“We don’t need you trampling on the rights of American parents” – Rep. Steve Chabot absolutely SCHOOLS Biden AG on parental rights

During the House Judiciary Committee hearing today Merrick Garland was reamed by several Republicans for targeting parents at school boards after the National School Board Association suggested they should be treated as domestic terrorists.

But one clip that isn’t getting as much traction is where Rep. Steve Chabot absolutely schools Biden’s AG on parental involvement in schools, whether speaking out against CRT or something else.


I think my favorite part of Chabot’s comments was where he noted that if a parent did make threats or got violent, which should certainly not happen, it should be dealt with by LOCAL law enforcement:

“Now no one has the right to be violent or threaten violence. And if anyone does that, it can be dealt with by security or by LOCAL law enforcement. But we don’t need the vast power of the federal government throwing its weight around. We don’t need you, your justice department or the FBI trampling on the rights of American parents who just want the best possible education for their children.”

That’s exactly how it should be and that’s the point. There was never any need for the federal government to try and intimidate parents who simply want to speak out against these socialist policies and curriculums. Local law enforcement can handle anything inappropriate that happens in these meetings.

Well said Chabot.

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