We have a messaging problem: White House vs. DNC

Who would’ve thought The Nuge would expose what appears to be a disconnect between the Democratic party and President Obama? The National Rifle Association’s national conference was held in St. Luis last weekend. At said conference, Ted Nugent in an appeal to conference goers to galvanize behind Romney said, we should “chop their heads off” referring to our current administration of course. Following the inflammatory rhetoric, the usual suspects appeared to drum up the standard outrage.

Mediaites, Tommy Christopher sent a list of demands to the Romney campaign. Nugent recently endorsed Governor Rommney and we all know any time a candidate accepts an endorsement, it means they completely, wholeheartedly, one hundred percent agree with every single thing the endorser has done and will do in the future. Think Progress did as Think Progress does. The Huffington Post was in an uproar, so logically the Democrats jumped aboard the faux outrage train.

Predictably, DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Shultz weighed in saying, “Romney surrogate Ted Nugent’s comments about Pres. Obama are vile & beyond the pale—and the Romney campaign should denounce them immediately.” Taking her cue from Wasserman Shultz, Melanie Roussell, the DNC’s National Press Secretary took to Twitter to stir the pot.  So much so that Twitchy couldn’t help but notice. Obama for America Press Secretary, Ben LaBolt retweeted Roussell’s remarks. Seemingly, the Democratic establishment, media et al were out to hammer Romney for Nugent’s remarks. That was until today’s White House Press Conference. When asked about how much responsibility a candidate should bear for their supporters, Secretary Carney had this to say:

In a rare moment resembling reasonableness, Secretary Carney said, “I think the president has said and I and others have said that, you know, we can’t be policing the statements of supporters across the board.”

If that’s the case, why the ball eyed fit over Nugent’s remarks? During Slut-gate, the left argued that because Bill Maher was an entertainer he could say what he pleased, without remorse or recompense, which in their twisted logic (if you can call it that) somehow rendered Rush Limbaugh defenseless. Per usual, that caveat only applies to those who fit the leftist agenda. In any case, what’s telling is that there appears to be a disconnect between the president and the Democratic messaging machine. We saw the Obama campaign scramble after Hilary Rosen attacked Ann Romney and her decision to be a stay at home mother only a week ago. After the test balloon “war on moms” rhetoric proved ill-received, the Obama campaign tossed Rosen, a regular White House visitor and DNC advisor under the bus at warp speed. But just how big of a disconnect there is between President Obama and the DNC is something only time will reveal. Could be a crack, could be a crevasse. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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26 thoughts on “We have a messaging problem: White House vs. DNC

  1. I heard recently that a fallen Ranger or Seal (can’t recall which) had made a request that should he become KIA he wanted The Nuge to perform at at his funeral ceremony. Unfortunately he was KIA. Ted being Ted and a friend of the SOF community was more than willing and rearranged his schedule to do it. Oddly, Ted got a call from someone way up in DoD (not clear if a green suiter or DA Civ) who asked, more or less, that he not show up. Anyone know the details?

  2. Oh the outrage is so outrageous!

    Every time I hear……..off with heads………I think about the queen in Alice of Wonderland. As a matter of fact, it’s starting to feel like Grimm fairy tale.

  3. The Obama camp can make demands for apologies from Nugent:

    1. WHEN the New Black Panthers apologize and renounce their threats and declarations that they are not US citizens, subject only to black street law and exempt from the laws of the US.

    2. WHEN his Islamic friends quit issuing threats against Jews and demanding Sharia in the US.

    3. WHEN Obama and Holder start actually respecting and obeying the laws and Constitution of the USA.

  4. Ted’s “off with their heads” comment was a little extreme but I agree with his sentiment 100%. We have to remove the cancer of this regime. If these clowns aren’t voted out of office, then very little will change for the better. Ted is right, maybe just a little too descriptive of what needs to be done. I stand by him. And I will support Romney because he’s the only one out there other than maobama – even though I’ll hate supporting him. Maobama’s position is indeed the “head” of the snake that must be removed (voted out) in order to disempower the rest of the serpent.

  5. Obama workin hard to hol on that Bill Maher money.

    Ted gonna give a million to Romney Pac?

  6. Yeah, It’s always a messaging problem, the American people just never seem to quite get the message this administration is trying to put out.
    But that’s o.k. They know what we need better than everyone else.

    Obama, what a narcissistic jackass..

  7. I never, ever, ever, ever watch B. Maher but by clips, and have no idea what his current show is called, cuz I perceive him to be what would be considered PC these days… but when it was called “Politically Incorrect”, I watched a few times because politically incorrect was something I wanted to see.

    What I, in short order, discovered, is that he was sporting the biggest misnomer evah! What was politically incorrect about he? He was and is a mere lefties lefty. What an idiotic and misleading name for a show that bears no resemblance to the moniker. IMO he took PC to the edge of where it was already headed. A vile sty. It took only a few portions of his show to convince me of that. I disagreed with each and every thing he said and concluded that he was deluded. A deluded dolt.

    So, he’s an entertainer? How? What is entertaining about him? Rush is much, much more entertaining than he, yet he gets a pass and Rush was a victim of attempted silencing, which he sailed through unscathed.

    In mathematics when you use the wrong formulas or set up the algebraic equation improperly, you end up with the wrong answer, each and every time. That’s what progressivism and current liberalism is like. It doesn’t work. It kicks it’s own ass, just like in math.

    Implode O’. You were mislead your entire life. You could have been so great as the first half-black President, but you are a hater, a commie, a class warfare demon, a stoker of envy and an advocate of jealousy. Maybe you never read or properly understood history, because history kicks your mindless, ingrained theories right in the teeth. You had fools for mentors. Sorry ’bout that. It happens.

    You can correct it, reject it, and maybe in time, learn something that is true. Truth is true. Start looking for it. It’s out there. Here’s a hint, it does not reside anywhere you’ve ever been or in any theory you have ever latched onto. You’re simply a dupe who’s been duped. There are indeed absolutes, absolutely. Start over and work against those you currently work for…far, far away from any government office.

    1. I really can’t stand Bill Maher, not so much because of his political views (some I agree with / some I don’t), but because he fashions himself as some kind of Lenny Bruce or George Carlin – which he’s not. It’s the arrogance that nauseates me. He thinks he is so much smarter than he actually is. We see that a lot from the left. He preaches to the choir – hardly a brave thing to do. However, I will point out one thing re: your post and PC: The guy said that the 911 hijackers were courageous. That statement was in large part responsible for his show getting canned. Agree or disagree with the statement – you’ll probably disagree – it most certainly was NOT politically correct. It was a very gutsy and controversial thing to say at the time. Definitely NOT the politically correct thing to say. Was one of the few things he’s done that impressed me (although it disgusted me as well) – just because it showed balls. He has also come out with some statements that are not politically correct in terms of Islam, which I appreciate.

  8. Coulsd be nothing too. It is possible that BO has learned that what entertainers espouse doesn’t mean a thing. The DNC and BO administration are still testing the waters. GOP needs to stop being reactionary and just spread their message.

  9. “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” William F. Buckley, Jr.

    Once they discover there is other views they want to silence it by any means necessary, thus the reason they imposed Political Correctness upon America!

  10. Romney’s team should say just TWO WORDS

    – Bill Maher

  11. Isn’t it sooo pathetic how the left squeals like the F’ing p—ys they are when the tables are turned on them…
    But Maher is JUST an entertainer they cry.. Well who the F is Ted ? Was he appointed head of the GOP when I wasn’t looking? lol And I can’t count how many times I heard the leftist claim in a derogatory manner that Rush is “only an entertainer”.. when it fit their agenda.

    The leftist are a pitiful bunch. If I had to look in the mirror every morning as one of them I would probably just .. well it wouldn’t be pretty I know that..

    The only real shame is that so many Americans buy into their crap.. Utterly amazing.

    Are people really that stupid?

  12. I heard a funny story about Ted. It went something to the effect that a guitar company enticed him to show up to an industry event to endorse their guitars. At the event, his speech was so profanity laced that they couldn’t string together three words to use in their advertising.

    I generally don’t care for people who use excessive profanity, but in Ted’s case, I think it’s authentic and truly from the heart.

  13. Well, Uncle Ted is an entertainer and has never been known for mincing words, I would be willing to bet the man has never had a “PC” moment in his entire life.

      1. I’d actually watch Bill Maher’s show if Ted were a guest. I’d even do Pay-Per-View for it.

        1. Ted has been a guest on Maher’s show. Many years ago. It was the only time Maher was speechless. It must be archived somewhere. This was before he went cable.

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