“We’re like a DUMPING GROUND” for prisoners and Covid thanks to Biden & Fauci, says Trump on Fox & Friends

“It is a disaster.” President Trump was on air by phone with Fox & Friends this morning and one of the topics was Anthony Fauci’s answers to Peter Doocy about not testing people at the border for covid yet putting ABSURD and draconian restrictions on air travelers.

They talked about Biden’s disaster of a border overall, too, and the fact that Biden is basically shipping people from the border straight to towns across America. It’s a nefarious program with sinister motives and, out of the many things that wouldn’t be the way they are if Biden weren’t “elected”, this is one of the most obvious and blatantly immoral.

“Nobody is being tested, nobody is being checked. Prisoners of other countries are being dumped into our country. We’re like a dumping ground,” said Trump.

It’s a harsh truth to have to hear first thing in the morning. But it’s an absolute truth.

15 million people a year and none of them being tested, he said. Has there EVER been a more stark proof of the fact that Fauci and Biden don’t care about or fear Covid? That they are just using it to lock Americans in their homes so it’s easier to import Democrat voters and allow BLM/Antifa to run wild?

It’s DEFINITIVE proof. If they were actually scared about Omicron there wouldn’t be 15 million people allowed in without any of the restrictions. That is an actual fact.

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