WELL LOOKY HERE: Guess who is ACTUALLY being looked at for DANGEROUS driving in Texas campaign bus flap?

After that AWESOME video we all saw yesterday bubbled up on social media, libs started freaking out about it because that’s what libs do. The whole reaction got just insanely out of hand. The Babylon Bee’s take isn’t actually far from the reality of how dems reacted.

But the hysteria continued, with all the usual media suspects intoning gravely about the dangerous danger of driving on a dangerous highway while having danger-inducing Trump flags visible to a Biden-Harris campaign bus.

AFTER the media and the Dems had really, really gotten worked up about the dangerous evil danger – AFTER that – they started sharing a deceptively edited video that was cut to make it appear a Trump truck had side-swiped some innocent bystander.

Yeahhhhh, no. Here’s what had happened was.

Well whaddya know?

Still, they had made a federal issue out of it already. Literally. The FBI is investigating now.

Hope they read what the investigating police department said because it’s magically delicious.’

“The at-fault vehicle may be the white SUV and the victim appears to be the black truck,” said the San Marcos PD. “Calls to the driver of the white SUV have gone unanswered, and SMPD has not been contacted by the driver of the black truck. Since SMPD has not spoken to either driver at this time, additional investigation would be required to fully ascertain who was at fault.”

They added that the white vehicle was one of two “following vehicles with campaign staffers” from the Biden-Harris campaign.


Now watch the story VANISH from cable news. In the meantime, here’s a great breakdown from Patterico’s Pontifications.

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