‘We NEED a little of that!!’ Chip Roy has to explain to CNN that democracy is actually a GOOD thing

The Speaker’s race is now over, the deals are made, the Rules committee chief among them, and the media that spent a week predicting the end of society over it not ending are now predicting the end of society because it did end.

The Sunday talk shows are full of reporters asking Republicans about it in hostile ways, calling it dysfunctional among other things, somehow forgetting the real dysfunction is what’s been going on in Congress for decades.

Chip Roy had a reminder for Jake Tapper.

“A little temporary conflict is necessary in this town, in order to stop this town from rolling over the American people,” said Roy. “I don’t think anybody, on either side of the aisle, could say with a straight face that they think Washington is doing good work for the American people on a regular basis and isn’t broke.”

“Some of the tensions you saw on display, when we saw some of the interactions there between Mike Rogers and Matt Gaetz, you know, some of that is — we need a little of that! We need a little of this sort of breaking the glass, in order to get us to the table, in order for us to fight for the American people, and to change the way this place is dysfunctional,” he said.

Yeah, I think that’s right. They fought it out, they got it done. That’s Democracy. That’s the way it works.

Tapper is part of that MSM, and his network hsa rivaled MSNBC on this nonsense, but to give credit where it is due, Tapper has in the past week sort of given some latitude to that point of view, surprisingly enough. Even more surprising is trash website Mediaite got video of both examples. I link only for proof, it’s filled with so much CNN blather and caveating it’s not really worth watching (or ripping, which is why I didn’t download the clips for Rumble.)

Anyway, this whole drama, and it was dramatic (and funny at times) is just what has to happen sometimes I think. As usual, in the end, I agree with Chip Roy.

Do you?


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