‘We’re coming to your HOUSE’: This is what’s in store for America with Biden’s new IRS police force

The stormtroopers are coming. Biden and the Democrats are recruiting over 80,000 new IRS agents for the express purpose of conducting more audits, and don’t make me LAUGH by saying it’s aimed at the wealthy.

That was the lie they told while they were lying about the agents being armed and lying about the bill addressing inflation. The new tax audit police force is aimed at the American middle class and at small business owners, and now that the bill is signed they’re already starting to say so.

But what will it look like when the tax gestapo gets underway? These ranchers have some bad news: it looks ugly. Really, really, REALLY ugly.

“They just said this was a red flag, and we’re going to audit you, and we’re coming to your house.”

The ranchers also posted on Facebook about it.

It’s scary. When you see the whole picture, all the fronts the left is advancing on, it’s obvious that the reason they and their pet media keep claiming Democracy is on the ballot has nothing to do with Trump or the 2020 election. It’s because they are working on getting rid Western republican democracy and you can help them by voting for them.


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