“We’re being invaded!” Dan Bongino warns of devastating threats because of our unsecured border

Dan Bongino was on with Mark Levin tonight in a great interview, where he warned of the devastating ways we could be attacked because of our unsecured border:

There are thousands of these shoulder-operated missiles that the glide path of an airliner – anywhere around an airport, you could be in a building, you can take an airliner down in the United States. It’s not scare tactics. I’m not trying to frighten anyone. I’m not the black helicopter guy. I’m just telling you the reality of it.

Someone asked me in an interview before…what’s the chances of one of these getting into the United States, it must be tough. I said are you serious, do you see what’s going on? We’re being invaded on the southern border. This isn’t a joke. …

These weapons are out there Mark. This isn’t Ellis Island anymore. We have dirty bombs. You have radioactive medical waste. You have MANPADS…that can take down airliners. This is serious stuff.

You can’t have a president who is more concerned about playing poker with a Coors Light and yuckin it up in Delaware, than his first job to secure the people of the United States.

There’s a lot more. Listen to the full interview below:

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