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In the interest of western civilization and civilized people everywhere, TRS brings you an encore presentation of: “Islam: What The West Needs To Know”. You may have seen it here before, but it’s worth watching again if you truly want to understand Islam. If you’ve never seen it before it is required viewing. It features both Robert Spencer and Walid Shoebat, as well as other noted scholars of Islam.

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17 thoughts on “Welcome to the TRS Saturday Matinee theatre

  1. So, there are peaceful and moderate muz but no peaceful and moderate Islam. So are the Peace loving muslims that live in this country just hypocrites? Are they so strong that they can live their lives by a book and deny the greater half of it’s message? Or they just waiting until their numbers are superior to the Americans, British, Canadian, French or German population so they can rip off their burka’s and slaughter us at their leisure?
    Muslims lie to the rest of humanity if it supports their faith. Muslims are trained to lie from birth. After 1400 years of degeneracy, they are in a struggle with only one other group of humanoids for sole possession of the  lowest step on the ladder of humanity and their desire to murder infidels and enslave women is undiminished, even in a Yellow cab or at Circle K.  
    Two things I’ve learned in life: Never by weed from a kid in black pajamas and never turn your back on a Muslim.

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    Sorry   timerunner / timerunnersc

  3. Americas leaders  have forgotten, but not the American Citizens.
    9.11.01 America
    9.11.12 Benghazi Libya
    We must never forget

  4. Excellent movie!  We rented from Netflix then bought copies to share.  You’ll learn more each time you watch it [definitely more than one time], preferably when your mind is fresh and wide awake.
    One advantage is that this film is apolitical.  Message is clear and irrefutable.

  5. Yes !!  These kind of videos to educate the sheeple should be posted again and again.   Political correctness has been drummed into us by screams of “racist”  again and again …. in the same vein these videos about islam should be pointed to  again and again to expunge the curse of political correctness and plainly show even the dumbest of the dumb what’s what.  If they still can’t understand,  there’s no hope for them and those around them.

  6. Excellent, excellent video. There is no misunderstanding about what moderate means and what terrorist means.

  7. Muslims have been conspiring to kill Christians and Jews for centuries and they pretty much still live in the dark ages.  Their laws for their own people are savage and archaic; especially their treatment of women.  This movie is great, however, I would suggest that those interested in what is going on with Islam on a day to day basis need to visit Pamela Gellar’s website, AtlasShrugs.com.  She and Robert Spencer have the pulse on this topic (and in great detail).

    1. tshtsh  
      Don’t wait – you will want to share.  (Available from Netflix if bandwidth not available.)

  8. Such a good documentary! My son got information from the video for his “comparative religion” what-have-you assignment he had to do. Of course the assignment was to put each religion on the same moral and compassionate plane; but, he really got a good understanding of the religion of pieces from ” Islam: What the West needs to know.”

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