them in any way we can. Iran, due to Islam, has two enemies- they consider the U.S. the big satan and Israel the little satan. We should have Israel’s back and I hope they would have ours.

    2. “not expect the U.S. to spill more blood” You should clarify that. The US has spilled none of its own blood in unilateral Israeli interests, and certainly no wars for Israel. I agree that Israel should fight its own wars, and it does. Israel would like to be able to depend on their ally to also consider their interests in foreign policy as well as adhere to any agreements they have made.

  35. Strange as it may sound, Obama has abandoned Israel, but Israel will not abandon us. Kerry and Obama have done enough that any other country would have severed relations, but Israel knows that the Obama administration represents America less and less with each passing day. Obama gives succor to our enemies and torment to our allies. His just legacy is thus assured.

    1. Well…I just might be able to retire from this thread on that post! You’re right. Israel knows that at least the Conservatives & a lot of centrists in the US are with them.

  36. Obamao is fulfilling his goals of abandoning all of the USA ,s allies and soon he will destroy the USA!

  37. The US will pay dearly for its betrayal of Israel. We are already paying for a President that is stabbing its own people in the back thanks to Obamacare etc etc etc. I will continue fervent prayer for our country and for Israel.

  38. Seems what I read in the newspapers/web, that the Bible is being read through the news. Read one and the other and a very interesting thing becomes relevant. That when Jesus testified: At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “Don’t do that! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers and sisters who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus.” (Revelation 19:10)

    A reading of Turkey in the 1990’s, Turkey built the Atatürk Dam on the Euphrates that almost caused a war over water. They opened one of the irrigation and the people downstream were drying up. One country had 10 gal water per person. Others 100 and it pulled back the watter from the little fingers of the Euphrates. Almost a war over one of the two being opened.

    The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East. (Revelation 16:12)

    The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus,it will burst into bloom; it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy. The glory of Lebanon will be given to it, the splendor of Carmel and Sharon; they will see the glory of the LORD, the splendor of our God. (Isaiah 35:1-2).

    If Obama gets his pseudo peace with Iran and possibly Syria gave some of the chemical warfare he spread throughout the land to the U.N. (token amount), Kerry may get a token agreement over land for security and they in turn get their 3rd temple the Antichrist will be around. Obama has spied on so many nations that they run to the U.N. for security, ‘Barack Obama ‘approved tapping Angela Merkel’s phone 3 years ago’.

    China wants to make a different currency because O is crashing the system via overload aka $17T. Things are in place for when AmeRica comes crashing down, enough fed ammo to fight a 30 yr Vietnam against those who don’t go with the flow, things are in place for the one event that will be the needed crisis to form the united states of the world.
    Dragging God’s rainbow through the filth of Amerika.
    Obama is looking for a big score with an Iranian, Plaistinian/Israel peace pact (he will in time) he will be loved again. He took a mulligan on Syria red line 1 & 2.
    John 3:17

    1. Friend you misquoted the Scripture, Jesus accepted worship because He is God. Only God can forgive sins , Jesus forgave sins. Only God is the Creator, it states in several areas that Jesus is the Creator. Maybe you are an athiest or a member of a cult , becareful God is not mocked

  39. A dark day for America. We have abandoned our most solid ally in the Middle East. To all you fools who voted to for Obama, you will bear responsibility for what will likely take place in the future because of this cowardly act by our “leaders.” God help Israel.

    1. But the jewish contingent in the U.S. continue (slavishly???) to vote DEMOCRAT. sigh. I side with Israel on this, but fail to understand why fellow Americans blindly accept this President’s approach to foreign policy. Please note that he *SECRETLY* dropped sanctions against Iran. No transparency in evidence.

          1. I wonder if there has been a current poll amongst secular Jews to say that every one of them votes democrat? I remember a conservative Jew, I think in New York, was posting on WePickRick and he was letting me know that there were a number of socially conservative Jews in his community.

            1. I don’t know if there’s been a poll done. It seems there are always exceptions.
              I knew of a few Pentecostals who voted for obammy! One would never wear a pair of women’s pants for fear she would go to hell, but she voted for and adamantly supported him. If you can figure that one out, let me know! Oh, btw, she was/is a pastor’s wife!

              1. I believe not everyone in the church is a Christian. Others, it is a mystery to me how they cling to the party they grew up with, which used to be far more conservative it is today. I don’t see how any person who profess to be Christians (painful when it’s extended family in my case) can still be a democrat, given their immoral platform.

                1. That’s the truth, not everyone who claims to be a Christian is one, see obamam and his family!
                  I believe, with all my heart, you cannot be a Christian and vote democrat. I guess you can say you’re one, but you just can’t act on it? That’s all I will give them.
                  Otherwise, you might as well say I didn’t rob the bank, I just drove the robbers to the bank.
                  If you vote for them, you’re enabling them to continue to make it legal to murder innocent children and one day will make it a crime for a minister NOT to marry two sodomites or two lesbians.
                  They will share in the penalty, perhaps even to a greater degree.

                2. While I believe it is a sin to vote democrat, I hope you’re wrong about CANNOT be a Christian, because I think it would mean an aunt of mine who seems to be one isn’t. :0(

                  I know to vote democrat, given their platform, is to sin against the Lord.

    1. American Jews do not, by and large, support Israel. That is a disconnect most gentiles do not understand.

    2. Liberal Jews are just as deceived and ignorant as any other liberal. Stupidity crosses all ethnic and religious lines.

  40. I can’t believe that I am a citizen of the nation that will have the primary responsibility for subjecting the Jewish people to a second and more horrifying holocaust for what, political expediency?, Or, the vain strutting of our Petulant Prince (kudos to Greg Gutfeld) and his diplomatic lackey.

    1. Your logic is flawed. Israel is an independent nation. Its interests are not necessarily the interests of the U.S.A. They have more than enough firepower to turn Iran into a parking lot.
      The U.S.A. is broke. Non interventionism is the only way forward. Remember George Washington’s warning to not engage in foreign entanglements. America first.

      1. George Washington had a deeply held faith. God promised to bless those who would bless Israel and I believe George Washington would stand with Israel. And it is in our interest to stand with Israel against a common enemy, Iran (due to Islam) who has declared the US. as the great satan and Israel as the little satan. If you think Iran’s nuclear ambitions would stop with Israel, I hope you will think again.

      2. I agree with your assessment regarding a one-on-one scenario in which Israel is engaged with Iran as a single antagonist. However, reality points to a far broader counter offensive composed of multiple nations joining Iran in its response to an Israeli preemptive strike. In this scenario, the US can provide real time strategic intelligence and rapid reconstitution of war material that Israel will need to expend in a strike on Iran. Of course, a more direct level of support would involve the deployment of US armed forces to serve as a barrier between Israel and the actions of nations sympathetic to Iran, something the American people have little stomach for these days. Sorry about the late delay. I have been involved elsewhere.

      1. Don’t worry, they already have planned, I imagine, their next false flag operation within the USA in order to tie Iran to the material used in order to create an opinion to fight their war for them against Iran.

        1. Did you stay up all night thinking up that load of crap? Or was that horse excrement spoon fed you by some of your fellow Jew haters.
          Moral of the story: DON’T EAT SH IT.

  41. Dunzie’s comments were all deleted due to his blatant anti-Semitic hatefulness. It’s good to see that some forum moderators actually know how to do their job. Thumbs up.

  42. Having Obama as our President is like being a passenger on his jet flying through a nimbus cloud. One second we’re free falling and the next climbing. It appears Obama doesn’t know how to read the radar to avoid a problem before it becomes a problem.

  43. Why doesn’t somebody in Congress grow a pair and start impeachment proceedings on him? Oh, yeah, because that will make the Repubs look bad. Guess what, they already do!

      1. Good point. There must be some criminal charges that can be brought against him and put him behind bars.

  44. The Muslim in Chief strikes again. We have become so weak and feckless, we don’t stand by our allies and are no longer respected, The world’s thugs and barbarians have nothing to fear any longer.

  45. Impeach President Obama as a violator of his oath of office to protect and defend the United States of America; Instead he weakens us and strengthens the arms of the enemies of freedom around the world.

    1. NEWS FLASH: Israel isn’t part of the UNited States. By the way how is affirmative action working in that so-called Western democracy?

  46. Here goes the last point in favor of America in God’s eyes. We abandon Israel and He will deliver judgment like this nation has never seen.

    1. Keep reading this thread, (if you have the stomach), you’ll find out who the real culprit is…I’ll give you a hint: “Zionists”, evil Jews who crucified Jesus”, Jewish bankers….it gets worse.
      This thread has been invaded by the worst of the worst.

        1. You wouldn’t know the truth if it grew arms, sat on your lap and slapped your mother for raising such an idiot.

            1. Satan was excellent, and still is, at quoting Scripture.
              You fit, ever learning NEVER able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

      1. In a way, it’s a relief to hear that. I was beginning to think the wash times or post or even huffpo had hijacked TRS.

        You’re right. Tonight there seems to be an unusual number of … questionable persons.

    2. You hit the nail on the head! We have been falling out of favor for quite some time. This will be America’s final straw.

      1. Hope to see you in His Kingdom. I hope the Lord’s return is as close as I think it is.

        Every now and then I stop and think about the fact that every believer in Jesus has a personal invitation to the biggest, happiest party the universe has ever seen! That cheers me up.

        Can’t wait for the party to start!

      1. Thank you for the link. Looks good right off; I’ll listen some more after getting emails finished for the night.

      1. Yes. This is coming, but the rest (my other reply to you) is also coming. Check the Oak Knoll Publishing company materials.

  47. Isn’t it time for congress to get some and impeach this guy? What’s it take? He has proven himself to be a liar and a traitor. Why are we tolerating it. Dump the stupid Obamacare plan and then dump him!

    1. Alas, being incompetent, childish, and irresponsible are not impeachable offenses…although Nixon had to resign for eavesdropping on people’s phone calls. Yesterday’s crook is today’s messiah, I guess…

  48. Obama Abandoned Israel, never saw that one coming!
    Did anyone else get blind sided by this turn of events?

  49. What would you expect from a Muslim sympathizer, socialist, and liar like Obama. He is the worst president to ever stain the office and that bar was already set pretty low…

  50. …and nobody will do a thing about the traitor in the white house……america’s leaders have abandoned america……..

      1. If Israel was in to ethnic cleansing, there would be no West Bank or Gaza Strip, and Egypt would be a fraction of its present size. If not being a supporter of Islamic culture and the (bad) behavior that flows from it makes one a supporter of Apartheid, then count me in.

  51. Obama said right from the start he would go with Islam and he’s doing what he said he’d do . And yet , the Sheeple STILL voted for him ! Meanwhile , most of our generals have been fired or left the service and our fighting forces are continuously weakened by his administration ! And the Sheeple are more aware of who got voted off ” Dancing with the Stars ” than what is happening to our United States of America !

      1. Obama is such a liar that you cannot judge him by his word, but must judge him by his actions. Obama has abandoned Israel. JAWA’s point is accurate based on Obama’s actions. Obama is such an incompetent President his action’s or inaction’s regarding Africa and the Middle-East have been destabilized both regions.

        Carter destabilized the middle-east when he did not support the Shah, letting Iran to be taken over by radical whackadoodles. Obama is Carter on steroids.

          1. I am in the happy position of not voting for Bush or Obama. I would take Bush back in a minute. Bush did not hate America.

            Invading Iraq was ill advised. But that is water under the bridge and we have much bigger problems due to Obama.

            1. I don’t think so. We got along with the dictator – the Shah – and we can get along with the current leaders of Iran. The biggest enemy of the United Stated in the MIddle East is Saudi Arabia.

              1. You do not have a clue what you are writing about. The Shah was a great leader and saved Iran from being broke apart after WW II by the US, England and Russia. The Shah mandated equal protection, education and rights for women, among other advancements. The only bone I have to pick with the Shah is his failure to put a bullet in Khomeini’s head when he had the chance. Instead he sent Khomeini into exile.

                We will never get along with the Mullahs in Iran. Mark Twain once wrote that in a business dealing with an Arab was like dealing with a cat, at the end of the day you will end up scratched or confused.

              2. The dictator may be closer to home in the White House. There is a reason the Middle-East has autocratic rulers. They exist because that is what is needed to control the population.

  52. Yeah, after Iraq, neocons have as much credibility on foreign affairs as Obama on health care. Iran wants nukes? Whatever man. It’s their country. Let the Israelis start a preemptive war if they want to. Americans are done with the world policing business.

      1. Didn’t take long for the tried and true 1930’s Europe analogy to show up. When all you got is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

    1. Actually, this all pretty much proves that the Neo-conservative approach was proper all along. But, you are permitted to think wrongly if that is your desire.

  53. When Iran or Israel drop the first bomb may well be the start of WW III. It is how WW I started when a Nation was attacked and all of the treaties started kicking in. Obama is leading us down that path. I thought Carter was a weak and disastrous President, Obama has taken the mantle of worst President of all time. The only joy, if there is any, is Obama is going to continue to spiral down and have a miserable time for the next two years.

  54. They learned from our negotiations with North Korea. I told you that the Democrats would give up Israel in a heartbeat. The Dems are correctly confident that they will still get the Jewish vote regardless. Jews bought into the Democrat koolaide about caring about the poor and the blacks. And they will not switch no matter what.

    1. I wonder if there might be a pathetic parallel to be drawn between German Jews that remained in a budding Nazi German even while the evidence of their eventual downfall was becoming painfully evident and the huge Jewish electorate in the US that slavishly votes for the Democratic slate?

  55. I believe this has to be it is prophetic! Sadly, Israel will come under great attack from all sides, and “no nation” shall stand in her defense! This is so when God intervenes, on behalf of his long suffering towards Israel, becomes their Savior! Then all nations, will look up and realize that it was divine intervention, especially the Jewish people, that will be saved from annihilation!. I may have my theology off a little, but I will have to find that particular scripture verse, anybody know of it?

    1. So, if it brings back the Rapture and the End Times, why is this a sad thing in your view? I mean, it’s written in the Bible and part of prophesy in Revelations, right? So think about it like turning through some boring pages in a big book to get through them so you can get to the juicy ending!

      Rationalism is dead in America.

      1. Well, I think that the original poster is disappointed, because he/she doesn’t want to see Israel abandoned by their own country, but is powerless to do anything about it. BTW, your attempt to denigrate the original poster doesn’t really work all that well, because to take your argument to its natural conclusion would be to say that Obama is being a good Christian by hastening the Rapture and the End Times; yet, I know that is not the intention of your thesis. Just proof that you’re off-course in your thinking, is all.

        1. Not so at all. In the thinking of some Neturi Karta Haredi jews for example, the Germans’ expelling and deportation and disenfranchisement of German jews was divine punishment meted out at the hand of their God for the Jews’ non pious and integrationist ways.

          According to some believers, god works in mysterious ways. That would include, I imagine, working his or her “wonders” through a haphazard, piecemeal or seemingly contradictory course.

          I have no thesis on this, really, I just think that any religious person can explain away reality more easily than a non-religious person. Their thinking is convoluted to begin with.

          1. So, I am correct, both about the original poster’s intent and your intent. I could tell from miles away that you were attempting to denigrate religion/religious people. Your statement “Their thinking is convoluted to begin with” is proof. Ad-hominem attacks solve nothing.

            1. How is a fact an “ad hominem attack?” I’m genuinely concerned that you would portray my accurate description of the mental gymnastics that these religious types must engage in more often than not to justify their beliefs and approaches to other people in such a harsh light.

              I am sure the Puritans had to endure the same mental twisting and tugging as the Inquisitors of old did, or the Pharisees of their time. Getting angry at the messenger is not a solution to the problem.

              I am irreligious, yes, but that is because I have a critical mind. I view the facts as they are on the ground. I review scientific evidence. I believe nothing of what I hear and only half of what I see. Thus, I am irreligious. But, that doesn’t make what I say any less true simply because I wasn’t “enlightened,” by a god.

              Address what I mentioned please: do some Haredi Jews justify the Holocaust as a divine punishment from their God? Do Christians justify the murder and crucifixion of their Jesus as a means to salvation for humanity? These seemingly terrible things are thus explained away by these religious types as the “hand of God,” even in the face of facts otherwise.

              You can have reason or you can have religion. You can’t have both.

              1. Saying that “their thinking is convoluted” is ad-hominem, and saying that you “can have reason or you can have religion [, but] you can’t have both,” is itself unreasonable. It’s needlessly tendentious, which will make it very difficult to arrive at a constructive agreement with most people. Hey, maybe endless arguing is really what you’re after–that’s fine but don’t try to push your rigidity on the rest of us! Though I do like (what I believe is) your request for greater parsimony, your auto-dismissal of anyone with a religious bone from debate is demonstrably bad logic. For example, in a disagreement over whether Azelfafage or Adelfelferes is the correct name of the blue giant in the Cygnus cluster, it doesn’t matter to the debate that one of the participants happens to be (let’s say) Roman Catholic. The Catholic might very well provide the right answer, while your logic demands that the Catholic would always be wrong, if even allowed to offer an answer.

    2. Ezekiel 38:1 thru 39:16….Your theology is right on!

      The reference to “no nation standing in Israel’s defense” is found in vs 38:11. Understanding the ancient Hebrew culture when Ezekiel wrote the prophecy, walls were built around cities for defense. This passage is clear: Gog from the North (Russia-as following the migration & settlement of Biblical tribes) will unite with other nations and come against Israel. Israel at that time has no protection.

      1. I pray that God moves his hand through those who see this thread straight to Ezekiel 38-39.
        In Jesus Holy Name,
        Can I get an Amen?

        1. just read the two chapters, amen, God plucked out and punished the original root, Abraham seed, and allowed us or me anyways a gentile, to be grafted in, as He proclaims I will not forever turn my back on Israel, so as their hour of need soon approaches because of the threats of annihilation coming forth, God will fulfill this scripture verse in Ezekiel 38-39 Amen!

    3. The Scripture you’re thinking of might be Zechariah chapter 14.

      Here’s a website that has basic, easy-to-understand Bible study “booklets” with excellent graphics which will help you get coming Biblical events arranged neatly in your mind:

      The “Panorama Bible Studies” are what I’m talking about. They are unique.

      And here’s a searchable online Bible in just about every translation that exists:

      It’s simple, fast, and has been a big help to me.

  56. Catering to our enemies, and abandoning our friends is a garrenteed lose lose for the Unites States. One will still hate us, and the other won’t trust us.

  57. Our president has a father and a brother who go by the name Mohammad …what did you think he was going to do for Israel…throw a bar-miss-fa?

    1. I could give a pile of dog crap about his after-life….

      it’s the REST OF US I’m worried about NOW

  58. Israel is more than capable of taking care of itself. They have a long history of kicking arse and taking names. They don’t need our involvement…even Netanyahu admits that.

        1. Why is it fishy? Obama is an ultra Leftist, and his behavior in everything he does reflects his ultra Leftist values.

          1. Fishy as is, when it comes down to tacks, who will he actually side with. His complete lefist views could go either way unless there is some other big writing on the wall.

    1. So, if they don’t need the US, can we save that 3.5 billion in direct aid a year we give them? And the aid we give to the Egyptians to buy their “peace” off? What about the military hardware we supply them with and our “assistance” in the UN vis-a-vis those pesky UN resolutions?

      They need the US.

  59. looks like he wants to fundamentally change the middle east as well as the u.s. by eliminating Isreal.

  60. Who could have thought the big-eared Kenyan Klown would end up making George W Bush LOOK LIKE A GENIUS?

  61. Obama said….I will not allow Iran to build nuclear bombs. He also said, with the ACA you can keep your Dr., your policy and you will save $2500 per year. He also campaigned on not adding any new taxes to those making less than $250,000 per year.

    How could Israel ever trust this serial liar????

    1. Lets not forget, he told Syria he was going to punish them for using chemical weapons on his own people, Did anyone notice that we’re still waiting?

  62. Netanyahu, now THERE is a leader and a statesman! He makes our President and Sec.of.State look like a couple 12 year old children playing model UN for extra credit.

    1. Criticizing Israel is not anti-semitic. Now if someone were to generalize and say “all Jews are _____” then yeah, fine, but if criticizing the Israeli government is anti-semitic then criticizing Obama is anti-American (which it’s not).

        1. Oh, those lines always become “blurred” until they reduce it all down to one and the same. They can’t help it.

  63. ‘Military Analyst’ my foot. Yet another AIPAC shill is more like it. It is grotesque that such bought and paid for stooges are listened to, if they are. I suspect Middle America has had it up to here with Israel.

    1. Not this Middle American. The only bumper sticker on my car reads, “Stand With Israel !”

      This is in part because of the Jewish Rabbi who got killed saving my life when I was nine years old. You may have read about it in the papers. His name is Joshua Ben David.

      Yes, I said IS. We gentiles call Him Jesus, and three days after His execution, God raised Him from the dead. And His Father, the one true God, told Abraham that He would bless those who blessed Israel and curse those who cursed Israel. This business of abandoning Israel is the most deadly action for America that obama could have chosen.

  64. There is a deep distrust and dislike in the black community against jews and embellished by many black leaders. And with the new muslim influence in the black community, it probably will get worse.

    1. I assume you mean the influence of our President who referred to himself in an interview as a Muslim before correcting himself. Its there on Utube if someone wants to verify my statement here.

                1. I’ve been studying with Shepherds Chapel 15 years. I know what the Bible means. The children of Israel are in America, Britain, Europe, and Australia. They just lost track of themselfs. Israel is where we came from.

                2. I care about Israel and the Jewish people. I was just letting you know that JC was not simply correcting grammar, if that was your impression. He was making a horrible, bigoted statement that to war against Israel is to do something in America’s favor.

                  Regarding the children of Israel, there is another sense where the Lord tells us in His Word that not all Israel is Israel. Please see Romans chapter 9 if you’d like to see the context.

                3. Israel is wherever the children of Israel are. Jesus Christ was king of Israel. All Israel. I know what he was saying. It don’t bother me. I support Israel cause that’s where our ancestors came from. There’s 10 so called lost tribes of Israel. They will not know who they are till the real Messiah returns. They are in Britain, Europe, and North America. I use vague statements to see if I can get someone curious as to what I’m talking about. That way maybe I can get them to check me out. Part of the tribe of Judah is the bad figs.

                4. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God,
                  and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is
                  the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in
                  the world already.
                  – I John 4:2-3 ESV

                5. The true Messiah already came once and will come again.

                  You might check II Thessalonians 2 to see that the antichrist is described as the man of sin, the son of perdition, after the working of Satan.

                  Also, you might read there are many antichrists- those are described in I John chapter 2.

                6. Been a student for 15 years. Shepherds Chapel. Arnold Murray. Worlds foremost Bible scholar. That’s why I don’t worry.

                7. Just did a bit of research on CARM on Arnold Murray and learned he is a heretic.


                  Repent, come to know God in three Persons, embrace Christ as Lord and Saviour who died on the cross, taking the punishment for the sins of all who would ever believe on Him for salvation, and start to study the Word of God with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit rather than through the eyes of Satan’s stooge, Arnold Murray.

    1. I’ll leave this thread right now if you can provide one war that America has fought for Israel. US may supply weapons, etc, but no US soldier has died fighting for Israel in any wars. You’re just a propagandist.

  65. Iran is the number one exporter of terrorism in the world and every state in the Middle East want’s to limit Iran’s capability but not Obama…..he owes the world an explanation.

    1. It wasn’t Iranians or Hezbollah members who flew those jets into the WTC. It wasn’t Iranians or Hezbollah that bombed the USS Cole. It wasn’t Iranians or Hezbollah that attacked the US consulate in Benghazi. Keep reaching.

      1. It was primarily Saudis. That has been verified and documented.

        Many flavors of Islamic terrorism exist.

        They operate on a principle best described as

        “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

        1. Well, we should have our borders sealed. Against the Muslim influx as well as all the others. But that’s another argument.

  66. We can expect that Israel will have to strike preemptively to save itself from Iran if Iran gets the bomb.

    This will play into Obama’s narrative nicely as OBama and his anti-Israel Administration will twist things around and paint Israel as the aggressor bad guy.

    1. They don’t have the guts, the means or the momentum to start a war with Iran. They ain’t gonna do anything more than throw more money at the politicians in Washington in the hopes they get their way.

    2. If Obama hadn’t kept Hilary out of the White House, neutralized Bin Laden, and refuses to tap dance to Israel’s tune, I might be upset with him.

  67. Our Muslim brotherhood chief executive has been scheming this for years – surprise Bibi – When you do obliterate Iran’s nuke’s do not give Barry a heads up

    1. Bibi just hit em fast and hit em hard. You have the American people behind you. Ignore the chicken in chief. He is not your friend in the least. You owe him nothing.

    1. Israel has been invaded how many times? And the iranians have promised to wipe Israel off the map how many times? Just this Monday, iranians were chanting Death to America. They are not peace partners.

  68. Bill Clinton called Obama an “amateur,” but at this point the POTUS is
    starting to really scare me. He’s “negotiating” with
    IRAN, the foremost state-sponsor of terrorism on the planet. Forget Israel for a second, do none of you realize that Iran getting nukes means unmarked white vans
    rolling into the center of DC, New York, Chicago, Detroit, LA and nuking everything? Iran getting nukes = Al Qaeda getting nukes. Maybe you can get over your hatred of Israel to realize that Iran and Al Qaeda WILL nuke us whereas Israel will not.

    1. Revenant. I would respectfully disagree. Many Iranians are families like us, working class people like us, Love their families & neighbors like us. Have cities, sports arenas, malls, playgrounds like us.

      The (Death to America) group is a small faction that eats up guaranteed air time…by design!! Iran does not scare me.
      A country with over 240 nukes, that denies having them, that does not participate in any nuclear watchdog agency, that has 40 foot concrete walls to its west, north and south, that has a flag that says “OUR KIND ONLY” They scare me.

      1. At the start of the Cold War, a “Mr. X” wrote a response to what you’re saying, about Russia. He said most of Russia is full of wonderful people who have achieved much historically and whom we can be friends with. The Russian GOVERNMENT, however, was a bunch of murderous thugs who could and would seek to destroy America.

        Iran is the same. I am sure the people there are fine, but the ruling class is a bunch of psychos. Have you listened to an Ahmanidejad speech? Every second sentence is “death to America” or “death to Israel.” Like 34 countries would walk out of the UN when he got up to speak. Or, have you read the policies of the ruling clerics? They issue edicts like “promiscuous women cause earthquakes.” Google it if you don’t believe me. The only Western idea they respect is the idea that the Holocaust didn’t happen; they want us dead. They crushed their own people in 2009 after rigging that election. And they care nothing for their own people, they would nuke America and everybody who stands with it.

        1. I would agree with your response. But please research it. The Ayatolla forbids the use of nukes. I would tend to believe him over BiBi. Besides Ahmed was just the usual pawn, he is gone now.

          1. You’re naively assuming that people actively funding global terrorism are incapable of lying. They lie all the time. What, do you think if we confronted them with the statement that “You fund Al Qaeda” they’d say “Yes, we do?”

            Tyrants and murderers LIE. There’s a whole science to it. Ask Joseph Goebbels.

              1. Because they HAVE nukes and America hasn’t been nuked in all the time they’ve had them. You give Iran nukes, and then look Americans straight in the eyes and give them that same assurance.

          2. That you would take the world of an ayatollah over a known friend of the United States says it all, bub.
            Get lost….

          3. You don’t understand squat.
            You don’t know Jack either.
            And it’s quite clear that you don’t understand how Mohammed’s followers think…especially those who believe and practice Jihad.

      2. Then, those Iranians who are good family people need to stop being cowards and take their country back from the islamist scum. Until they do, they will continue to suffer the consequences of their inaction. Israel has every right to possess nukes as they are one of the few Middle Eastern countries who actually care about human rights and are surrounding by Muslim psychopaths who want to destroy them. Viva Israel and death to the islamists!

        1. Wow, I’m sorry. But I do not submit to ingesting that KoolAid. Let’s just agree to disagree and see how the Middle East plays out.

          1. I hope your version of “playing it out” doesn’t get us all incinerated alive in a nuclear holocaust. But since I wouldn’t wait to find out, I instead hope Israel turns Iran’s nuclear facilities into a bunch of parking lots and it’ll be a moot point in any case.

            1. See, there it is. The HOPE for war. Spoken like a true zionist. I subscribe to none of your “death dribble”

              1. Now, your enamel is starting to chip away and you’re showing your true colors. Israel doesn’t start wars. It reacts to being attacked to remain in existence. If Iran gets nukes, they will use them on Israel. They have said Israel has no right to exist, repeatedly. Therefore, Israel has to take out those nukes to preserve its existence. Rest assured they won’t bother consulting you about it.

                I really have no interest in talking to you anymore. So go talk to thin air.

                1. No they won’t. I’m just an observer in the game just like you. I said earlier, let agree to disagree. So please I’m done. I wish you well on which ever side you are on and lets hope to never confront each in anger.

                2. What a load of barn crap!
                  You’re a Jew hater, you’re nothing new or novel, you’re as old as hate itself.

                3. Well, I feel better now, a Jew hater doesn’t feel sorry for me.
                  A history revisionist comes here to lecture about the evil “Zionist”. Got it bub, you’re as old as hate itself. What a tool.

                4. I guess so. Maybe one day we may meet and you may change my mind and we might be friends. Who knows?

                5. Hate doesn’t know how to actually make nice, it only knows how to put on an act. I’ve been on the receiving end of your version of nice all my life, I’m not fooled. Get lost.

                6. No, I was responding to the Jew hater known as Josey Wales. What a rotten thing to do to a title of a good movie, btw.

                7. Noo, he is calling me one. Which I would respectfully say I’m not. But you can’t change the mind of some people. Have a good day revenant.

              2. It is the Iranians who spew “death dribble” and have openly avowed to not only wipe Israel off the face of the map, but to bring about Armageddon. You should educate yourself in these matters, before posting further Adolf…

          2. Okay, agree to disagree. I must say though, that my opinion is not based on the ingestion of kool-aid from others. I am educated, have read extensively and understand much of the history of the world, including the Middle East. Your average muslim does not realize that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel 3,000 years before islam was even in existence. It is their land and they have a right to exist. If the muslims cannot learn to accept this, then it will end in their demise.

      3. And they have never used these nukes have they, even though their very existence has been threatened repeatedly. But Iran on the other hand threatens everybody and their leadership are crazy religious radicals. And when those families like us were unhappy and got a little uppity, their government crushed them ( while Omama stood by). Americans I believe would love to see those Iranian families live in a peaceful world, but not at the expense of our own safety and security. Your kind of thinking lead to the rise of the Third Reich.

        1. Hell, the Fourth Reich has already begun in this damn Country., and I sure as hell do not subscribe to that.

  69. The Middle East will be the nexus of World War III, and the world will have Obama to ‘thank.’

    1. ED, I believe you just may have hit the buzzer. Iwould say your answer is the one that is correct, yet the one I fear the most. Prepare now people. Bring family in close to you!

  70. Despite history….. why do so many Jews support Obama?… and the Democrats..?
    Hey Israel….. remember… if you like your Doctor and health insurance you can keep it?
    Obama is in my opinion like Hitler….. promise good and committed…well you know.

    1. I posted this somewhere else earlier. If anyone wants to know why many American Jews support liberal/progressivism the best book I’ve read (it’s a bit older- but excellent) is AMerica’s Real War by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

    2. Unfortunately he has promised so much to so many people. Good thing is they are *waking up*. I fear though, it may be too late. Unless action is taken by the American people, and by action I mean doing things that many people would say might be barbaric.

  71. So, let’s see. We have several “allies” in the Middle East that are really not allies at all. Our closest “ally,” Saudi Arabia, dropped us for negotiating with Iran. Who else can we count on? Egypt hates us right now. Lybia allowed our embassy to be destroyed, the Ambassador with it. Syria? Let’s not all start laughing. If we have to go to war in the Middle East, the only ally that’s with us no matter what is Israel… and it would seem that Obama is looking to get them wiped off the planet via nukes. Iran has stated and continues to state that it’ll destroy Israel if it can. This “deal” Obama is pursuing has not stopped enrichment.

    Forget the Jew/non-Jew element for a second and consider who in the Middle East will help us EXCEPT for Israel — and you’ll see that there’s not a damn country that will. That is the real reason both Democrats and Republicans like Israel — they are with us for real, not rhetorically. And as is typical for Obama, he’s trying to please everybody that considers him an enemy and he is disregarding the one friend there that we have.

            1. I’m a Jew, please inform me. And NO, we are not ALL God’s children, we are ALL God’s creation.

              John 1:12
              But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: : Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

              1. All humans are Gods children.I’m a Hebrew. I doubt you know what a Jew is. If so tell me. Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin.

      1. Looks like you have your work cut out for you tonight, dear friend.
        Blocking ‘mental giants’ who haven’t bothered to read ‘the rules’.
        The way Disqus works, if you, (as a moderator) are in the process of blocking an inappropriate comment while somebody is replying to it, often the reply comment will be lost too.

  72. a nuclear iran can close the strait of hormuz at will and jack up the price of oil, and subsequently gasoline and heating. and that’s were he puts the screws to us. he could care less about isreal and the world. we americans are the prize that he covets

  73. No need to worry about Israel, God has their back. America on the other hand, not so much. God is going to stuff a big giant crap sandwich down the Obama administration’s throat.

  74. When the Israelis’ finally rise alone to do what they MUST do to survive this barbaric Islamic onslaught, you can be sure the one to throw them under the World Bus will be the current resident our OUR White House. Wake up folks.

        1. I will say a prayer for you bluesky and hope for your safe return. But getting mixed up in that mess. Many people would not be returning home.

  75. If you could equate these political maneuvers to types of religions. What religion would you say Obama would be part of?

    1. I would begin with the fact that Obama is truly evil through and through, in body, mind and soul. When you begin with that premise, everything he does makes perfect sense. What religion you might assign to him doesn’t really matter. He is his own religion. He only worships himself, no other, not even God.

  76. Welp I’m done with feeding the trolls, I have better things to do. I recommend everyone else do the same.

  77. There is one sure fire way to keep Iran from developing nuclear warhead capabilities…..Let the Obama administration manage their development website.

      1. I’m pretty sure they already have it. Pakistan just did a swap meet at the 7th Drunken Camel Weapons Exchange Expo. They are just playing the *correct* politics.

  78. They couldn’t get the United States and UK to bomb Syria. Are they trying to put Israel into a situation where it must unilaterally attack Iran, knowing that Iran will retaliate via their Jihadist proxies in Syria and Lebanon, thereby creating a situation where they have an excuse to involve our forces? I don’t think this is just a distraction from Obamacare.

    1. Funny thing is, the bandit state has sold out America numerous times…and by bandit state I ain’t talking about Iran. The Isn’realis sold our missile tech to the Chinese during the Clinton years. They buy and pay for our politicians’ through AIPAC. They steal at least 3.5 billion each year from the US taxpayer and give us nothing in return but duplicity. They assassinate people around the world and make enemies for us where we had none before. They are cozy with the Saudi royals, who brutalize their own people and export terrorism like Brasil exports bananas.

      And yes, Isn’treal supports the PBLEs (Priest Beheading Liver Eaters) in Syria and hopes “the war goes on,” because stability isn’t in their agenda there either.

      Isn’treal isn’t going to attack Iran, they don’t have the guts OR the ability to do it. They would rely on their golem…the US…to do the dirty work.

          1. I don’t doubt who’s selling what to who. Someone was giving the bomb tech to Russia, as fast as we could develop it.

  79. Was just thinking of all the Leftists Jews that voted for Obama and pretty much abandoned their own people. Kind of like the Jews that collaborated with the Nazis. I guess as long as they can suck the life out of America money wise screw Israel.

  80. Well Obama is a Muslim. No surprise. I guess Der Fuhrer can do whatever he wants and not a person of the press will criticize dear leader. We don’t need separate branches of government when the King we have just orders whatever he wants.

  81. Netanyahu wasn’t very worried until Obama told him that if the Israelis liked their country, they could keep their country.

  82. The fact is whether or not it is good for Israel (or any other country for that matter) if Iran gets nukes, nobody has a right to force them to drop their nuclear program. Iran is a sovereign nation, with its own rules and laws. It is not a territory owned by any other nation. No country has the legal right to force them to not build nuclear weapons, and they have every right to build nuclear weapons. There are certain treaties and international law that state that a country may not perform nuclear tests in space or anywhere above ground, but underground nuclear tests (as neccesary after you build your nuke, just to make sure it works properly) are allowed, and there is NO INTERNATIONAL LAW that prevents ANY NATION from building a nuclear bomb. If the US and/or Israel attempts to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons by use of military force, whatever country used said military force for said purpose is in VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW regarding the SOVEREIGNTY OF NATIONS. And therefore such an action would be considered a DECLARATION OF WAR against Iran, giving Iran the right to use any means in its disposal to defend against the invaders. When you conduct military actions into another nation’s sovereign land, you are carrying out an ACT OF WAR against that nation. Currently the US and Israel are NOT at war with Iran, and I don’t think they’d want to be at war with Iran either, because when Iran DOES get its nukes it WILL use them in any such war, and that will mean the US and Israel will go bye bye. So for the preservation of both the US and Israel, it would be best to NOT attack Iran to try to force them to stop their nuclear program.

    Better to sit back worry that a nation might be a FUTURE threat, than it is to invade them and make them an IMMEDIATE threat when they attempt to defend themselves against your UNPROVOKED MILITARY ACTION.

    1. You are incorrect. The Non-Proliferation Treaty of which Iran is a member prevents rogue member states from developing a nuclear weapons program.

      1. If Iran wanted nukes, why would it sign the treaty? They clearly wants nukes, so they wouldn’t have signed any such treaty. You have no idea what you are talking about.

        1. I guess it’s true: a blind squirrel can find a nut. Your simpleton-like response has a ‘nut’ of truth to it. Iran is violating, as you state, international law to builld nukes. However, as a rogue state every NATO state has the right to intervine. Israelis are doing what they’re legally obligated to do. By doing nothing and in fact loosening sanctions, Obama is throwing Israel under the bus.

          1. Non-proliferation refers to proliferation. Proliferation means distribution. No nation with nukes may give any of their nukes to a non-nuclear nation. However NOTHING is in the treaty that would prevent a non-nuclear nation from building their own nukes.

  83. Of course we have because the demoncrat/socialists have always blamed Israel for all the problems in the Middle East! They will gladly sit and watch as the nation of Israel is EXTERMINATED. Oblamo has said on many occasions that Israel is the road block to peace in the Middle East.

  84. And why did nobody see this one coming? Israel is not on Obama’s radar. His radar screen is filled with only Socialsm! Wake up American before its too late.

    1. Right and you would rather be associated with the people that would lop your head off for not following their religion. Very smart.

      1. Actually, the Isnt’realis support the PBLE’s (Priest Beheading Liver Eaters) in Syria. Iran supports the Syrian government, which is thoroughly secular and protects the interests of the Christian and other minorities there from the clutches of the PBLEs that Isn’treal and Saudi Arabia support and fund.

        1. Riiight. Israel doesn’t give 2 hoots about Syrians killing themselves. They’re rooting for both sides but they’re not supplying either. Nice propaganda though.

          1. Well, bombing the crap out of various military depots in Syria, and propagandizing against Bashar Assad are two of the more TAME things Isn’treal is involved in. There are probably dozens of exploding buildings in Damascus that have Mossad written all over them too, that we’ll never know about.

            You Isn’trealis sound like real humanitarians and all, wanting the war to continue and people to die. Sorta like what happened in the Gaza Strip recently when white phosphorous was used on the civilian population.

            And that’s not propaganda, that Red Cross and the UN saying it.

            1. Yawn….I’m not an Israeli. I’m an American in Afghanistan at the moment, thank you. And yes, any target Israel sees as a threat, in Syria or anywhere, it will attack. No less than we do in America. Cry all you want about white phosphorous in Gaza, if that’s the worst Israel’s done then I don’t think they’ve done enough. Take a look at US ordnance choices and get back to me.

              1. Oh, forgive me. By the Law of Return and by your sentiment, you’re an Israeli. And I disagree with the US and how the government bombs nations into the stone age, just as much as any other nation doing it. It hasn’t earned us anything but contempt and hatred.

                It DOESN’T work.

                Too bad the Isn’trealis don’t see the PBLEs as a threat. They’ve pledged to kill Infidels and you jews are at the TOP of their list. They make the Shiites look TAME in comparison.

                You can negotiate with Hezbollah and Iran, they are more or less rational with specific interests and have maintained a relative truce with Isn’treal for decades. Wait’ll you see what the PBLE’s do when THEY bring their asymmetrical warfare and penchant for brutality to Tel-Aviv and points beyond, then you’ll wish for the days of Bashar Assad.

  85. Everybody should know Obama hates Israel. He has them backed into a corner and they will attack Iran. This will most likely escalate into a much wider war,possibly WW3 . Obama’s Middle East policies have been a total disaster and puts U.S. in danger.

  86. Israel was told since Oblunder’s 1st term that he would turn his back on them and he has certainly done it. Some thing has to be done to get that skinny bast*****ard out of office and it needs to be done right away. Obastard is killing this country and knifing allies in the back. It’s obvious he has no respect to those held hostage by Iran for 400 + days back in 1979.He just continues to award our enemies with gifts while laughing in our faces. I hate Obama, I never thought I could hate any one but, I hate that lying, sniveling, snake in the grass punk.

    1. The down votes just show the brain dead people that just can’t come to grips about what a liar their hero ( Obama ) is !

  87. of course the muslim bho would throw the jews under the bus he’s just doing what his koran tells him

  88. No news here..
    The Emperor supports and concedes to our enemies….
    The Emperor kick our friends in the gonads while Kerry stabs them in the back…
    That is called TEAM WORK


      1. Fake both! The only god Obama worships is himself. But as for this deal it will be the single biggest nuclear proliferation since the Cold War.

  90. Only one conclusion can be drawn that makes sense: Obozo wants Iran to have nukes to “even out the playing field”, just like with this insane health law. A death wish for liberty and America comes to mind.

    What a nutjob. Can we please fast-forward to Jan. 2017 right NOW?

  91. It is sadly shameful and infuriating how we are abandoning our only ally in the Middle East. It becomes increasingly clear that Dear Leader Comrade President Obama does not even have our own country’s best interest in mind. Our only hope with our first affirmative-action president is to try to limit the damage from now until January 2017.

  92. Anyone who believe a nuclear armed Iraq would be good for ANYONE in the world is either mentally deficient or a jihadist sympathizer. ………. But then I repeat myself.

  93. The rest of the world has always been waiting for a reason to turn on Israel. Jews have been the scapegoat for the ignorant for centuries. The Obama team’s ignorance i what now gives the world the chance to once again turn on the Jews. Do yourselves a favor and google the Samson Option. Obama is guaranteeing it will happen

  94. All this religious dogma aside, it really comes down to one question:
    Which side would be most likely to detonate a nuclear warhead on US citizens? That’s the side we should be against.

    1. If only the conservative leadership of this nation, and even that of Israel could say exactly those words in a public statement.
      It would be almost comical to hear an argument that supports the side opposed to Israel.

      (oh, and “in” before the inevitable a$$hat post about the USS Liberty…)
      ((and also “in” before someone correctly points out: “where is this ‘conservative leadership of this nation’ I spoke of???”))

    2. Don’t count Israel out on that score. Israel will do whatever is in Israel’s interests. Which country has the most spies in the US? Which country has been caught spying in the US the most?

      1. That would have been Germany up until the 1940’s and the Soviet Union up until the fall. Lately, it’s been China.

        1. Ever heard of a spy for Israel named Jonathan Pollard who is currently serving a long sentence in a maximum security US prison? Pollard, as a US Navy officer, stole a room-full of naval intelligence (during the Reagan Administration) and passed it on to an agent attached to the Israeli Embassy in Washington. Pollard is just one example. Ands BTW, the government of Israel has established a fund to take care of Pollard once he gets out of US prison and goes to Israel as a hero and citizen. Benjamin Netanyahu prevailed upon Presidents Clinton and the Bushes to release Pollard. No shame, just brass.

          1. China still has more spies in the US. Citing one person spying for Israel doesn’t change that fact.
            Why do you need this explained to you?

            P.S. The Germans just caught us spying on them. What’s the difference?

  95. It’s always easy to see which news stories are the most harmful to PhuxtainHussein and the Left, by the volume of shrill histrionics their minions throw up to try to drown out the truth about their Dear Leader.

  96. If you think Zionist Israel is “God’s Chosen” see Synagogue of Satan, those claimimg to be Jews but are not…

  97. WE TOLD YOU SO Part I

    WE TOLD YOU SO, AMERICA ON 12-13 2011!
    You didn’t pay attention – just as you are now not paying attention to what more he has already done – ‘to you’ – that you cannot even imagine. Read ‘Alexis’ essays at link below, and Disqus Activity.

    Excerpt from:
    A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners!
    By Alexis Ainsworth MARCH 2012


    Excerpt Page 26:

    “Obama Bows to Saudi King” 4/2/2009 WND
    Obama ‘bows’ to Islam’ – his political Golden Ring – does a great favor to bless Billy Graham in-person, excuses a rabid-Negro Black-Liberationist terrorist, as an ‘old uncle’, vows war on the U.S. Constitution one ‘stroke of The Pen’ at a time. (SEE CHAPTRS BELOW; Islam’s Hadith Science regarding
    “Obama Urges US Lawmakers to Go Soft on Iran”
    “Obama REFUSED To Recapture Or Destroy Million Dollar Drone In Iran” – Saturday, December 10, 2011



    “Carney Says Obama In No Rush To Make a Decision On How To Deal With Iran Nuke Program” / Zip 1-30-12

    ,“Iran warns world of coming great event – Says ‘evil hegemony’ soon will be defeated by power of Allah” 2-03-12 /WND

    “Obama has formally declared war on all religions” Washington Post 2/03/12 Michael Gerson


    “Israel ready to strike Iran without Washington’s approval?” RT / 1-17-2012
    OBAMA, NETANYAHU & IRAN: Obama to Bibi about Israel’s ‘back’ 3-2-12: ‘I don’t bluff’ LA TIMES Christi Parsons “I think that the Israeli government recognizes that, as president of the United States, I don’t bluff,” Obama said about use of military force.

    Obama behind Bibi’s ‘back’ 3-4-12 “I firmly believe diplomacy will stop Iran from building nuclear weapons… Weasel Zippers

    “Duplicity was his second nature and he privately acknowledged it on many occasions to his closest collaborators. He never hesitated to “give his word of honor” not to do such or such thing and reneged on his word a week later. “HITLER’S GENIUS” SCHIKELGRUBER

    “Obama Unveils Defense Cuts While Iran Threatens War” By KT McFarland January 05, 2012 | FoxNews.com

    Whose bright idea was it for the president of the United States to unveil his defense budget cuts on the cusp of a crisis with Iran and in the Pentagon’s briefing room? — What were they thinking?….. Perhaps they think it gives credibility to President Obama’s lead from behind strategy; that without a robust military the U.S. will have no choice but to be part of a coalition.”

    DECEMBER 13, 2011
    “WAR GAMES: IRAN TO CLOSE STRAIT OF HORMUZ” “Military to practise blocking Straits of Hormuz” The Scotsman /Tuesday 13 December 2011 02:32


    Excerpt from ‘Message to Drudge’: “…Veni, Vidi, Vixi Diary Entry Dec. 13, 2011:

    “Not to worry, Drudge, they aren’t ready yet – it’s only an Obama positioning tactic – nothing more than Team-Obama-Iran posturing – a calculated ‘show and tell’ to set-off U.S. and Western domestic turmoil (See below: Obama’s “3 Silver Bullets”). Iranians never say what they are ‘really thinking and doing’ – anymore than does Obama. Believe it or not (and, you won’t) this is part of a coordinated strategy between Obama and Iran to get Obama re-elected – and as circuitous, incredulous, and ‘seemingly improbable’, as it may appear to be, these theatrics are vintage ‘Iranian Salafi-Islam – and – ‘Obama Salafi-Islam’.

    Fundamentalist Salafi Islam is the fundamental Game-Theory of ‘The Big Schrzophrenic Lie’ perfected by Mohammed straight through the mouth of Obama (read the Qur’an and Hadith sciences). Obama recognized an ideal psychological phalanx to escort him to a world dictatorship when he began focusing on Islam as a child in Indonesia to the exclusion of other studies:
    Obama’s game theory is to:

    http://boudicabpi.wordpress.com/bpov/ “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”

  98. Another smoke, and mirror stunt by Obama, Kerry, and Clinton. There legacy will be
    LIAR. LIAR, AND LIAR–“PERIOD” This is what happens when you sell your soul.
    The Truth Will Prevail. We must pray for them.


    WE TOLD YOU SO, AMERICA ON 12-13 2011!
    You didn’t pay attention – just as you are now not paying attention to what more he has done – ‘to you’ – that you cannot even imagine. Read ‘Alexis’ essays at link below, and Disqus Activity.

    Excerpt from:
    A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners!
    By Alexis Ainsworth MARCH 2012


    Excerpt Page 28:


    “You became confused, Drudge; you – and all of America, minus ‘-0%’ – are just as gullible as Obama and Iran expect you to be – which is the point: They expect you – and your media pals, and the political-pundits – to give them the headline they’ve manipulated you to put out – and all of you perform on cue…

    “….And, this is only December 2011, wait ‘til you see what they’ll be doing between now and November.
    ….and, even then you will have not plumbed the madness of ‘Obama’s mind’ (or the Iranian psyche) . hut, it will prep you to realize how far the ‘Obama sickness’ has already RUN in his ‘36th months’ in the business of running AGAINST the U.S. ….while he has never stopped fiending running ‘FOR’ THE U.S. PRESIDENCY – while he has never stopped spitting in the face of the United States – while he has never stopped telling the United States that he is SPITTING IN ITS FACE

    ‘….There will be bigger posturing of threats and mini-skirmishes to give Obama the opportunity to ‘appear as if’ he is supporting sanctions – they may even include U.S. strategic positioning of standard warfare materiel and some oil threats– but, be assured this is all only to strengthen Obama’s cover. They are a team, Drudge. In fact, Team Obama-Iran will posture ‘Iranian threats’ so boldly that they will rub America’s face in the dirt with tantalizing snippets of confessions of how close Iran is to having nuclear weaponry’ as if to say ‘Catch me it you can’ – when all the while THEY ALREADY HAVE ‘IT’ – GRATIS, ‘AL-MAHDI-OBAMA’ It is ‘shovel ready for full assemblage’. They will also put out propaganda to mislead the gullible West to think their war weaponry is less sophisticated than are their undercover arsenals, while boasting the contrary.

    “…..You, Drudge, and America, do not understand the Iranian psyche – and – you certainly do not understand the massively pathological psycho-dynamic convolutions of Obama’s psyche. (See chapter below: Reference to 1960’s Rand Corp. study of Iran socio-cultural profile)

    “……Each time they lead you into a hysterical headline to manipulate hysterical Americans straight into their trap – they are ‘leading both you and them, from behind’. It’s only a distraction tactic to direct attention away from what they really are ‘doing behind’ the scenes when they are ‘talking’ war games – while behind the scenes they are ‘really doing war’ in preparation for their post-2012 elections agenda.

    “……What are you and your media cohorts, and the immeasurably weak political pundits, going to do to further implement their strategy when Team Obama-Iran’s gimmicks start to become really-really scary in September, October – after they’ve gone from only ‘really scary’ earlier in the year – as the great Mahdi soothes your fears? Will all of you just continue right on the course they’ve set for you? For now, they will do nothing but posture with threats – possibly fire a couple of missiles and make oil threats…only to ‘a point’ – be assured, you may stake your life on it – they are only directing America’s attention away from what Obama is ‘really’ doing….Iran ‘already has the essential components of nuclear capability – it needs ‘only Obama’s final approval to use it’

    “…. STAKE YOUR REPUTATION ON THIS, DRUDGE: ISRAEL IS ‘TEAM OBAMA-IRAN’S’ ONLY WILD CARD – and is the reason Obama loathes Netanyahu. Netanyahu scares Obama to death. Obama is totally threatened and intimidated by Netanyahu, because Netanyahu is the ‘single obstacle’ standing between Obama and his determination to achieve a world dictatorship – TIMED TO COMMENCE IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING HIS RE-ELECTION IN 2012 (see chapters below) – which Obama has ‘audaciously hoped’ for over centuries – ‘yes, centuries’ – READ BELOW: “BARACK OBAMA IS INSANE”. Only Nicholas Sarkozy has had the intelligence to have publicly acknowledged this fact. To this point, everything is on schedule – he has ‘followed the Hadith-road to perfection’. Only individuals with an axe to grind to protect their own psychological problem are able to remain in denial of the fact that Barack Obama is insane.
    “ New opinions are always suspected and usually opposed because they are not already common. ”— John Locke

    http://boudicabpi.wordpress.com/bpov/ “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”


    WE TOLD YOU SO, AMERICA ON 12-13 2011!
    You didn’t pay attention – just as you are now not paying attention to what more he has already done – ‘to you’ – that you cannot even imagine. Read ‘Alexis’ essays at link below, and Disqus Activity.

    Excerpt from:
    A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners!
    By Alexis Ainsworth MARCH 2012


    Excerpt Page 29:

    However, Drudge, before you will be able to become a ‘believer’ – you will need to learn to understand ‘the level of their communication system’; it is ‘pure thought streaming from Allah’ – and – you may be certain that both Iran and Obama believe it — but, differently: Iran believes Obama is ushering in the ‘Twelvers’ al-Mahdi – that is to say, Islam’s world ruler – under whom the entire world will be ruled by Islamic theocracy, which is a cover for its secular political tyranny – and – Obama believes ‘he is that world ruler’ coming to power at the White House – using U.S. power to manipulate foreign and domestic policy in order to give Iran and the entire Muslim world, ‘the appearance of Mohammed’s predicted signs of the return of the Mahdi’!!! — knowing a good religious scam as he has since childhood.

    But, the real scam is that ‘he actually believes he is that Imam-Mahdi’ – and he believes that as U.S. President, he is merely playing a temporary de facto role – and, in fact, he believes he is only playing a role as ‘Islam’s Imam-Mahdi’ – because Obama believes – literally –that ‘he is’ the prophet ‘Mohammed – and – even more to the point of insanity – he believes he is only playing a role ‘as Obama’ – ! – who has submitted himself to the will of Allah to only role-play the role of al-Mahdi – who is Mohammed who – more to the point – was merely playing a role as the world’s 7th c. ‘messenger from Allah’ – who was actually he, ‘himself’ playing all of these roles, as ‘Allah’; he believes he is ‘he who cosmically observes himself over the curvature of space-time – who is, literally – literally! – Allah –visiting humanity in a panoply of ‘earthly’ roles – each, taken to teach humanity the lesson of his absolute sovereign power over space-time – and, which proof is – also – in his role as al-masih ad-dajjal Islam’s anti-christ role (he has covered all of the bases). In which role he is preparing mankind’s consciousness to recognize a fate worse than being without him: Hell – in his perpetual shape-shifting to usher in the earth’s ‘Day of Judgment’ – that will follow his next ‘7,9,19 years of rulership on earth, before he slips into his ‘Allah-allalong form, out of humanity’s mind-grasp – and mankind will be left forlornly with its ‘chicken and egg proforma-self’: never again able to offend him with ideas such as ‘separately equal’ – or – ‘individualism in a collective equal to him’ —-


    “When I struggle, I just think of Jesus’ agony in the garden” Obama, Apr 4, 2012 (See Preface Part III, ‘Islam’s Jesus Scam’)


    http://boudicabpi.wordpress.com/bpov/ “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”

        1. Go ahead and learn em. Asking an open ended question like that is bound to get a bunch of detritus

  101. Would liar be easier than “Fox News military analyst?” You can’t have morals, values, decency or integrity and work in the conservative media.

    We have the same conservatives who would fight in Mexicans returned making the Southwest part of Mexico supporting Israel. The Jews left two thousand years ago. When, in history, has a people returned to lands they left thousands of years ago.

    Arabs are just doing what any American would do if the United states were invaded. This blind religiously bias view of Israel is anti-American. We don’t support one religion over another in this nation.

    1. Your first statement is more liberal trash talk. When the “Jews” returned to Israel that was Bible prophecy. If the Bible says it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen. Do you know what the good, and bad figs mean?

    2. Not all the Jews left, there have been continual Jewish communities in Israel for the last 2000 years.

      1. And everywhere else. So does that mean they can establish homelands wherever they have had “communities”? That would be a lot of homelands, wouldn’t it?

    3. Go do a quick check up on the credibility of MSNBC or really ANY liberal media outlet. Then you might better understand why your comment sounds JUST like the rambling, ill informed, liberal drivel that it really is.
      Im not defending the conservative media either.. Im just saying that they are ALL liars. ESPECIALLY the liberal media.

  102. WE TOLD YOU SO Part IV

    WE TOLD YOU SO, AMERICA ON 12-13 2011!
    You didn’t pay attention – just as you are now not paying attention to what more he has already done – ‘to you’ – that you cannot even imagine. Read ‘Alexis’ essays at link below, and Disqus Activity.

    Excerpt from:
    A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners!
    By Alexis Ainsworth MARCH 2012


    Excerpt Page 18:

    Obama Battling With Israel Over Timing of Attack on Iran’s Nuke Facilities, Still Claims Time For Diplomacy…February 4, 2012,/ Weasel Zippers DECEMBER 13, 2011

    DRUDGE REPORT 12-13-11

    “WAR GAMES: IRAN TO CLOSE STRAIT OF HORMUZ” “Military to practice blocking Straits of Hormuz” The Scotsman /Tuesday 13 December 2011 02:32


    Excerpt from ‘TREASON & SHROUD’ INTRO FOLLOWING ‘PREFACE PART II’ / ‘Message to Drudge’ Entry DECEMBER 13, 2011

    Not to worry, Drudge, they aren’t ready yet – it’s only an Obama positioning tactic – nothing more than Team-Obama-Iran posturing – to set-off U.S. and Western domestic turmoil (See below: Obama’s “3 Silver Bullets”). Iranians never say what they are ‘really thinking and doing’ – anymore than does Obama. Believe it or not (and, you won’t) this is part of a coordinated strategy between Obama and Iran to get Obama re-elected – and as circuitous and ‘seemingly improbable’, as it may appear to be, these theatrics are vintage ‘Iranian Salafi-Islam’ – and – ‘Obama Salafi-Islam’. .

    “….There will be bigger posturing of threats and mini-skirmishes to give Obama the opportunity to ‘appear as if’ he is supporting sanctions – they may even include U.S. strategic positioning of standard warfare materiel and some oil threats– but, be assured this is all only to strengthen Obama’s cover. They are a team, Drudge. In fact, Team Obama-Iran will posture ‘Iranian threats’ so boldly that they will rub America’s face in the dirt with tantalizing snippets of confessions of how close Iran is to having nuclear weaponry’ as if to say ‘Catch me it you can’ – when all the while THEY ALREADY HAVE ‘IT’ – GRATIS, THANKS TO ‘MAHDI-OBAMA’ It is ‘shovel ready for full assemblage’. They will also put out propaganda to mislead the gullible West to think their war weaponry is less sophisticated than are their undercover arsenals, while boasting the contrary.

    “ BUT, ‘THE DEAL IS’ – THEY WON’T DO A THING WITH IT UNTIL THEY’VE ESCORTED OBAMA THRU ‘THE STRAITS OF ELECTION 2012’ – while making threats that Obama will appear to be diplomatically navigating – while Israel remains ‘Team-Obama-Iran’s’ only ‘real threat’ of the deal being exposed! …”:
    (Continued below: ‘Obama’s foreign policy according to Islam’s Prophet Mohammed’s instructions: The Hadith and Qur’an’; continuation of ‘Iran/Drudge’ chapter below)

    UPDATE: Feb 14, 2012 “Iran Has Prepared Suicide Boats And Is Shadowing The USS Abraham Lincoln Through The Strait Of Hormuz’ – Business Insider
    UPDATE: Feb 16, 2012 “Iran announces nuclear advances but offers new talks”
    UPDATE: FEB 19, 2012 “Iran warships ‘dock in Syria’s Tartous port” – ALJAZEERA
    UPDATE: 2-19-12 “Israel ‘will make own decision’ on Iran, says military chief” AAP

    NBC News Panel: Obama Sees Democracy As ‘Stumbling Block To His Greatness’ December 12, 2011 – MSNBC

    http://boudicabpi.wordpress.com/bpov/ “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”

  103. Guess what? Israel will always have the only ally they have ever needed — God. God will protect Israel and decimate her enemies…it is written.

    1. Im glad you have faith. It is certainly a good thing to have and I would NEVER try to take that away from you or anyone else.. Just keep in mind, that there are a LOT of things that are written that aren’t necessarily true.
      Faith vs. Nuclear war.. That’s a frightening gamble.

      1. No gamble. God Word is the only absolute. Iran and Russia will attack Israel and God will turn the force they intended against Israel back on them. Their armies will be utterly destroyed and the animals and birds will eat their flesh.

  104. Obama foreign policy: Abandon and insult allies, placate and kowtow to enemies who want us dead.
    Jimmy Carter has returned.

  105. WE TOLD YOU SO Part V

    WE TOLD YOU SO, AMERICA ON 12-13 2011!
    You didn’t pay attention – just as you are now not paying attention to what more he has already done – ‘to you’ – that you cannot even imagine. Read ‘Alexis’ essays at link below, and Disqus Activity.

    Excerpt from:
    A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners!
    By Alexis Ainsworth MARCH 2012


    Excerpt Page 18:

    Feb. 23, 2012
    MR. DRUDGE, what you and all of America’s “dumb masses” (Quote: Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ chap. 10, The Big Lie’) do not understand is ‘what it is that makes Obama tick’. Your headlines reflect your ignorance of the following – that should give you pause about playing into his propaganda ‘for your own profit’; it could go away in the not too distant future:

    Obama is insane; his insanity is encompassed in a ‘Nubian’ characteristic that far exceeds the insanity of past known would-be world despots; it imitates ‘sanity’ – ‘so colossally well’ that no one believes it is insanity – except Michelle (See below).

    The most compelling evidence that Obama is insane, is that he uses ‘The Schizophrenic Lie’ with impunity, blatantly demonstrating ‘in the public’s face’ that he is step by step treasonously selling out America to terrorist foreign interests – as did Clinton – and he is not held accountable by Washington or by the public – because the collective psyche of both has become so ill, that it cannot see its own insanity, so does not believe that he is doing what he says he is doing, because ‘Obama appears to be sane to them’

    “Obama’s ‘Three Silver Bullets’ to become World Dictator in Perpetuity : WWIII (Cont……

    http://boudicabpi.wordpress.com/bpov/ “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”

  106. This is where Drudge can be a disadvantage. All the weirdos come rushing in. And they tell all their their friends too. Hey Jew haters you’ve got the wrong venue for Jew bashing. You want to join your buddy at 1600 pennsylvania avenue if you want to bash Jews. But take note, you and your scumbag antisemite president wont be there long either. We’re gonna run all of you scumbags out of town very soon.

  107. In the end times there will be no one to stand with Israel against Gog and Magog, Iran and Russia..God himself will decimate the entire combined armies of those two and it will take Israel seven months to bury them and clear the field. doesn’t matter HOW the US won’t stand with Israel..but they either can’t at that point or won’t. God to Abraham..”I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you”. He never reneged

  108. In the end they will blame and turn on Israel for its existence
    and because of the Christ who was born of promise

  109. So the gay, pothead, cocaine-dealer, narcissistic, chronic liar foreign exchange student sucks at foreign policy.

    Gee, who woulda thunk it.

  110. Well, one way to look at this is, if Iran does succeed in acquiring their nuclear weapon, I suspect the first place it will be used (if at all…still a little speculative here) will be over the continental US…as an EMP. If it were to successfully knock out the power grid, as has been proven could happen, it would probably mean the end of the democratic party in American for a long, long time, because the party’s base would be exterminated.

    1. I was with you from a tactical perspective until you brought politics into it. then I realized you were using iran to destroy the democratic party and it had nothing to do with military tactics. more out there than american politics… I type this from the east coast usa.

      first strike would, unfortunately, be israel. close target and the only other major opposing nuclear power in the region. it is now difficult for an invading army to establish and maintain a foothold when every city, town, village is muslim and empowered.

      its possible they(iran) have nuclear capabilities already and this is why we are considering a deal. another is china’s need for oil and the problems sanctions are imposing.

      regardless, we should all be ashamed we haven’t demanded this president be removed long ago. this is not obamas fault. it’s our own.

      we have been derelict in our duties as patriots of this country and the world is suffering for it.

  111. It amazes me how most American Jews don’t exhibit the solidarity with Israel that you would expect, and instead are prisoners of their own fanatical devotion to Bolshevism. Why they continue to support the Democratic party simply amazes me. I guess the greed at being able to feed at the hyperenlarged public trough that the Democrats push trumps religion, race, and even common sense.

  112. The pattern is clear with Obama. Punish your allies (in this case Israel) and reward your enemies (Persia). The question is why? It is not just Israel, but other allies as well. The end result of this will be Israel will be in an impossible position. If they attack, they will be further isolated as a “rogue” nation. If they try to negotiate a solution after this – they will have zero leverage, and their greatest ally, the US, has proven that it is no longer a reliable friend. Expect a Persian demand that Israel give up their nuclear deterrent. Obama will back Persia.

    Frankly, this is pretty amazing in the level of incompetence coming from the Obama Administration. They are not to be trusted by anyone.

  113. It’s astounding to me that the Jewish community in the US continues to support Obama. He went to Dallas, TX this past week, and was greeted at the Jewish Temple Emanu-El. Amazing.

      1. By the definition that Jews vote Democratic in higher percentages than African Americans – to be fair.

    1. Despite their posturing, America’s leftist Jews, like all liberals, are liberals first and everything else after.

  114. Obama has just thrown more logs and gasoline on the smoldering embers of the Middle East. I will go out on a limb and say that Obama has made it a necessity for Israel to make a preemptive strike against Iran to take out their nuke program and capability.

    This is all the earmarks of a major Middle East war and Israel will be blamed for the being the aggressor when in fact they would be taking a step to protect themselves from a nuke strike.

    This is what you get when you have an unqualified individual occupying the Oval Office and this is also why you cannot trust a Democrat with an important issue like foreign relations, use of the military, the economy, etc.

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6)

  115. Barry thinks it’s a good deal because he received assurances from Iran they’ll limit the nuclear megatonnage they drop on Israel so as not to kill too many believers.

  116. I say good. maybe the the Jewish community will finally stop supporting democrats blindly. just like with all the people whining about loosing insurance, or seeing their rates go up; it’s about time consequences are paid for the way people vote. it seems to be the only way they’ll learn

  117. First, Obama made Jimmy Carter love him more than anyone else in the world. Now, it’s Neville Chamberlain’s turn to love Dear Leader!

  118. This administration is a danger to our national security. Maybe it’s because the one who’s running the show (valarie jarrett) who was born in Shiraz, Iran !!

  119. As a Christian and conservative, who ALWAYS has supported Israel, I really don’t care any more.

    The Jewish community is very anti Christian/Conservative. They equate conservatives in this country with Nazis in Germany. Nazis were National Socialist, that is what Nazis stood for and they are more closely aligned with the direction of the leftist wing of the Democrat Party today.

    Conservatives in this country stand for Liberty and Freedom, the foundations that this country was founded on. So, given the Jewish community support to Obama let them enjoy the bed they made for themselves.

      1. they have been trained same as catholicism over centuries. It’s only Jesus’ love that can overcome that blindness on all sides.

    1. Ezekiel Chapter 38… Israel MUST stand alone in order for this prophecy to come to pass. Looks like maybe….

    2. Perhaps because most Germans, hence most Nazis were nominally Christian or Catholic, and were quite conservative and nationalistic. Jews have a rather long memory of even ancient pograms.

      And I think most Jews are very left-minded, look how many of them fanatically supported Bolshevism in Russia.

      1. Hitler was not a Christian, this is not Nazi Germany and America helped many Jews during World War II.

    3. I hope you will care again about Israel.
      Psalm 122:6 ESV
      ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you!’

      Genesis 12:3 ESV
      “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”
      How much Paul cared:

      Romans 9:3 ESV
      ‘For I could wish that I myself were accursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers, my kinsmen according to the flesh.’

      Have you forgotten Romans 11?

  120. What better time to perform the most inadvisable and dangerous foreign policy action of the century than while all of America is staring at the trainwreck of ObamaCare. Its like the bank getting robbed because all the cops were over at the burning building.

    1. James- True that Jews support Obama in large numbers. But that is no reason to abandon Israel to crazed Mullahs in Iran. Jews in the US are still in a left wing hangover from the 1930’s when being Left was considered the humane way. Jews are very slow to learn otherwise. But turning one’s back on Israel because Jews in the US foolishly cling to their Left wing prejudices and look up to a man who says he embraces those Left wing ideals, is two wrongs that do not make a right.

        1. Doesn’t matter, the Saudis already have a plan in place to acquire nukes from Pakistan, and the Israelis already have theirs, so it’s not a stretch to imagine there being a regional nuclear war before too long.

  121. Israel is not a victim here. They vote progressive and Democratic. They choose to vote for an anti-Semite and now complain when he acts accordingly. They cut their own throats expecting American blood to come pouring out.

        1. Well for one thing Israeli Jews can’t vote for Obama unless they’re citizens of the US. American Jews for a good portion vote democrat, but saying Israel is not a victim because American Jews voted for dear leader is a broad brush.

    1. Your comment is very confused. Israel is a nation not a citizen of the United States. They didn’t elect Obama and neither should you think they would have just because American Jews did.

  122. Israel should by now understand that Obama is intent on making the US and her allies weaker. They should look for other friends, who can help them in their time of need.

    1. Who? Who do you get when your big brother, the biggest guy on the block, refuses to protect you anymore, and all the other kids are the ones picking on you?

  123. No, it’s not. It’s Jihad. Obama’s one of them, according to an Egyptian newspaper. FOX, and Congress ignored this. Feigning ignorance is helping Obama.


    I remember watching a documentary on Hitler and Patton. The German people wouldn’t believe what Hitler had done to six million jews and others. Patton made the military march the German people to see the dead bodies that were put in gas chambers. He said to them, “look what you’ve done.” In the documentary, they had their hands covering their faces, out of disbelief. Many Americans are the same as these Germans back then.

    I think FOX and others would just assume let people die, than to admit they were wrong about Obama. That they feigned ignorance about him all along. That they care nothing about 93, yes, 93 million people losing their health care. They didn’t want to be called, RACIST.
    And the Jews and Catholics that would vote for this Muslim/Marxist, POS, I HATE YOUR GUTS! I HOPE YOU SUFFER!

    1. You are confusing the only media outlet, FOX, to show Obama for what and who he is – a fraud and a liar with the mainstream pro-Obama media fronted by MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS and NBC. They are the ones who even now are burying the ObamaCare story.

  124. We need to do every thing in our power to make the government of Iran miserable and only speak with them when they’re ready to eat sausage biscuits and burn their Korans. %<&#@ Obama!

    1. Oh, I think Obama on his best day is far worse than Chamberlain ever was on his worst; Neville was naive, but at least he did not consciously, actively, maliciously, undermine his own nation.

  125. If Israel depends on Obama and John Kerry they are in for a death spiral.

    Israel should act soon before it never has the opportunity to wake up the next day.

    Obama has done such a fine job on America and he doesn’t care about Israel and the proof is appointing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State followed by John Kerry.

    1. Their obsession with the Tiqqya Tyrant overwhelmed their concern for Israel. They should be ashamed of what they have become. I also hold them directly responsible for putting such stress on Mayor Ed Koch that it precipitated his fatal heart attack.

    2. I don’t think they really care to what’s going on there since they live here anyway.

    3. The secret about Jews is that , yes, they are an intelligent people…except when it comes to politics. They think Left and vote Left because being Left was understood as the humane philosophy even though History has proven otherwise. It may be 2013, but Jews in America still think the “working class” and the “people” and the “minorities” need to have as socialist economy as they can to conform to the ideas taught to Jews by their grandfathers and even fathers. They cannot break free from Left wing prejudices. Even when they become rich as a result of a Free and open Capitalist America.

  126. Some courageous person who has taken the oath, ….to defend America against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC…….., needs to step up and soon.

  127. Looks like “End of Days” staging events. God has placed witnesses (signs) in the heavens heralding the possibilities. Gen1:14. The 8th set of highly unusual lunar eclipses on the Festivals of Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015 speaks with the voice of war. Same unusual celestial events in 1967-1968 (Jerusalem captured) and 1949-1950 (Israel born in a day) all the way back to 32-33 A.D. God always provides a warning (word) and witnesses (signs).

  128. Deal is not idiotic, it is treasonous – giving aid and comfort to our enemies(Conquer or kill all infidels – Qur’an)!!!
    Impeach and prosecute traitors Obama/jarrett!!!

    1. ‘idiotic; – ;treasonous’- I call it stoopid Lemmings letting him/them sell out to the Middle East. Pakistan is to sell Nukes to Arabia…no prob. If we don’t take back our country; in 2014 it is lost forever.

    1. He’s just scum sucking, muslims touch pork. That’s our Kenyan immigrant acting out his goal of destroying the USA and Israel. G-D help us all.

  129. Obama made a statement, it’s in his Book. “I will side with Muslims should the Political winds shift in an ugly direction” That says it all!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Since before his election I have told everyone to “READ HIS BOOKS” and take him at his own words. To stop putting their own meaning to what he says!

  130. Anyone who is hatching plans to achieve a Jew-free world, is fighting directly against God. God has made it abundantly clear in Jeremiah 31 that no one will ever succeed in exterminating the Jewish people.

    35 Thus saith the Lord, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; The Lord of hosts is his name:

    36 If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the Lord, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever.

    37 Thus saith the Lord; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the Lord.

    1. I worry more and more that Obama really could become the Antichrist. There is really nothing we know about his life as a child. What we do know is that the Muslim World accepts him as something very special.

  131. Hussein wrote in his book that when society crumbles he will side with the muslims. And we are surprised by his foreign policy toward Israel why? The Jews that supported him will get what they deserve for their thoughtless ideology. The rest of us will get WW III.

  132. I feel vindicated about being a Conservative more than ever before. The problem is that vindication will not save our Country, or Israel. We, conservatives, are constantly ridiculed by the liberal elite, the press, and everyone other self-righteous ideologue and we are the ones that vote for people who wish to stand by and protect Israel. Four major networks, I won’t call them news organizations because such entities are supposed to have some integrity and they don’t constantlly report on everything except the issues that are important to the Country. In other words, constantly covering for the administration. I really don’t want to hear about another european that is unhappy with the U.S. because they are partially responsible for this mess. When Obama went to europe they treated him like a rock star and our news groups jumped on that with, wouldn’t it be nice to have a president our allies like? The fact is we are right, and by right I mean correct. This pendulum will swing and I for one look forward to the result.

  133. What… Obama didn’t demand Iran put more homosexuals in the military like here in the USA. Netin-yahoo is correct. What kind of deal is that? … and what about unisex hats for Iran’s military? I say no deal without a LGBT clause for the Persian military…. and demand some more black people in that Persian government too.

    1. Israel takes all jews even wierd ones. As far as I am concerned, arabs are nothing but the servants of the serpant

  134. We knew this was coming. Obama is a “Muslim” at heart, it’s in his DNA. Having been raised in his formative years in Indonesia as a Muslim and then joining groups just as evil “Marxist and Socialist” his agendas cannot be anything but what we are seeing. We have no friends internationally and we are the laughing stock of our enemies. How we got to this point is a tragedy. The media plays a very bit part in all that is happening. Almost totally, they have “hid” his evil doings – until they rear their ugly head in instances such as this.

    1. Islam is the Marxist system that Karl Marx borrowed from. Islam is the original communist political system.

  135. It’s all a joke, guys. Our leaders make ridiculously stupid decisions all the time, and we just sit around arguing over which party is at fault. Bush ran on a platform of fiscal conservatism in 2000, and then proceeded to rack up tremendous amounts of debt throughout his presidency. Obama ran on ending the wars and closing down gitmo, and upon election ramped up drone strikes and special forces operations in the ever expanding battlefield in the war on terror, while on the other hand not closing gitmo. Our attention spans are so short that we don’t remember how G.W. Bush had vowed to not let North Korea create a nuclear weapon. After the North’s first test, the Dems were probably ranting and raving that “had John Kerry been elected, North Korea never would have acquired a nuke.” That’s the game, to keep us blaming each other, so we don’t pick up our pitchforks and torches and go after who is really to blame. Think about it, no matter who we elect, we get the same results. When you “follow the money” and learn how the Federal Reserve works, you’ll find your predictions about what will transpire on the world stage, stunningly accurate. Without this knowledge, our leaders appear to be a bunch of incompetent sycophants. When in reality, like us, they are slaves to the Federal Reserve. If you think I’m nuts, and assume, like I used to, that you know how the financial system works in this country, ask yourself one question. If we print our own money, which we hear about all the time these days, why are we 17 trillion dollars in debt? I thought we were printing our own money… We’re all on the same team. Let’s wake up, and take this country back, before we no longer have one.

      1. You can really read about it anywhere. That is what is so funny about it. It’s not secret at all. You just have to go out on your own and read about it, and like all our bills, it’s written so you have to have at least a masters in accounting to even be able to understand it. So no one reads it. Ron Paul was screaming about it all the time. You can YouTube anything “Ron Paul federal reserve”. The movie zeitgeist addendum sums it up really well, and would be a great starting point in learning this. Just skip the first 4 mins and 20 secs, it is horrible music and nothing is learned from it. Other then that, it’s great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EewGMBOB4Gg. Another more frightening video talks about our freedoms, if you’re interested. It’s about more secret stuff done in plain sight. The first 5 mins is all music on this one too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqRyUQzokYs

  136. Obama is using the disaster of Obama to deflect from an even worse disaster-his total dismantling of US-Israel relationship and his willingness to allow Iran to get a bomb. Now Pakistan is going to give nukes to the Saudi’s and the powderkeg that is the ME is ready to explode.

    1. I S L A M.

      Obama even said we are an Islamic country. He is 100% correct Islam clearly teaches if the President is Muslim the country is Islamic.

      1. The “Jews” that voted for Obama are the East/West Coast “wannabe, whimpy, greed, and Liberal”… the “real Jews reside in Israel”, please don’t confuse the two.

      2. These Jews think it was a mistake to create Israel. Even the bible indicates strongly that the Jews will gather to other countries for protection.

        You can read the bible that the only “Jews” Christ will accept are those that accept Christ. In fact you will read it that way if you are really reading it. As opposed to just using it to support presupposed ideas.

  137. Obama just keeps on throwing good people and good things under the bus. Why cannot more people see the evil that permeates off of this scum? He has turned a shiny nation on a hill into a third world country in a swamp of crap. And yet he skates by as he has in the multitude of evil deeds and blatant lies that he has become so famous for. He might not be the anti-Christ but I’m damn sure he is his right hand man.

  138. For all the outrageous comments regarding America and Israel, let me share something. Benjamin Franklin along with a select committe, Thomas Jefferson among them, created the first Great Seal of America which depicts Moses leading the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage to the sea where Pharoh’s army was drowned.

  139. Jewish money and votes put Obama in office not once but twice. Why should I care if Israel ends up in a mushroom cloud when they don’t?

    1. The Jews in Israel didn’t vote for Barack Hussein Obama. I have no clue why American Jews believe the Autocracy being set up by these liars in the WH will benefit them, their faith or their prosperity. The Jews in Israel aren’t anything like Hollywood Jews. Don’t get the groups confused. Barack Obama is no match for Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu is ever the diplomat and Statesman, but if he thinks Barack Obama is going to be a stumbling block in keeping his people safe from annihilation, Obama will be sorry he ever complicated his (Netanyahu) life and his people.

      1. For folks trying to figure out Liberal Jews- the best book (an older one but excellent) I’ve ever seen on the subject is America’s Real War by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

  140. I’d like to feel sorry for you all but didn’t you spend a great deal in time, money and effort to get the messiah elected/re elected and now you don’t like what he does?

  141. Not a surprise. Obama is scum with no moral fiber. Now he supporting the Islamic revolution in the Middle East. Perhaps the establishment of the Caliphate.

    Does anyone still think Obama is an American??

  142. Let me know if anyone finds this surprising? Supporters say BHO is not a Muslim and pro-American; however, nothing that he has done in office proves otherwise… It is truly a Manchurian type candidate scenario… Lets see: Apologizes for America in Middle East (first act in White House), Fast and Furious (Assault on 2d Amendment – corrupt DOJ), NSA spying (Direct assault on civil liberties), IRS release/invasion of privacy (direct attk on anyone opposing him), OBAMACARE (redistribution of Wealth), Benghazi (death of patriots and let them hang with no rescue – among other things unknown- think Iran-Contra), Arab Spring support (we got Morsi and that ilk across the Middle East), Libya (whole story not out), Iran agreement (already loosening sanctions that will lead to an Iranian nuclear capacity), withdraw from Middle East (Iraq/Afghanistan), Government shutdown (lets put pressure on Americans; close parks, deny rights of Hero’s return at Dover), shall I continue… Oh yeah, whispers to Putin “you ain’t seen nothing yet – what until I am unencumbered by an election and watch what I will do…” Oh yeah you can keep your country if you like your country…”

  143. This president has DEMONSTRATED that he is against ISRAEL – while at the same time he has given lip service of support. I personally do not TRUST the POTUS. It is becoming more apparent that ISRAEL is being given the “you’re on your own message” – how did we let this go on for so long.

  144. I’m always vacillating between believing Obama is an incompetent idiot or an evil politician hoping to score points in how history views him.. Can’t decide which one is more accurate but instead will go with the belief Obama is both at the same time.

    1. Normally, liberals, socialists, communists, Nazis, Muslims belong to one of the two categories you mentioned—evil or dumb. But fortunately, Obaba is of both categories. I say fortunately because he seems to miss his goal of total destruction of America because of his ineptitude.

      It seems Ogaga does not know anything besides Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals which he probably can recite from his memory.

  145. Obama may have unwittingly just paved the road for Middle East Peace. Although there will be a lot of blood shed to get to that point. By lifting sanctions he will force Israel to strike.

    the thing is, Israel is not alone in opposing Iran. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf States all oppose Iran’s pursuit of Nuclear Weapons. I an odd way, this may bring them all together.

    This could be the beginning of world war 3, or a new peace in the Middle East. One thing is certain, Obama didn’t think through the ramifications when he lift (or already lifted, according to some reports) sanctions.

    1. I agree with everything you said with exception to, “One thing is certain, Obama didn’t think through the ramifications when he lift (or already lifted, according to some reports) sanctions.”

      He knew exactly what he was doing, he has been aiding Iran in their quest for the bomb. He has facilitated it, while, pretending to be hindering them.

      Ovomit is not incompetent, he is evil.

    1. What you have just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent post were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this board is now dumber for having read it. May God have mercy on your soul.

        1. The Jews have always been the scapegoats, even during the Black Plague that swept across Europe, Jews were blamed for spreading it. That same Anti-Semetic spirit is alive and well today.

          1. Their govt. has done some pretty shady stuff. Rational people, however, do not confuse a people with their govt.

              1. Yeah, we may actually be the most evil govt. in history, while most of the People are under mass hypnosis and stupidity.

  146. So all you liberal Jews who called me a Tea Bagger, a racist, sexist, a homophobe, a hatemonger because I didn’t support Obama – you can all kiss my ass now.

    1. Hey, as long as you keep the blame where it’s merited – LIBERAL Jews. This Conservative Jew supports your argument 100%.

      1. Which is why he said “Liberal Jews”. The ones that have been corrupted and abandoned their own nation, Israel. May they all burn in hell.

        1. Please lets not go there. While I am very disappointed that so many of my Jewish cohorts support Obama, they all want Israel to be safe and secure. They are just blinded by ideology.

            1. Well if you run into a lot of J Street ‘Jews’ then yeah, I would agree with that statement. Thankfully, they are a minority, but since the MSM is anti-Israel, they get a larger voice then they deserve.

    2. Jermemy, why must we suffer for the rest. Now you are casting the rest of us into hell because of a few

  147. Obama is a flat out TRAITOR in the process of ruining America and doing insane
    things to cause a WW III. I’ll be right back – I have to go take an Obama.

  148. I was driving back from lunch in a district that is very heavily Democratic and passed two stands with with people and posters saying “Impeach Obama” seeking to sign up people on petitions to impeach.

    His lies on Obamacare were the equivalent of violating federal fraud statutes and his diversions on foreign policy place us in a clear and present danger.

  149. The “Deal” just puts Israel in the position where they have to act alone. That means an all out first strike because Israel cannot afford a counter strike by Iran even with conventional weapons. Israel will act because they have no alternative but to pre-empt an enemy that has stated their intention is to attack Israel. There is no ambiguity here for Israel as regards Iran’s intentions. So in the aftermath of a multi-megaton strike and a heavily destroyed Iran, you have to wonder just what the Obama “Deal” really means. Israel will face alone the wrath of the international community and probable counter strike from Pakistan/Eqypt/Saudia Arabia. But then, what else is new.

    1. Actually, Saudi Arabia will be cheering on Israel. If they hit them, they better do it hard. The problem is then Russia and many others will attack Israel and WW3 will be in full swing.

  150. Israel has always been alone in the world. They cannot depend on the United States any more, which is a corrupt, worldly, evil nation filled with mostly immoral, irresponsible, selfish, and Godless people. The United States is not a “shining city on a hill”. It’s the center of a new Sodom and Gomorrah.

    To the people of Israel: Do not depend on the United States for your security. You can only depend on yourselves and God. God will save you, but realize that on this Earth, Israel can depend only on itself.

    1. THANK you. Economically, we will be able too soon. However, please understand that America was a good friend of the Jewish people for many years. Its said your nation has a corrupt muslim president.

      1. Yes, America was a friend of Israel. But allies come and go. In this case, it has gone. Yes, this nation has a corrupt President. But he was elected twice by a corrupt nation. I don’t believe another moral President will ever be elected. Demographics, economics, and dependence on the government will assure us of that. This experiment called America, founded in 1776, is finished. It is just one more nation to begin it’s fall. It’s sad to see, but it’s true.

        Israel is a great nation. Stand strong. Look toward God. He is your strength. His hand will shelter you in the midst of every storm.

        1. We are just 10 persons away in elections in nullifying every stinking thing Obummer has done. Six new Conservative Senators, three more Conservative House members and one Conservative President and ALL can be reversed in a week, using the same procedure Obummer did.

  151. More and more I am seeing this fake preezy as the anti christ. I know, nut job statement…but he hates Israel and only bad can come of hime caving into Iran. He is just a pathetic POSPOTUS.

    1. And how. His will be the only mug I will pin to my dart board once he is deceased. It will be a huge party.

  152. Pull out of the Middle East and elsewhere, including Israel. Mind our own business and spend our money and energy rebuilding the US.

    1. Great idea – but ‘president’ Obozo will can never do anything at all that’s good for anyone. He’s a liar and traitor. I’ll be right back, I have to go take an

    2. Blessing Israel is America’s business. And she is our most reliable ally in the dangerous region of the Middle East. We should not turn our back on ally Israel.

  153. Unfortunately liberal Jews supported this clown. I hope they have learned their lesson because history tends to repeat itself

      1. American Jews, by and large have abandoned Israel and been corrupted by power and greed. May they rot in hell, along with the America hating Progressive Demonrats (Communists).

  154. I’m not Israeli or a Jew and I have never wanted for anything bad for any POTUS in history, but I really, really wish something bad would befall this traitorous POS. I hope he gets cancer that ravishes him in months!

    1. I’d just like to see him in prison where he deserves to be. Even when he IS(will be) convicted of capital offenses, I would rather see him in general population; more fun that way, a rope’s way too easy.

  155. World War I
    World War II
    What would come next?
    Nuclear World War III
    The Google mystery barges are a Google
    Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).

  156. Schumer, Feinstein, Wasserman Schultz, Sorros, etc. You filthy, traitorous communist rats, you cockroaches. Get ready.

              1. The Corruption and Lies of KING Obama

                Fast & Furious
                SEAL Team 6
                Obamacare would save the avg family $2500 per year
                Forcing businesses to violate
                their religious beliefs
                Violating the rights and sanctity of our Churches
                Obamacare web site-cronyism
                NSA acting as Obama Gestapo
                17 Trillion in debt
                Lies about Benghazi
                Voter fraud
                Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during the sequester
                Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during govt shutdown
                Blocking veterans from seeing their own memorials
                Allowing illegals on mall during govt shutdown
                Shutting down ‘The Peoples House’ tours
                We can keep our insurance if we like it
                We can keep our doctors if we like them
                Military not getting their votes counted
                Supporting the Muslim
                Brotherhood with arms and money
                DOJ spying on the free press
                Not securing our borders
                Spying on Americans on American soil with drones
                Picking winners and losers
                IRS targeting conservatives
                IRS targeting the Tea Party
                Millions losing health care coverage
                Increasing welfare rolls
                Increasing disability rolls
                Countless party’s
                Countless exorbitant vacations
                Releasing illegal’s from prison
                Unconstitutional recess appointment
                NO budget for 5 years
                Clapper lying to congress
                Holder lying to congress
                Failing to prosecute the New Black PantherReading our e-mail
                War on women
                Promoting race war
                War between makers and takers
                A123 Systems
                Cash for clunkers failure
                Trayvon Martin
                Infanticide supporter
                Abortion supporter

      1. Kissinger is wrong. God promises in His holy Word He will not allow Israel to be utterly destroyed.

      1. Esau sold his birth right to Jacob, those jews are selling their respect and heritage for some Obama, Muslim pie.
        How can they say they stand with Israel or the USA?

          1. Jeremiah 50: 1 through 46 already tells us what is to happen to the USA which is Mystery Babylon in Scripture. The World is going to annihilate the USA with Nukes, missiles and many many Chinese, Persian and Russian foot soldiers.

  157. Couldn’t the administration have just bombed another aspirin factory to deflect attention from Obamacare?

    1. They were going to bomb Syria, but they backed out. Obama could taste blood again. I’m sure he gnashed his teeth when his lies about Syria’s chemical weapons use was found out to be a fraud.

  158. NY Jews overwhelmingly supported Obama. They could of done something but they don’t realize, LIBS hate Judaism and religious states in general. Israel is a religious state from the Old Testament…..no other way to describe it.

  159. I will never understand how the jewish community voted for Obama in 2012. It was so clear to see that the man favors muslims and I truly believe that he is muslim. Obama wants to destroy America and Israel.

      1. I can- because people love their sin (and are deceived by the prince of the power of the air) and Obama stands up for immorality. He stands up for- killing the unborn, sexual immorality, unwise stewardship, laziness by able-bodied people, illegal immigration, etc..

    1. It is not all Jews. It is the liberal Jews, who go out of their way to act in a non Jewish traditional manner, in order to prove how non-jewish they are, yet they walk around advertising that they are Jews as if they were part of some sorority club

      1. It’s a crying shame too. People don’t tend to understand that when they start pushing their hatred of Jews in general. There are several different types and we’re not all bad.

  160. To reduce the arguments – look at this whole think in the secular. Take the reality of Christianity and Islam out of it. Assume for a moment there is no higher power.
    Iran “believes” there is a higher power who commands them to turn the whole world to Islam. They have said it. They have also said that after they nuke Israel they will nuke the USA.
    Those who can’t see this truth have “scales over their eyes” caused by their religion and world view – but the fact remains; Iran will attack the USA as soon as they can and big time.

  161. NOT idiotic if the liar in chief is a muslim. He was raised under an islamic household (step-father was an indonesian (islamic), his father was an islamic marxist, and the liar cannot abandon islam, under fear of death. Makes perfect sense. I would be afraid if I were the liar in chief.

  162. Wow, this topic sure brought the anti-Semites scurrying out from under the fridge didn’t it. 😉

        1. How you stand it, I shall never know!
          What saddens me most are those who use Scripture to justify their Jew Hatred.

        2. As a moderator, you know as well as I do that anytime you see a flood of comments like this, This topic has been linked to, from another web site.
          I don’t happen to have the address for the ‘Ku Klux Klan’ or ‘Stormfront’ site handy. 😉 😉

  163. So whatta think, all you Jewish lib’s that can’t see the grove for the olive trees??!! Your beloved Obama—whom you all voted for in droves—is pulling the rug out from under our closest ally, Israel.

    Hope you’re happy, ’cause ya sure are as dumb as a box of rocks for EVER believing Obama would do anything but stab you Jews in the back, whether Americans or Israelis—-no diff to the lib’s, they despise you ALL.

    The Homeland that the Jews fought 2 thousand years for, you’re willing to simply wave goodbye to, for the sake your stinkin’ liberal politics.

    Oy vey, you fools!!

    1. Valerie Jarrett and her hand puppet (O-Hole) just turned the Middle East over to Iran. The Saudi’s were also just kicked to the curb with this move…

      A great deal of turmoil will now follow in the region and [the worlds] energy costs will “necessarily increase”.

      PS Jewish liberals on the left don’t care about Israel

      1. PS left wingers see two sets of Jews 1 they accept while the others are those ‘Dirty Jews’ (Joe Lieberman) as Barry’s party spiritual leader “Calypso Lui Farrakhan” says. We pray for and worry about the Dirty Jew, you know, those that worship Judaism not Barry and his gub-ment.

  164. As is well documented, Valerie Jarrett is the power behind the Muslim sock puppet in the White House, and she is from Iran. Gee, imagine that.

    1. She was born there but her parents were American. Don’t look for excuses. Like all good lefties, he hates Israel.

  165. Benjamin Netanyahu’s brilliant 1995 book (2001 in paperback), “Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists,” is THE primer on the subject. (Easy to find in many formats – just google the title.) No nonsense. Uncompromising courage. Would that there was anyone like him, like Ronald Reagan, like Margaret Thatcher, among America’s leaders. What price will the world pay before we find that leader?

  166. If an election were held today Obama would still get 69% of the Jewish vote. If this deal is concluded, the Hildebeast will campaign on the brilliance of selling out Israel to Iran and Jews will still vote for her overwhelmingly. Why should Obama care any more about Israel than American Jews care about Israel? He’s laughing at them this very minute as he rakes in their political contributions by the carload.

    1. You mean, 69 percent of the secular culturally Jewish vote. But not the Orthodox Jewish vote, or the Socially Conservative Jewish vote.

      Karl Marx’s dad was a rabbi. But that didn’t make Karl Marx a Jew.

      1. I mean 69% of the Jewish vote period. If you were to include only the secular culturally Jewish vote it would be more like 99.9%. Please note that a clear majority of Israelis are secular cultural Jews. Karl Marx was a Jew by anyone’s definition and were he alive today he would have the Right of Return.

        1. No, he’s not a Jew by “anyone’s definition”. It’s funny how so many people seem to utterly ignore the opinion of the one segment of Judaism that actually is the MOST authentically Jewish in religious practice.

          Of course Karl Marx would have the right of return. The right is extended on the basis of genetics and/or religous conversion. In other words, converts have the right of return. But there are very few converts in comparison to genetic Jews.

          1. Sigh … The state of Israel recognizes only orthodox conversions. However, if you are suggesting that only genuinely religiously observant Jews are actually Jews (I assume you are distinguishing between Jews and Jewishness) then there aren’t even a million Jews in all the earth.

            1. I would never speculate about the faith sincerity of an entire population of people. I imagine it fluctuates with age and time and place. But, when you start out a post with a “sigh”, you should at least be aware of your facts. Otherwise you seem full of hubris.

              The orthodoxy issue is interesting, when it comes to who Israel considers “a Jew” for purposes of citizenship. In 1999, the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that Jews or the descendants of Jews that practice another religion would NOT be allowed to immigrate under the Law of Return. So that seems to go contrary to your one premise that non-orthodox Jews shouldn’t be “excluded” (except those singled out for their minority beliefs about the Messiah).

              However, in 2008, the court ruled in favor of Messianic Jews by affirming the right of Jewish descendants who are Messianics to immigrate, if they meet the lineage provisions. This would seem to flow more in the direction of your alternative premise that we musn’t strictly judge Jews according to their orthodoxy. I presume you might find this premise troubling at this point, however?

              I think we’re both distinguishing about what a real Jew is. But I do it consistently and I’m glad to see Israel is coming around to doing it too. At least it looks hopeful.

              I understand the problem Jesus presents for Jews, especially given the history involved. But maybe it’s time to reexamine old prejudices and get a little more flexible.

              1. I am not “speculating” about “faith sincerity” of a people. The fact is that most Jews are thoroughly secular, have only cultural attachments to Judaism (e.g., they celebrate Passover without strictly observing the ritual purity it demands and without believing that God really delivered the Children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt). It is not speculation to say that a majority of those persons in the United States who identify themselves as Jews are persons of no religious faith and lack any belief in the Creator of the Universe – some merely attend shul because of habit or cultural affinity but without the faintest connection with the God of Abraham or even a belief that Abraham was a historical person.

                The Law of Return includes all persons who have a single Jewish grandparent (even if only on the father’s side) and their spouses. Converts to other religions are excluded.

                The question originally presented was whether Karl Marx was a Jew. Insofar as Karl Marx was genetically 100% Jewish on both sides and was an atheist, he would fit in perfectly in any Jewish community in the United States. He would be perfectly at home living in a rent-controlled apartment in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

                1. The Law of Return only helps those who convert TO Judaism. Yes, that’s correct. But it hurts Jews who convert TO another religion, because it excludes them. As far as Karl Marx goes, I have not one shred of disagreement with you about his right to return on a genetic basis.

                  But, His conversion to atheism might be considered equal to another religion by a court. Or he might be rejected on the grounds that he poses a threat to the state, being a radical revolutionary dedicated to the abolition of Judaism and most basic human freedoms.

                  I doubt that Marx would be “at home” in orthodox communities. Actually, that is a rather insulting suggestion to Jews who don’t like being linked to communism. Karl Marx counts as a Jew only on the slimmest of halachic opinions. I wager he would be considered for herem, as Trotsky and other Jewish Bolsheviks were, were it not for the fact he was dead before the Russian Revolution.

                2. No, of course Marx would not be at home in an orthodox community – I did not say otherwise. The Upper West Side is not orthodox but it is disproportionately Jewish and 100% “progressive.” My entire point is that American Jews are overwhelmingly atheist and Socialist. They voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama at a time that there could be no question that Obama hates the state of Israel just as much as the Ayatollah. American Jews make a big deal about “support for Israel” but they invariably support politicians at home that care nothing for Israel’s interests. When push comes to shove, their Socialist religion takes precedence over ethnic solidarity.

                3. Oh, you did say otherwise. Go back and read yourself.

                  American Jews are not overwhelmingly atheist. Even 2/3s of millenials classify themselves as Jewish by religion. Whereas the older generations are much higher. They are social liberals, granted. And they vote Democrat overwhelmingly. But that’s not the same thing as atheist. Were it otherwise, the social and cultural evidence would be abundantly contradictory to the current reality.

                  Jewish voting habits are peculiar. But the bottom line is, Jews vote democrat because they believe in the entitlement state and they believe the propaganda about Republicans. They remember too much how Europe looked in it’s Christian epoch. And they don’t understand the whole Israeli-Arab conflict as well as they should, just like most Americans don’t. And they have just as many misconceptions and fantasy memes about how the world works as anyone else does.

                  I have a lot of Jewish friends, and it does drive me crazy that they voted for Obama of all people. But, they did. To them, HE’S the lesser of two evils. You give them time; the Jews are going to figure out what’s going on in this country as a collective group. They aren’t going to embrace end-state Marxism. They’ve already had enough experience with it. The fact that they are obtuse in the extreme is misleading you here.

                  I think a lot of it lies in the fact that American Jews are overwhelmingly urbanites, college educated and Yankees. That almost guarantees them to be brainwashed. Jewishness MITIGATES that problem, it doesn’t exacerbate it.

                  And the other half that lives in Israel… well, they’re getting more religious as a nation by the day. They’re not getting more socialist in the long term.

                4. If I implied that Marx would be at home among Hasids then I retract the implication. But then, 95% of Jews worldwide would be uncomfortable among Hasids. But he most certainly would be in his element among the vast majority if Jews in the United States.

                  Despite their great intellectual achievements most Jews are incapable of understanding that the oppressions of socialism are inherent in socialism. In fact, most Jews are ignorant of the fact that the Nazis were socialists. Had Hitler not hated Jews, Jews would have flocked to National Socialism just as they flocked to Italian fascism before Mussolini kicked them out of the party at Hitler’s insistence.

                  I have an acquaintance who is thoroughly Jewish. He is the President of the local synagogue, attends services every Saturday, and makes a big deal about celebrating Seder every year. He is an avowed atheist, denies that God exists, and does not believe he has a soul. He is not a rarity He is a “cultural Jew” and nothing more.

                5. I follow the International Marxist movement a lot. It is interesting to see how the ideology is evolving as it’s historical track record unfolds. I do believe that most people have lost faith in the feasibility of the end-state communist utopia, preferring someting more of a permanent intermediate phase of socialism that balances entitlements with personal liberties (not including what American’s are traditionally used to). But then again, we could still be at risk of an Orwellian future. Or perhaps Huxley’s. It’s difficult to assess.

                  Jews are an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery. But, I think they are like most of the rest of humanity, lost in this forest of turmoil that defines the last 250 years of Western Civilization. Most of us can’t see the horizon, much less the forest, for the trees.

                6. You are describing the European search for the Third Way. It is a chimera. Once central planners have the power to central plan there is no efficient means of stopping them from taking the concept to its ultimate conclusion. The “Third Way” is merely a gradualist (i.e., “progressive”) approach to complete collectivism. Marx demanded state ownership of the means of production and it produced a ruthless bureaucracy with immense privilege and without conscience or morality of any kind – an inhumane irrational man-made Hell. There is no practical difference between that and what Barack Obama envisions – an enlightened all-powerful government with a completely dependent private sector. This produces a combined public/private nomenklatura dispensing “entitlements” to the “little people” as it sees fit.

                  Jews fit into this picture only because they are overwhelmingly recent immigrants who never bothered to get beyond the same narrow European view of enlightened despotism that has always been the European ideal. The notion of a nation of individuals and a political economy based on free markets is entirely foreign to them. And so they will vote for whomever fits their best notion of an enlightened despot – ignoring the very possibility that despotism could ever be avoided.

                7. Right. The Third Way. And I agree. There’s no such thing as halfway in Marxism. The insidious thing about Marxists is that they understand this. In fact, they rely upon it.

                  The liberals and progressives are useful idiots. Even many of the avowed socialists are too.

                  You and I see many things alike.

      2. There is a distinct difference between “being a Jew” and “practicing Judaism”. For sure, one can be a Jew and have not the first inkling of Judaic principles.

        1. That’s right. But, with anti-semites, I can never figure out if they hate Jews for their genetic ancestory or for their religion. And it’s even odder that Jews will recognize ANY cultural Jew with Jewish ancestory as a Jew – even if he or she is an radical Left anti-semite atheist – but reject Messianic Jews who technically cannot be “disfellowshipped” just as the followers of Rabbi Schneerson weren’t. Or any Jewish followers of the various other Messiah figures were.

          The original followers of Christ were Jews after all.

          1. With anti-semites they hate Jews because they hate God, Who chose Israel for His Own possession.

    2. Pew did a survey on American Jewry. Most identify themselves as culturally Jewish and could care less about ISRAEL. Don’t worry about that, soon they will come to ISRAEL with or without their wealth and they will be lucky to have their clothing on their back if they value their lives. Not to far off

  167. Obama’s America… Described in the Bible!

    They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator… Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error… They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy… they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them. (Romans 1:25-31)

  168. May
    G-D save us all from this unbelievably incompetent president, this
    country ever had! Is he for real? Are we really that oblivion?

  169. What concerns me most about all these comments in not that we all have our
    own ideology. Jews are not Christians, Christians are not Jews, Muslims are not
    Jews, Jews are not Muslims, etc. These are all very different beliefs that DO
    NOT complement each other.

    So let’s all unite and support America and America’s security and quit arguing
    over differences that we will never agree on.

    Does supporting current day Israel in any way help the sovereignty of the
    United States? If yes, then let’s help protect. If no, the let’s not waste our
    time. Period.

    1. Actually, Jews are Christians, Muslims are Jews, and Christians are Muslims and Jews. You see, it all comes from the same book. We are all brothers and sisters friend.

      1. That is what Satan would like us to believe. But in fact, we don’t all worship the same True God. Only through believing in Jesus Christ can we enter the gates of Heaven. No exceptions. To say that as long as you belive in any god will surely end in eternal damnation. Only through believing in Jesus Christ can we enter the gates of Heaven. No exceptions.

        But doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends!! Just because you don’t believe what I belive doesn’t means I hate you in any way.

        1. Acts 4:12!!!

          You said ‘But doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends!!’
          However, for the Muslim, Islam teaches hatred for the infidel (Christians and Jews) and holy war. Their political and religious goal is conquering the world. While with Christ’s love I can love the unregenerate Jew and the Muslim, the Muslim is taught to hate me and all other Christians as well as all Jews, Christians or not.

      2. Um, not quite. Even though all 3 are descended from 2 brothers in the Old Testament, that’s where any similarity ends. Jews & Christians both have the same God – a God that has a Son. Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah/Son of God, while Jews do not believe that He was the promised Messiah and they are still waiting for Him…But Allah is a different God who does NOT have a son.

    2. Actually, there are completed Jews, who have embraced Yeshua HaMashiach, God, the Son as Saviour and Lord, and therefore, are Jews and Christians at the same time. And many Christians recognize that Israel was chosen as God’s Own possession and that He has future plans for that nation.

      Islam is both a religious and political system which teaches to have both the Jew and the Christian on their infidel enemy list and to destroy those they consider infidels.

      Christians seek to win both those who practice Judaism and those who practice Islam to Christ and by God’s grace through the faith He supplies, have succeeded in doing so with some.

      Supporting current day Israel, a chosen nation by God and our best ally in the dangerous middle eastern region, is in America’s best interests.

  170. The fix is in on this site. It is tightly controlled and any comments against Israel are instantly deleted. Our traitors at work.

    1. Yes. I tried to comment to a post and got a message: The comment you are attempting to reply to has been deleted by a moderator.

  171. Obama detests Netanyahu, and rightly so. This is his payback, with much more coming.

    Netanyahu was hated by former Israeli Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Yitzhak Rabin—and especially by Rabin’s wife Leah, who blamed Netanyahu for her husband’s assassination. She saw “only doom for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process” with Netanyahu at Israel’s helm; and her views were prescient.

    . . .

    Just as Barack Obama and the United States are seeking rapprochement with Iran, Netanyahu does whatever is necessary to sabotage such efforts.

    See http://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/the-madness-of-benjamin-netanyahu/#comment-3049 (see also the article itself, as well as the other comments beneath it)

    1. Dear friend, the Islamic world wants peace only if Islam is the world religion. It is very clear if you read the Koran. Submission is the LAW. Those who do not submit shall be killed. Those who blaspheme shall be killed. It is actually very clear. Israel made the silly mistake of making money, and of letting the palestinians be their mexicans.

  172. These bungling idiots are going to get us all killed. Oh well, back to shopping on Amazon. Wake me when it’s over.

    1. While you are contemplating to a degree our mortality, I want you to go to be with God in heaven if we are killed and if you don’t know Christ as your Lord and Saviour, I hope you will take time to visit this site to discover the way of salvation:


  173. of course imam hussein obowel abandoned israel he is working for his cousins in his home land once a mooslim always a mooslim

  174. I guess Obama wanted to ensure he goes down as the stupidest president in history. Mission Accomplished!

  175. We did not abandon Israel…The Rat Bastrd Socialist Democrats and the Chief Rat Bastrd (president) abandoned Israel.

    1. Netanyahu’s warmongering rhetoric is so over the top that it is
      insulting really. Israel will not ratify the Nuclear and chemical
      weapons convention. Only Syria, Israel, North Korea, Burma, Egypt, Angola refuse to abide by the treaty.

      Israel has an enormous inventory of nuclear, chemical and biological
      weapons and refused to allow any UN inspectors in to inventory what they have.

      1. There’s a very simple reason they won’t let any inspectors in – time & time again history has proven that the nations will undermine and attack the Jewish people. If inspectors were let in, it would literally be a matter of weeks before Israel’s enemies had an accurate count and locations of all of Israel’s military capabilities & its strategic advantage, which is necessary for its survival, would be virtually neutralized.

      2. Netanyahu plans to do what is necessary to try to protect his country. Obama has been extremely insulting to our most reliable ally in the middle east, Israel.

      3. Are you that naive that you believe that a “treaty’ guarantees peace. I suspect that your patron saint is Lord Neville Chamberlain. He did a lot for the English during WW II. Are you not hearing the real “war mongering” comments from the Iranians, Muslims, etc.? Or, are you just another “Low Information” voter?

  176. Not much to discuss. Obama gives comfort to Iran, a country that is our sworn enemy, and puts our Allies in danger.
    That is treason.

      1. wrong
        its those drugs flowing in your blood
        nobody hears you, you don’t make sense
        your momma didn’t teach you
        any common sense
        and you talk about depth
        but your brain has recessed
        mentally awol day and night
        you don’t know how to fight
        so you blurt out noise
        to impress yourself
        because nobody hears you, you don’t make sense

  177. I wonder how all those liberal Jews that voter for the big zero are feeling now? Who knows, maybe they don’t care. I don’t get it, but I never did.

  178. El Lobo, IRAN has been airing animations and graphics on their television of a simulated attack on Tel Aviv and Haifa. Allowing them to enrich uranium is a big mistake that will result in war. IRAN is sworn to wipe us off the face of the earth.

  179. I don’t have a clue about this job or what I’m doing. It’s easier for me to just vote “Present” on everything and let the others run with it – thanks Val and Dave. However, I love the benefits and vacations, I get much more free stuff than when I was a US or state senator. All things considered, life is pretty sweet, and my healthcare plan is incredible and I have it for life. I’m bored though, I wish there was something interesting and fun that I could do, perhaps Reggie is free this weekend?

  180. People need to look at an un-arguable fact. This was done in secret. Obama claims to support Israel. Hold aside support of Israel being right or wrong.
    The fact remains, Obama and Valerie find it necessary to deceive the American people and the world; and think they can get away with it. That alone is grounds for major concern.
    We can see the finger prints of his Iranian witch all over this.

  181. ✡ US #Jewish vote stats: Hussein ☪bama ’12-69% ’08-78% ☪arter ’76-71%, ☢Y VEY!

    1. I’m a Jew and can’t for the life of me understand how any Jew could vote Democrat in good conscience. I believe a lot of the “Jews” who vote that way are dedicated to Socialism first. Adherence to Judaism is last on their list, if at all.

    2. Most American JEWS would not know the truth. They like secular society because of persecutions, at the same time voting for a MUSLIM brother member at worst or sympathiser at best is suicidal. Israel accept this peace deal or iran is nothing short of allowing another MASADA on a massive scale. And i for one would fight rather than die by the hands of an arab facist.

  182. JEWS say tha Israel must be a Jewish nationalistic state for JEWS Only. JEWS in the Anti Defemation Leauge, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Jews who run the Neo – Con faction in Washington DC say EVERY White country must have DIVERSTY;they say ONLY White countries must be melting pots. They say send America’s children soldiers to be maimed and to be killed fighting proxy wars in the Middle East for Israel. Both Liberals and Respectable Conservatives/Demcrats and Republicans both applaud these policies and condone these policies. The White working class of America says to them ” a pox on your house you destroyers of White first world civilization. You will get what you have brought on your selves.”
    DIVERSITY is a code word for ANTI – WHITE

    1. Really then why are there Arab-Israeli’s who have the same rights as Israeli Jews and who by the way have more rights and a higher standard of living than most Arabs in the middle-east. On the other hand Abbas and other have said no Jews would be allowed in a Palestinian state.

      1. That is true. Many are doctors, lawyers and members of the IDF, shop keepers and are open on shabbot.

    2. You are a fool who needs to learn. Israel’s citizens are made up of Arabs and Jews. The only one’s over there who want things ethnically cleansed are the muslims in the 3million plus square miles who surround them.

          1. Don’t apologise – this has got all the Jew Haters out in force, you can’t to better than the outstanding job you do!
            {{{{{ }}}}}

  183. Due to Obama’s Muslim upbringing in Indonesia, he has an affinity for the Islamic forces arrayed against Israel. His bias against the best ally our country has, has been on display for quite some time now. He is no friend to Israel and has demonstrated that time and time again. Matter of fact, due to his incompetence in world affairs, Obama has managed to alienate almost all of our trusted allies.

  184. Famous Quotes from Barry:

    If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.*
    If you are a hunter, we are not going to take away your guns.*
    Iran and North Korea are tiny countries, they pose no threat to the United States.*
    Benghazi was started by a horrible video made by a Coptic Christian.*
    The government’s Insurance is much better than the sub-standard plans that were sold before the ACA came into effect.*
    Bill Clinton is my Friend.*
    Israel must be able to defend itself – by itself – against any threat.*
    *Comments open to transliteration, interpretation, re-evolution, parsing, translation into any language or languages seen fit by Jay Carny. In other words, don’t trust a G D thing this lying sack of cr/p has to say about anything.

    1. Obedience brings peace. Peace brings tranquility. Tranquility brings safety. Safety requires obedience… .Repeat.

      1. I am genuinely curious where you got your flawed theology. Have you ever actually read any of the religious texts that are producing this situation?

        If you consider yourself a Zionist, have you ever actually read what the Torah says? The “covenant” between God and Abraham is limited in scope and contains a list of provisos and conditions that have all been broken. Thus, the original deal is off.

        If you are a Christian, do you understand that modern day Judaism is directly descended from the Pharisaical Judaism of that time? Do you understand that Jesus Christ was criticizing the man written Talmud that is the preeminent scripture in Judaism? Have you ever read His phrasing recorded in Mathew 23 on this subject?

        It is astounding the number of Western Christians who have ignorantly drunk the flawed theology peddled by the Zionists and believe that God is a racist or supports the present genocide in Palestine.

  185. Like barry the clowns disaster with obamacare haunting him…this too will come back and haunt him….but he’s so about managing his image I think he’d see the end of the earth happen before he’d think of himself as tarnished….

  186. Well…. a LARGE majority of Jews voted BIG time for the liar and chief… you got him not stop b1tching!

      1. Wasn’t that a high percentage of Jews supporting Obama? Aren’t most Jews liberal. Note scripture says “not all Israel is Israel.
        Note also that it is the ten northern tribes that are called Israel and only Judah and Benjamin are the Jews. History and truth has been distorted by man, but for what purpose?

  187. This post was removed from the Yahoo site. In fact, I was removed from Yahoo. Tell me if you agree with them.
    Difficult to have trust in an article poorly written. Mr. Heinrich listed as editor. This article was not edited nor vetted. I would suggest that from their point of view, no need to. It was but to create the illusion of substantial activity whereas nothing was to be accomplished.

    That is, nothing accomplished for our side. The Iranians have changed the dialogue to one of appeasement. This is a paradigm shift in thinking.

    The authors of this article can Pre-write the next six articles just leaving out the place names to be filled in latter.

    Everyone assumes Israel has nuclear weapons, but do they? They have the science and technology. Hell, for the most part their scientists invented the dam weapon. However, where is the infrastructure to build them? Where did they get the nuclear material?

    Most would think from America. Note that only one U.S. President stood by Israel when they were in dire need. That was President Nixon. He had to use an executive order because the Democrats and many Republicans opposed him. This appears to be the only circumstance favorable for a transfer of nuclear material to Israel.

    Is Israel afraid of an Iran with nuclear capability? Of course, but not in the way you may think. Iran will be able to produce nuclear weapons known as “Fizzle” bombs. Think of them as dirty bombs spreading deadly radiation far & wide. With Iran’s entrenchment in Lebanon use of Scud rockets, perhaps no more than 12, would be sufficient to completely destroy Israel.

    Sacrifice? Yes, but of Arabs, not Persians, and Sunnis, not Shi’a.

    For the above viewpoint the decision in Iran hangs on whether Israel has nuclear weapons.

    If Iran believes Israel has full nuclear capability then their only solution is to have the same; to fulfill their objective and use the advantage of first strike capability. If the strike is from Lebanon or Syria there will be no warning. Command and Control facilities will be down.

    Under this scenario it is probable that Iran will suffer retaliation. However, their leaders have publicly stated this is acceptable. Why? Because Israel is destroyed, Islam survives, Europe & China suffer massive loss of energy supplies. The world will be in turmoil.

    Perhaps the reason for so many Muslims in Europe. Think about it!

    1. The Iranians are also looking forward to ushering the 12th Imam, bringing war and death to the entire world so as to have islam emerge as the world’s only ideology/religion. There is no dealing with them. This is exactly what they want.

      1. First. I get a guest vote on every single post. Never a reply. What gives?

        That is my take on their actions. I also have reason to know this on a personal basis.

        The sick part is that the U.S. President is willing to assist in the death of Israel.

  188. Jesus was NOT a Jew by today’s definition, just like I’m not Gay by today’s definition. We have no obligation Biblically to defend Israel. If it makes sense to do so for America’s security, then lets be strong allys. But lets not do it based on a select few who have some fantasy belief that the physical current country of Israel is our ticket to heaven.

          1. Are you a Jew? “Jews for Jesus” don’t count, they’re just another name for “Christian” used to infiltrate Judaism.

            1. That’s your opinion that they aren’t Jews. If Karl Marx is a Jew while simultaneously being a communist and atheist dedicated to the destruction of Judaism, than I don’t see why Messianics can’t be Jews also. Especially if they observe the law. But, no, I’m not.

              And Messianic Jews don’t try to “infiltrate” Judaism. They don’t need to.

              1. Messianics are constantly trying to “save” Jews. If a Jew gives up on the law & engages in idol worship to Jesus, they are no longer Jews. I’ve also seen many Christian churches in my area start to practice some Jewish law in order to feel more “genuine” and appeal to Jews to draw them away from Judaism. A true practicing Jew cannot engage in idol worship, it is one of the gravest sins.

                1. No, I was referring to the disconnect within the “less observant” segment of the Jewish community about who is a “real Jew” is.


                2. No argument there, but once anyone calls Jesus “G-d”, it’s over. That’s blasphemy in its purest form. G-d never gave prophecy that he would incarnate himself. His 2nd commandment said no graven images. The messiah was never meant to be immortal, that was a distortion perpetrated by the Romans to get pagans/Hellenists onboard with Christianity. Roman manipulation of the virgin birth is in line with the myths of Oddyseus, et all. So was the return from the dead likened to Roman gods. Jewish prophecy is very clear on this – the messiah is a man who will accomplish all the prophecies in one lifetime, period. That’s what Torah Jews believe and you’ll never change that. It hasn’t been changed in the last 2000 years so don’t hold your breath.

    1. I do believe that your “Jew Boy” comment is a racist slur. Christ was and is the Almighty, and he was born Jewish and practiced and respected Judaism his entire life

        1. There is nothing incorrect about his statement. Jesus observed the Laws and traditions, until HIs ministry began. Read Hebrews. God still has a purpose for His people.

        2. Hum, can you elaborate? I am not “leading” anyone from Christ. Christ observed all of the Jewish traditions, the last supper was on Passover if I remember?

        3. I think your arguments are bupkiss, but I can assure you Jews don’t give 2 hoots about “misleading” anyone from Christianity. I had to bug my rabbi for 2 years to let me convert to Judaism from Christianity. Then he made me study for 4 1/2 years before I could convert. They don’t want converts, they simply want to exercise their religion in peace. And as a former Christian, maybe you should read Matthew 5 – For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.

    2. God said He would bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel. And that through Israel, all the nations of the world would be blessed.

      ‘Nuff said.

        1. No it isn’t Israel of the Bible, but that’s not the point. The point is it belongs to those whom God promised Abraham it would belong to.

        2. Can you show me the scripture reference that indicates that the Israel of old does not apply to the Israel of today? Or is this from a personal revelation that is not granted to other mortals?

          1. Can you show me where a made up counrty and given the name Israel by the UN is the same one of the Bible? Can I go to the courthouse and have my name changed to Jesus and magically become the Son of God?

            1. And there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen; another “Religious Internet Expert” has spoken with Arrogance and Ignorance.

              Next time try to talk to other people like an adult, Respect goes a long way, you should try it some time. Peace.

    3. Jews are Jews just as every other ethinicity remains as they have been- just because philosophies and idealogies change doesn’t make one stop being the same ethnicity.

      Israel has always been an ally. Israel deserves better than what they’ve gotten especially under this dear leader.

    4. What exactly does that mean? Today’s definition of a Jew? The definition hasn’t changed buddy. And neither has Jesus.

    5. Perhaps they aren’t our ticket to Heaven – but believe me, islam is indeed our ticket to hell.
      Pick a side.

      1. There are more than two sides..and they are all different. Hinduism, Judaism, Muslims, Christianity, etc. The New Testament
        clearly states that only through Jesus Christ can we enter Heaven. Only Christianity follows that teaching. I have picked a side.

  189. “he promises a Ferrari and delivers a bicycle with 2 flat tires”

    … and charges you more than the Ferrari for it

  190. Obama Megalomania* III…

    Iran Keeps Their Nukes…


    Americans Lose Their Health Insurance!

    Brought to you by…
    DemocRATS – The Party of RINOs, Liars, Haters, Corruption, limousine liberals, gimmiedats, cowards, perverts, racists, black Panthers, gang-bangers, homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts, illegal aliens, transsexuals, moochers, welfare moms, freeloaders, and the rest of the dregs of society, all grouped together behind a fruity little narcissist.

    But wait… It’s worse than that… The majority of Americans are so enraptured with this fruity little narcissist that they are willing to forgive and rationalize any lie, any corruption, give up any freedom, no matter how devastating. Obamacare is just a small part. They will cheer him on to victory, they think they are supporting and cheering for a team, but in reality it is their own lives, the future of their own families, and the future of their own America.

    *WikipediA… Megalomania is a psychopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence, megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs.

  191. Liberal Jews will always vote for Dems, even if it means the distinct possibility of an Iranian nuke landing in Tel-Aviv. There is a distinct difference between the clueless, self-absorbed, lock-step, Democratic American liberal Jew and the Jews in Israel living within a concentric 500-mile circle of numerous nuclear (known and unknown) threats. And, you won’t get any help from the Whitehouse. As long as Obama, the true Manchurian candidate, is having his strings pulled by the Iranian, Valerie Jarrett there will always be silent nod of approval to Iran. One country that is not going to take this crap besides Israel is Saudi Arabia. They are nuking-up, not for Israel but for Iranian designs on the entire region. Nukes will fly in the middle east. That is a biblical fact, but don’t be so certain that the buttons will be pushed by the Israelis. Pakistan isn’t having any of that Iranian BS either. But America, our dumb a$$ Kerry (the perfect Obama puppet and acolyte) waltzes in with the entire cookie jar. If Kerry signs this thing, he needs to be arrested and charged with treason.

    1. A Morlock reference!! Beautiful. Don’t confuse American Jews with Israeli Jews, not the same thing or close.

  192. Obama is an incredible LIAR and just the worst douchebag we have ever had in the oval office! I just cannot believe how stupid the American public is in their “support” of the complete idiot, he is RUINING our country!

    1. But is HE running it or just the figure head?
      Look to the witch behind him, the one who I think is still a real lawyer.

  193. Obama Megalomania* II…

    The FoodStamps Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, just announced that it is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever.


    The National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us to “Please Do Not Feed The Animals” because the animals may grow dependent on handouts and not learn to take care of themselves.

    Brought to you by…
    DemocRATS – The Party of RINOs, Liars, Haters, Corruption, limousine liberals, gimmiedats, cowards, perverts, racists, black Panthers, gang-bangers, homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts, illegal aliens, transsexuals, moochers, welfare moms, freeloaders, and the rest of the dregs of society, all grouped together behind a fruity little narcissist.

    But wait… It’s worse than that… The majority of Americans are so enraptured with this fruity little narcissist that they are willing to forgive and rationalize any lie, any corruption, give up any freedom, no matter how devastating. Obamacare is just a small part. They will cheer him on to victory, they think they are supporting and cheering for a team, but in reality it is their own lives, the future of their own families, and the future of their own America.

    *WikipediA… Megalomania is a psychopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence, megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs.

  194. Why would anyone doubt the motives of someone one generation removed from Islam who himself once answered “the most beautiful sound known to mankind” otherwise known as the Call to Prayer? Didn’t he attend Wright’s Christian church where the White Demon Mythology was preached fervently? Didn’t he say he was and is a Christian? Well…if you believe that you can keep your doctor and your plan…fools. His supporters used to say “he is the one we’ve been waiting for.” Perhaps that is a lot more accurate than any of us would like to think…

  195. Why are we obligated to protect Israel? Do they really need us? I think they can handle themselves.

    1. Without continued support from us the Israelis are in big trouble. Once the Iranians obtain nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them Israel faces extinction. I bet you’d like that.

      1. Israel may have to bury their dead…day and night, but in the end Israel does win. It’s not pleasant how the future will go…..but we already know how it will end.

      2. Actually, its Iran that faces extinction. Any weapon created would most likely be a fission bomb. Setting one off over Tel Aviv would be BAD but not catastrophic. However, the Israeli response would be Thermonuclear weapons i.e. H bombs which would turn most of Iran into glass. The political fallout….. lets just hope this scenario never plays out.

    2. We are not obligated to protect Israel, but they have been our allies and that’s what allies do. Rather Israel can protect itself is not the issue here, the Issue is the Obama administration is putting Israel in a precarious position and leaving them more vulnerable.

      1. Actually, we do have a bilateral pact with Israel that does obligate us to defend the only westernized nation in the middle East and our only true ally in a desert full of 9th century Neanderthals..

          1. I admire and respect ANYONE on these boards that can say what you just said. I’m personally so tired of the instant insult that usually comes after someone criticizes someone else. Good Job Sir.

    3. Sure they can defend themselves without our help. They have plenty of H bombs to counter strike any Iranian nuke strike. They can do it via ballistic missile submarine, silo based MERVed medium range ICBM and ship launched nuclear warheads. Did I answer your question?

  196. The end for America is near when we abandon our Israeli friends. God will cast plagues and natural catastophies the likes we have never seen before.

    1. Unfortunately, the non-believers don’t have a clue about the end of the world as they know it, and what’s in store.