Millionaire Jim Carrey says Canadians are nice because of SOCIALISM!

Jim Carrey came out as a loud and proud socialist with Bill Maher applauding last night.

Check it out:

He actually starts the segment by proudly saying he just bought a new pair of Nikes. Because buying products is how to fight for socialism.

Here’s the entire segment for context – the socialism bit comes at the very end.

Now this idiot is worth MILLIONS. Did he make it from socialist countries or from hard-working Americans? Could he have done that in Venezuala? What a complete idiot. If he’s all about it, why doesn’t he fork over 95 percent of his income to the government? Because he’s full of it, that’s why.

Actually… if Canadians are nice because of socialism maybe that’s why Carrey is such an asshole – he’s benefitted from capitalism too much!!

Right before he pulls the shorts down on Karl Marx and puckers up, the idiot actually has the audacity to say that Canadians are known for their niceness because the government provides health care. Amazing. I used to think it was a compliment to Canadians that they’re so nice, but apparently it’s all a big government program. How insane is it for this fool to believe niceness is a government provided program?

In an especially thoughtful portion before that, the guy who made money by being on television and movies says that too many people were raised by television, and he says this on a television show to people watching television.

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