‘WE’RE not doing interviews!’ Watch how fast John Fetterman’s wife Gisele shuts down reporter trying to ask him a question

“WE’RE” not. We’re not doing interviews. That’s what Gisele Fetterman said when a reporter tried to ask him a question without running it through her. And a closed captioning device. And the media’s whitewash machine. Because “WE” – the Fettermans — have nothing to hide at all about his condition according to his campaign don– err, “doctor.”

The attempted question — not interview, by the way, QUESTION — was being asked by a reporter right before Biden gave his speech in Pittsburgh today.

Here’s the tweet from the reporter who asked the question.

The media flip out when a Republican doesn’t drop everything to ask them a question. I’m not exaggerating, it’s an entire genre of reporting that has thousands of entries.

But none of them give a hoot that John Fetterman is still hiding from the press, that the one interview he gave in person was trashed by the campaign IMMEDIATELY and his wife demanded the interviewer be punished by her bosses. An NBC reporter mind you. Or even that the “de facto candidate Gisele” as Rolling Stone called her, is calling the shots and saying “WE” about candidate interviews.

And just a short time after this, Biden said SHE was going to be in the Senate.

They know we can see and hear them, right?


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