‘WE SURRENDER’: Tucker Carlson rips Biden’s Navy for this insane woke pronouns training video

“Here’s a reassuring story,” says Tucker Carlson. That sarcasm is well warranted because the latest woke military madness is desperately un-reassuring. Get ready to feel super not safe within your own borders, because the clip that Tucker plays here of the Navy’s new pronouns video is devastating to all semblance of confidence in our military leadership.

It’s utterly asinine, patently absurd, and mind-boggling in its ridiculous millennial nonsense.

“China is busy testing hypersonic missiles that can strike anywhere on the planet without being detected, but the U.S. military is on it, they’re rising to the challenge,” says Tucker. “Here’s a training video from Joe Biden’s Pentagon.”

And then it happens. We embedded the FULL pronouns video below this Tucker clip for maximum embarrassment.

Here’s the whole terrible thing, first written up by Washington Free Beacon.

“Why not just make it really clear, get right to the point? WE SURRENDER. We are totally incapable of fighting an adult war against an adult country like China, or for that matter the Taliban,” he says. “We give up. We’re gonna talk about pronouns.”

And don’t forget Ohio’s “Pride” cop!

What are we doing, America? Seriously.


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