‘We will ATTACK!’ Iran threatens United States: Stay out of fight with Israel or ELSE

Iran has threatened to attack American targets. The terror nation is planning an attack on Israel – telegraphing it, as Jennifer Griffing said on Fox this morning – and new reporting from Axios has American officials spilling the beans on Iran directly threatening Americans over it.

Here’s Griffin’s report on Iran’s threat to Israel, and then we’ll get to what Axios found out.

“I’ve been covering the middle east for thirty years,” said Griffin this morning to Cavuto. “And I have never seen things so tense with the potential for a wider war breaking out between Israel and Iran which could draw the U.S. and others into a wider Middle East war.”

Iran appears “poised” for a “massive show of force targeting Israeli territory.”

So they are planning a major attack. Iran is threatening American vessels in the Red Sea, and ballistic missile attack is imminent.

And the threat is more than just a string of causation – it’s a direct and delivered threat, Axios reported exclusively on Friday.

Iran sent a message to the Biden administration through several Arab countries earlier this week: if the U.S. gets involved in the fighting between Israel and Iran, U.S. forces in the region will be attacked, three U.S. officials told Axios.


Three U.S. officials said that in recent days the Iranians told several Arab governments they see the U.S. as responsible for the Israeli attack that killed the Iranian general in Damascus, regardless of U.S. efforts to distance itself from the strike.


“The Iranian message was we will attack the forces that attack us, so don’t f— with us and we won’t f— with you,” one U.S. official said.

Uh, yeah. You don’t tell us things, Iran. We tell you things. We tell YOU things that start with F, you get me?

Now Axios acknowledges that there is some mixed messaging coming through back channels, so as is often the case, you an assume that they are both deliberately sending multiple versions of their position, and that there are internal disagreements resulting in non-consensus views making out from inside Iran to U.S. intelligence.

But that doesn’t matter because now that they’ve threatened direct retaliation against American forces, we have to act, take steps, and send threats right back.

In other words buckle up. Next few days could be dicey.

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