Welfare State: Europe’s Economic Armageddon coming to America?

For the last two years, Americans have unified over the idea that we don’t want this big government welfare state any longer. Local Tea Parties formed in droves with a singular message that resonated all the way to November 2, which lead to Republicans winning the House of Representatives by a historical margin. It was a loud refudiation of the policies of this administration that are killing jobs and promoting the welfare state.

Across the oceans we see enormous debt all over the world crushing economies; tearing at the already porous fabric of the socialistic welfare state. Citizens are violently protesting over having to work a few more years before retirement or having to pay more for college tuition because the government has run out of money. And now those countries whose workforces have dwindled so that they can’t pay those big welfare state IOUs are looking back at us wondering why in the name of all humanity we are going down the same path that led them over the cliff and into economic armageddon.

CBN reports on these collapsing welfare states and how they are now warning us to hit the brakes or end up the same way.

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