Well well well. Guess who SUPPORTS Govs. Abbott and DeSantis ‘migrant flights’ to sanctuary cities?

The only people who seem to be outraged at asylum-seekers, migrants, illegal immigrants, and others who have crossed the southern border and are awaiting adjudication being sent to America’s sanctuary cities are the white liberal democrats and media who live (luxuriously) there.

Greg Gutfeld explains who is NOT outraged about it: Hispanic voters!

“A new poll conducted by Politico, which is Spanish for vomit, shows that most Hispanics actually liked the transporting of illegal aliens to left wing sanctuary cities,” said Gutfeld last night. “Yes, it appears this action only upsets white liberals in sanctuary cities who are forced to be compassionate instead of simply pretending to be, they’re also known as*holes.”

Well whaddya know?

In the survey, the question was, would you consider sending migrants to liberal U.S. states and cities to be appropriate or inappropriate? More Hispanics said appropriate and it did so by a six point margin with a plurality of 41%, a plurality. I think we call them a “the.” Only 35% said inappropriate and a remaining 30% said “I’m a better looking version of Pierce Brosnan.” I’ll take it. I’ll take it.

As John Nolte points out in Breitbart, the survey shows that Hispanics opinions are not that different from everyone elses, white Americans feel the policy is appropriate by a similar margin. That’s got to surprise the folks at Politico, but not you or me. We know that common sense knows no borders or pigment, and sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities who boasted always of their willingness to embrace them, that makes total sense.

After all, what could be wrong with giving people what they’re asking for? At least that’s what I tell Larry Kudlow. You know, it’s funny, I knew “harder” was a terrible safe word, which is why it’s so weird to see these left wing cities work with lightning speed to deport these migrants. If they only used that same speed to give Antifa, BLM and outsiders the boot during those riots, hell, they even called in the National Guard. The last time people living on an island overreacted that much, a shark just eaten the Kintner boy. I mean, even in “Jaws,” they let the shark hang out for a week. But it’s now, but it’s old news to you.

The liberals only back their policies as long as they don’t have to deal with the policies, again it’s not in my backyard, well, unless you’re mowing it. They did this with crime, they got private security, they live in gated communities, so, sure, why not defund the police? Why not empty the prisons? It’s easy to scream, “there are too many people behind bars,” when you’re screaming it from behind your own.

Ain’t nothing to add to that. Exactly on point.


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