‘WE ARE NOT AFRAID’: From villages and towns to tyranny’s DOOR, thousands march and cry out for FREEDOM in CUBA.

Like all people, the citizens of Cuba yearn for the freedom and liberty that so many (leftist) Americans not only take for granted but outright reject.

The inexorable, inevitable dictatorships that come from setting up a government designed specifically to control human beings behavior in the name of equity or class struggle always act from the same script, and communist Cuba’s is no different as they attempt to crush the popular uprising.

Communism and socialism are NEVER about the masses rising up, they are about a small group rising above the masses. Orwell knew it. China knows it. Soviet citizens and Venezuelan citizens knew it and Cubans know it too.

But they cry out for freedom anyway because that desire is the truth of the human spirit.

Oh, and guess what many of them carry as a symbol of the freedom they crave. You’re dang right it’s the American flag.

So people under a communist dictatorship want freedom and liberty over redistribution and tyranny? Tough break, Michael Moore.

Amazing day.

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