We have a messaging problem: White House vs. DNC

Who would’ve thought The Nuge would expose what appears to be a disconnect between the Democratic party and President Obama? The National Rifle Association’s national conference was held in St. Luis last weekend. At said conference, Ted Nugent in an appeal to conference goers to galvanize behind Romney said, we should “chop their heads off” referring to our current administration of course. Following the inflammatory rhetoric, the usual suspects appeared to drum up the standard outrage.

Mediaites, Tommy Christopher sent a list of demands to the Romney campaign. Nugent recently endorsed Governor Rommney and we all know any time a candidate accepts an endorsement, it means they completely, wholeheartedly, one hundred percent agree with every single thing the endorser has done and will do in the future. Think Progress did as Think Progress does. The Huffington Post was in an uproar, so logically the Democrats jumped aboard the faux outrage train.

Predictably, DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Shultz weighed in saying, “Romney surrogate Ted Nugent’s comments about Pres. Obama are vile & beyond the pale—and the Romney campaign should denounce them immediately.” Taking her cue from Wasserman Shultz, Melanie Roussell, the DNC’s National Press Secretary took to Twitter to stir the pot.  So much so that Twitchy couldn’t help but notice. Obama for America Press Secretary, Ben LaBolt retweeted Roussell’s remarks. Seemingly, the Democratic establishment, media et al were out to hammer Romney for Nugent’s remarks. That was until today’s White House Press Conference. When asked about how much responsibility a candidate should bear for their supporters, Secretary Carney had this to say:

In a rare moment resembling reasonableness, Secretary Carney said, “I think the president has said and I and others have said that, you know, we can’t be policing the statements of supporters across the board.”

If that’s the case, why the ball eyed fit over Nugent’s remarks? During Slut-gate, the left argued that because Bill Maher was an entertainer he could say what he pleased, without remorse or recompense, which in their twisted logic (if you can call it that) somehow rendered Rush Limbaugh defenseless. Per usual, that caveat only applies to those who fit the leftist agenda. In any case, what’s telling is that there appears to be a disconnect between the president and the Democratic messaging machine. We saw the Obama campaign scramble after Hilary Rosen attacked Ann Romney and her decision to be a stay at home mother only a week ago. After the test balloon “war on moms” rhetoric proved ill-received, the Obama campaign tossed Rosen, a regular White House visitor and DNC advisor under the bus at warp speed. But just how big of a disconnect there is between President Obama and the DNC is something only time will reveal. Could be a crack, could be a crevasse. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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