Well KNOCK me over with a FEATHER. You’ll be **amazed** who sided with PELOSI over own party… NOT!

I mean actually you probably will have more than one guess on this one. But when it comes to betraying the House Republicans in order to take the side of Democrats on things like impeachment or January 6, there is one name that stands out as easily the loudest and most reliably outside. And who is a favorite of Donald Trump.

Favorite to PRIMARY that is.

This time our guilty party is on Pelosi’s side about rejecting the GOP’s chosen committee members for the fake commission. So, of course, it’s Liz Cheney. Because WHO ELSE?

Liz Cheney is WRONG? I am shocked. SHOCKED I TELL YOU.

Trump is going to be meeting with various challengers for her seat over the next few weeks to decide who he will endorse in the primary, according to a statement from this weekend.

Let me be the first to say I heartily add my endorsement for “Literally Any One Of Them” and that they can expect a check from Texas.

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