Well GEE you’ll NEVER guess what MSNBC’s Medhi Hasan BLAMES for the pandemic.

Watching a Medhi Hasan video is a lot to ask of anyone, as his pathetic ratings show, so if you want to just read the summary I understand. Or if you want to skip through the clip to just the good bits at the end, you can do that too.

But what he’s doing here is … well even crazier than usual.

You have to follow the logic here in Hasan’s video because it relies on a whole bunch of things that MSNBC types take for granted. He’s saying the pandemic was insanely bad and deadly, that lockdowns were insanely good and effective, and that wanting to return to normal life is hideously selfish and evil.

AND most importantly, that individual communities not sticking to absolutely totalitarian restrictions for two years is directly the cause of the length of the pandemic. You know, as opposed to insane people like him dragging it out for political reasons.

And he attributes all of THAT to, dum dum dummmm: White Supremacy.

Now the media will say he’s only blaming “hesitance” to comply on Supremacy. But if you watch, if you follow the chain of events he outlines, he’s actually blaming the pandemic on White Supremacy, because it would have been safe and over if only small town jerks had complied.

“In short, for an alarming number of Americans, Covid isn’t a problem so long as it’s not a White people problem.”

Or maybe small town America just doesn’t fall for MSNBC lies as easily as NYC? And you’re using minor demographic percentage differences to make your argument immune to criticism because racism?

It’s a daggone perfect example of the whole genre of MSNBC crazy talk in which they find the most absurd thing they can call white supremacy. I’m about convinced it’s just some weird contest they have going to see who can get away with the most ridiculous one.

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