‘We now have de facto amnesty’ – Mark Levin on the SCOTUS Arizona Law ruling

Mark Levin takes apart the Arizona Law ruling from today and I’ve got all three segments from his first hour. The short of it is that it’s a bad ruling and because they put immigration completely in the hands of the federal government, we now have de facto amnesty thanks to Obama’s rule the other day.

But Levin explains this and makes some great points while he’s doing it. If you don’t have time to listen to all three segments, listen to the last one. But I highly recommend all three as he makes different points in all of them.

Listen below:




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36 thoughts on “‘We now have de facto amnesty’ – Mark Levin on the SCOTUS Arizona Law ruling

  1. Jan Brewer should have had Obama arrested a year ago when she had the chance but alas, she became weak kneed as all politicians tend to do when they have the ability to make things right. End of time folks.

  2. Mr. Levins knowledge of the Supreme Court and our Constitution is amazing. But, his ability to explain it, is a gift to us all.
    I just finished reading Mr. Levin 2005 book “Men in Black”. I now look at Supreme Court verdict in a whole new way. I now know how to pay very close attention to the written opinions of the ruling (the chest game) not the actual up or down vote. This book was an eye opener. It was a read that I found myself saying all the way through “I can’t believe I did not realize any of this”. You find yourself feeling like such a fool, however, by the end, you are enlightened with a whole new outlook on the grab of Washington DC. I will warn you, this book is a well written text book with no plot, no page turners. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THIS!

  3. Hey, thanks SCOTUS. Those of us who live here in AZ, who live with the crime, filth, gangs, drugs, and have our medical clinics and welfare agencies overwhelmed by people who have no right to be here, really want to thank you robed geniuses. I’ve said this for many years now – When a terrorist attack happens in Phoenix or Tucson, and thousands of people die, we will find out that the murderers simply walked across our southern border. It’s coming. It’s going to happen. It’s just a question of when.

  4. The santuary states don’t have a sheriff investigating and possibly blowing the lid off Obama’s eligibility. Man, if we don’t unseat this president, we’re done. Anybody who challenges his dictatorial edicts is done. The Brown Shirts will hit the streets with the blessing of this criminal.

  5. So DHS won’t be doing anything about illegals who are picked up by Arizona LEOs. I guess this will include terrorists infiltrating from South America via Mexico (Hamas, AQ et al)? So just what the he** will lCE be doing, since the feds have barred it from carrying out its mandate of executing federal laws that the feds themselves refuse to enforce?

    This is truly stunning. WHEN will the impeachment of 0zero start? Just how many laws does this impostor have to break before the ostriches in Congress stir their heads out of the sand?? Unbelievable. UnAmerican. UnConstitutional.

    1. I think Obama wants more terrorists to cross the border – he’s got his safe bunker ready and a huge crisis before November would be just what he needs to stall elections and stay in office.

  6. Rush alluded to a reason that Roberts decided the way he did, but wouldn’t tell. All we’re left with is his legacy, which today has done violence to this nation. With this decision, we may rightly regard him as one of the lesser lights, one of the lesser minds on the court. I don’t like to hold illusions about people, so at least now we know. He was one of the contributors to the gibberish that passed for reason today. This is your legacy, John Roberts.

    1. We’ve got him for 30 more years at least.
      I have counted Roberts at the top of GWB’s very, very short list of positive accomplishments. What’s left? Alito I guess. for now.

      1. Maybe not…but, like the nbC provision of Article II of the Constitution, first you have to get some action to do something about it. From Article III of that same document we read:

        “…The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour,…”

        I guess, like nbC, we will need an opinion…nay, a ‘ruling’ of what ‘good Behaviour’ means. Hell fire, my dear old grandma could define that frontwards and backwards, and frequently did.

        Not unlike the Founding Fathers thought, we won’t find any written definition, because ‘all good citizens simply know what it (nbC) is. I suspect, if we scour our memories, most of us know, deep down, what ‘good behavior’ is.

  7. Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the Progressives…figures..Bush (RINO) appointment.

  8. For some reason, I feel better about Thursday’s ruling after today. I think the liberal Justices just threw Obama a bone with this split decision. Not a big deal.

    Nobody is talking about the “mini-citizens united” ruling. That was a stronger message, in my opinion.

    1. I felt the same way, this was to not appear partisan. I pray we are right.

  9. Illegal Aliens that break the law are given more rights and privileges than citizens of The United States of America. Politicians are more concerned with gaining votes than enforcing the laws and upholding their sworn oath to protect, defend and follow The Constitution of The U.S.A. Our true enemy is liberalism and out of control government!

  10. Justice Roberts really let us down and I shudder to think what will happen on Thursday.

    Whatever the ruling is, Obama will do what he wants.

    We should all remember what Allen West has said that we are losing America and we need SOLID leadership and bold solutions. Congress is pathetic and won’t help any at all.

  11. As Aaron Neville sings “Tell it like it is” Mark! (That’s why you’re the “great one!”)

  12. What is sad about this is Kagan was recused from it. God help us with this Thursday’s epic ruling.

  13. Big brother wants to be our momma and pappa too.

    My prediction: If Obama isn’t beat in November, there will be talk by some states of seceding from the union, even more Millionaires will leave the country, and we may get into another Civil War. We have to beat this dictator in November. We simply HAVE to.

    Mark Levin pulls no punches and is spot on! You rock Mark – God bless you!!!

    1. My prediction: if Obama wins in Nov, which is likely, none of what you predict will happen. Americans in 2012 don’t have the gumption to get out of the Barkalounger, much less secede, leave the country, etc. Heck, they can’t even think outside the ballot box a little, never mind more immediate self help measures. Sheeples. And the country will just keep spinning downward.

      1. Speak for yourself, Rogue – or perhaps you are one of the committed Barkalounger fans. Either that or you think you’re the only one capable of getting out of one and actually doing something to turn this country around.

        1. Of course I was speaking for myself. I wrote: “*My prediction….*”
          You disagree? Try to elaborate.

  14. Only Mark can tell it like it really is. And it’s so much worse than anything I’ve heard others say today. A sad, sad day for America when even SCOTUS can’t pretend to deliver equal justice under the law.

    I bet Kagan & Sotomayor had loose lips.

  15. In light of today’s ruling, I’m now more worried about Thursday’s Obamacare ruling.

    God help us all!

  16. If one federal law can be openly violated, so can others. Just as the treasury has devalued the dollar, the combination of congress, president and supreme court have devalued American law, and their own authority.

    1. You mean I no longer need to pay my federal taxes because the law stating that I MUST can now be overlooked? How supreme!

  17. Thanks so much for posting these, Scoop! I always listen to his podcast after his show, but I’ve been dying to hear what he has to say on this ruling.

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