West: I don’t regret whatsoever my comments about progressives being communists, I will keep calling a spade a spade

This is conservative red-meat if I’ve ever heard it. Just watch:

I think Allen West has gone to a whole new level in my book. My conservative heart flutters when he speaks the truth that everyone else is afraid to say, and he does it so unabashedly. In my opinion, there is no one else in Congress in his league right now.

(via Red Alert Politics)

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191 thoughts on “West: I don’t regret whatsoever my comments about progressives being communists, I will keep calling a spade a spade

  1. If only we had more like Mr West in Congress. Maybe we could get something done and off of this path we are on. He could teach a class of “Backboneism”. If he were running for pres. I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

  2. If we only had more folks in Congress with some backbone. Maybe Allen West can give some mandatory lessons on how to stand up for what’s right. I would like to see Mr. West in the White House. I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

  3. Wow! I can’t recall EVER hearing a national figure expose the Left with such clarity and hard hitting facts as Rep. West. His reasoning and charisma pose a clear threat to the enemies of our Republic. I fear for his safety.

  4. I’ve admired Mr. West from the day I learned of him. He speaks the truth and is not afraid to say so. A true American. Romney would do well choosing Allen West as his running mate.

  5. The colonel doesn’t know his history. Yes, Wilson was a progressive, but so were his two predecessors, Roosevelt and Taft, both Republicans. The fact is, the progressive movement of the early 20th century started out as a grass roots movement among the urban middle class in the Republican Party. Their purpose was to take back the government from the special interests. These three presidents enforced anti-trust laws, provided protection for consumers, and began the conservation movement to protect our resources. Under their leadership, the middle class grew. For the first time in history, workers received overtime, workers comp, and the right to peacefully picket. Prior to the progressive movement, the average worker made $500 dollars a YEAR, working 12 hours a day, 6 days a weeks, and no benefits. Mr. West is nothing more than a loud mouth lackey for the corporate elite. Reactionaries like West would love to take us back to the days of the Gilded Age. Unfortunately, West and most Americans know very little about our nation’s history.

  6. Where was this man before…this is an American(who happens to be black)who is highly intelligent and very well informed. A former soldier, officer, and hero in my book, who lays it down, in very clear language,what your choices are. A comparison between this man and Obama, tells America how far we fell short in putting the right man in office. If he runs in the future….he has my vote….and my respect.

  7. When we oppose Obam or criticize him and his policies, liberals label us racists. What nonsense. I am proud we elected a black man as POTUS; we unfortunately elected the wrong one. Allen West would get my vote in a heartbeat. He’s a true American, a military man, and understands what made the U.S. the most successful country in the history of the planet. He speaks eloquently about the progressive threat to our survival.

  8. I enjoy unabashed Americans. Representative West is a gentleman for all Constitution embracing Americans to emulate. It would be a pleasure to see Mitt Romney lose some of his milquetoast veneer and invite Representative West to be his 2012 running mate.

  9. Allen West is an impressive, outspoken conservative. He will be in Tampa for the Republican convention, and I sincerely hope that he will speak. So should Ron Paul. So should Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. I know Mitt Romney. I knew his father. The Romneys are leaders, in the true sense of the word. Not as egotistical dictators, but as captain of a team. I expect to see Mitt Romney bring all segments of the GOP together to oust the current resident on Pennsylvania Avenue. Our Constitution does not make the President a ruler. He is the Chief Executive, not of the nation, but of the federal government. Romney understands that we are a nation of sovereign states. He will assemble a team committed to returning government to the people of the states, the counties and the cities.

  10. How refreshing, I only wish there were more African Americans that thought like him. Instead of buying into false prophets like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharp ton & the grand master of B.S. Obama!

  11. I am a solid supporter of West and I would be happy to see him on the ticket. He would make a great spokesperson for the conservatives- he is an elegant, well-informed speaker and represents the views of we conservatives better than anyone I have ever heard since Reagan. He is superb. On the other hand we need a businessman who can bring some order to the runaway spending and deficient that has become our current mantra. We also need civility and someone who can unite rather than divide. I would welcome the opportunity to vote for a Romney/West ticket.

    I am married to a liberal- they can make more excuses and see things from a point of view I will never accept. We have been married for nearly 40 years and the best I can do is cancel out her vote and I will; just as I have in the past.

    I have decided the best approach is for me to find 5 conservatives who for whatever reason (their vote won’t count, they can’t get to the polls, etc.) and do whatever is in my power to ensure they do vote (absentee ballot, drive them to vote, encourage them, have them understand a non-vote is a VOTE for OBAMA).

    We can’t allow him another term under any circumstances. He is about blame- blaming everyone else . . . he has an ego beyond belief (it is all about what he had done- he didn’t kill Bin Laden the Seals did- but he made it seem like he he did) and the future (I don’t need more of his Hope and Change). I have had a front row seat on recent past (the last three years) and I want no more of him, his Czars, his cronies or his BS. Learn from our mistakes and never, ever let that happen to us again. We also need to ensure we have a Republican Senate- they are show stoppers and can’t even agree on a budget.

  12. Finally, a voice of truth, courage and freedom. Alll from a man who was and is willing to sacrifice his life for the ideals he just articulated. President Obama is not ANY of these things, just an empty suit who loves a great game of basketball. An that is a LEADER? no, you just witnessed a leader.

  13. West is the best, plain and simple. Far too much integrity to run for President. That having been saidl, if you don’t vote for Romney, it’s a vote for Obama. The choice is yours…sadly.

  14. Allen West calls then as he sees it.
    I’m about double his age and have been watching not just the United States but the world. There are several organized conspirators who are trying to corrupt the basic moral, economic and the natural order of the world for their amoral domination of the human spirit, the names change but the destructive pattern continues. If it weren’t for the likes of West all the world would be living in the kind of “Hells” created by Stalin, Hitler, Muhammad, Moa, —–. Fortunately but the grace of God we have been deliver from most of these, but not all, l they continually raise and ugly head and need to be defeted somehow. The Anti-Christ Obama and cohorts are making their run now. The moral clean of heart must always be on guard and ready to fight.

  15. Great man, well spoken, knows his history. I would rather see him as President and Star Parker as VP. Then you would see real change, the good kind.

  16. Allen West is not only a heartfelt conservative, but he backs up all of his statements with factual evidence. His words desperately need to be promulgated….

  17. In our country freedom of speech is held very high, however so is the spirit of cooperativenness and civility. As a leader in our congress Rep West is not being responsible by fanning the fames of extremism (people in position of leadership and influence should not do this on either side of the political spectrum). What we need to get back to the the maturity of contructive debate and compromise for the good of our country. Many of our moderates on both sides are retiring for the primary reason that the environment for constructive debate is disappearing from our lexicon. There are many different views all of which have merit, the test of true statesmanship is the ability to find the middle ground, that is the signature of greatness, not staking out a position and never move off it. If that were the proper way to do things our founding fathers would have never been able to create our great country. Let’s not loose sight of that attribute of greatness.

    Ted Strand

    1. Ted, the flames are burning down our crosses and monuments as they were originally designed for this Great Nation… We need to reach out and get those volunteers to pump those water hoses…NOW. before its to late. 15 trillion flames and counting!
      Talk in Washington in most cases is cheap
      Compromising Our Freedom is exactly what we should not do!
      We need more people like Allen West to recognize what our country is becoming, based on facts, and stand up and shout out to remind those who lack the knowledge and understanding of what made this country great in the first place..

    2. Hey Ted – that’s nonsense!

      Compromise and cooperation is what got us where we are. Liberals want to expand government’s role into everything, and conservatives resist, then meet in the middle. The result is bigger government, more spending, and huge deficits. Liberals frame conservatives as extremists – the exact opposite of what we are. We want to rely on the Constitution and our founders advice about limited government.

      Allen West is one of the few that will not accept continuation of this disasterous compromise. I applaud him and hope that he will play a bigger role in our future.

  18. In response to NIQ DormantIdeas:
    You have a lot of nerve calling everyone else an idiot! You have trouble in your rage and anger to even formulate a single cohesive thought. This is an opinion forum. Its ok if others disagree with you. Maybe you want to consider anger management classes. Stop all the name calling and cursing. You sound like your an internet troll on an elemenary school play yard!

  19. wake up idiot… it matters not… w w w.dormantideas.c o m educate yourself you are an idiot right now!

  20. all bullllllllshit… who ever gets S’elected will continue the agenda of the shadow government… you are debating with the choir while the preacher is molesting a child in the confession booth and the nuns are in a police state relationship with the catechism class. When will you learn the British(NAZI) Crown owns you and sways you like a school of fish surrounded by Freemasons secret societies under the Zionist SHARK BANKER!… when?!, fucking idiots! after they have gotten your guns?! your debates of gran politics and grand thinking are but stupid lame shit!… babbles in numbness!

  21. SWhy couldn’t this have been the first black president, instead of the the first half black imposter we ended up with. ALLEN WEST FOR PRESIDENT – NOW – TODAY! Before it’s too late, to have another McCain debacle, the party ought to thrust this magnificent American to the forefront!

    1. you are so lame… you have no caught on that the puppets are all selected!!!!!! read down and the last posts

  22. Romney?
    Really what does anyone know about anyone politician?
    Well one thing I know about Romney is that he really wants to be President. He has done what he needed to do to put himself in the race for president.
    Now is he perfect, no. Do I agree with everything he believes, no.
    Is he going to fix all our problems with a magic wand. No. We are all going to have to be a part of the solution.
    Romney’s, religion although not main stream Christian, is a Judeo Christian base faith.
    He has the background in business to actually understand the principles of business.
    He will have a chance in helping us all give this nation the CPR it desperately need to get it back on the constitutional track that it should be on.
    He has an understanding of the male mind, and role in society.
    The example his father gave him, and the example his sons need from him our nation also needs.
    He has a wife, children and extended family, who will give him the perspective that a president needs once he is in the thick of it.
    Most important he has very real life foot prints for generation back and generation forward that will earn him the respect of the citizens of this nation.
    What we need to do.
    We have to stop letting Washington do whatever it wants to do.
    The reason we are in the mess we are in is because we stopped making sure people are accountable for what they say and do.

    1. you are so far out in lame pussywilling politics when the tyrant is near your door with fascism, nazism, and complete enslavery… you speak of politics… and tyrants like Romney who are completely bought and paid for by the Rothschild Dynasty… don’t make me laugh with your family values… you are a blind id i ot!

    2. I don’t care if you like him or not –personally, I think it is a knock on the Repub Party that we didn’t have a conservative candidate this time—but we have Mitt and that’s it. Now, as patriotic Americans we have to face up to the fact that we don’t get perfect but we must do the right thing now for ourselves and our posterity. Obama will continue to enlarge FedGov, make deals with his cronies in Big labor and Big Business to secure his authoritarian regime resulting in loss of our free Republic forever. That can’t happen on our watch! Romney will have many good conservatives in his administration and hopefully, we’ll get a better Congress to bring our beloved country back from the brink. West is one of the best in congress –give him some time. Consider the judges that Obama will appoint and every other aspect of government control that will take away any chance for our children to have opportunity and prosperity as we have enjoyed. We have a lot of work to do so let’s get started –work to elect Mitt Romney. OMG! Obama Must Go!

  23. God Bless You LTCOL. Hooah!!! You are still fighting the good fight and know that we veterans and patriots are with you 100%. WE will NOT surrender our freedom. Save America – Vote Obama Out!!!!!!

  24. Fabian Socialists were told by Beatrice Webb never to call themselves Socialists in the US. “Progressive” was always a favorite code used by Socialists/Communists/Marxists, just as Liberal is today. Some “Progressives” and “Liberals” may be more mainstream; but many are far to the left.

    West is right. I read it in the history books.

  25. Communists practice to hide themselves under names other than communists. Nondisclosure of member status is the rule of Mafia.

  26. We need more people like Cong. West; someone that applies common sense to the problems facing our great country. God Bless this man and hopefully some day he will run our country.

  27. He is great and we need more like him. I wish all Americans would check facts on the Progressives instead of just following all their BS.

  28. I love his style. It’s very old-time American….back when we didn’t have to tiptoe around others to keep them from being offended. It’s actually just TRUTH. Now, that’s something we don’t hear with this administration – ever!

  29. what the hell is wrong with Romney? did he raise your taxes ? apologize to foreign leaders?
    bow to arab leaders ? have a social security number that belongs to someone else?

    I dont understand the dislike for Mitt. he is an american first that much i believe!!

  30. Lol, there was at least one happy reporter about what he said….a loud clap briefly.

    I am completely amazed with this guy. He calls it like it is and politics be damned. I love him more than any other politician…if you can even call him that because he acts more like someone that actually wants to do what’s right for the country.

    We need many more of him. My worry, though, is how long it will take for the media and the left to run him out of town. Hopefully they fail.

  31. Too bad the guy who’s probably going to be the nominee doesn’t have the balls to stand up like the good Colonel.


  33. Oo-rah. Get some Col West!!

    Ever notice that the favorite word of leftists is “fight”? Do you also notice that the favorite word of the right is “negotiate”? It seems to me that negotiations are done from a position of weakness usually. The only negotiations that we should be having with the left is the same kind of negotiations that Patton conducted with the German Wehrmacht in WWII: their unconditional surrender, not ours.

    Look at the left another way… Conservatives and the Constititution are the walls of the castle. The education system is the left’s base of operations. The Media is their trebuchet.

    The battle is first for the culture. Its past time we take the gloves off, and stop fighting the left by the Margues of Queensbury rules. They fight with street rules. So should we.
    Read Rules For Conservative Radicals, then get a copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War for some pointers.

    This is how Col West is leading the fight against the left, steadfast and loyal; every day, all the way. They (the left) call us hateful, or they shove their psudo-science and made-up psychiatric terms at us. All of which is just the banal rubric that they hide behind. Truth be told, it is the left who is anti-woman, anti-social, intollerant, anti-God, anti-science, anti-progress, and anti-constitutional. The left are the real losers whether they be rich or welfare babies. They are are the borg collective out to assimilate everyone into
    their utopian quick sand of a society.

    The path to prosperity, financial security, national security, scientific progress and freedom runs through the Republican ideas of Hobbs, Montesque, Smith, Locke, Jefferson and Reagan. Our rights and our freedoms are not secure with so many internal enemies in charge of things. We must win the culture war, as well as the Senate, and the WH.

    Col West is leading this fight by example. That’s what leaders do; unlike the current mindless troll that sits in the WH. Oo-rah or Hoo-rah is short for heard, understood and acknowledged. I wonder how many on the right can honestly say oo-rah or hoo-rah, meaning they understand that we are in a fight that we must win?

  34. West knows how to identify the enemy,he’s been doing it all his life.I love the part when the second reporter basically asked him the same question and he put him in his place.He held back but you could tell he wanted to tell the little puke,”Drop and give me twenty” West would energize the base like no other.If he got the VP job,I would love to watch him debate Biden.Wish he was the top of the ticket.Obama has unicorn wings.West has BLOOD wings.

  35. When Col. West first made the comment, Morning Joke tried his hardest to get his other left wing panelists to become outraged about the comment and everyone else was like ehh. Time mag.”We are all Socialists Now” cover from 2009.

  36. When I listen to Allen West. the issues are crytalized, the path forward is clarified and courage is manifest.

    If there is but one honest man in this country, one man who can tell the truth without spittle flying from his mouth, eyes bulging and words failing (that’s me), then I can go on. I can find HOPE.

    Allen West is so plain spoken, honest, courageous, coherent and so direct that the word “remarkable” doesn’t approach an adequate description.

  37. As a man, is it wrong that Congressman west turns me on? Man I must be desperate for SOMEONE to tell the truth and be unafraid and unapologetic about it!

  38. If Mittens were a congressman I bet he would be a member of the commie caucus, probably the chairman. His past legislative record definately bears it out.

  39. This guy sounds just like my father, a retired Major in the US Air Force. Miss the man, was a bedrock of knowledge and fortitude. Smash em Colonel, send these leftists crying back to their mamas.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Wouldn’t you like to see him debate O-nothing or de-Biden, he would expose both for what they are or are not.

  40. Good lord… I should have ”what a guy” hotkeyed on my keyboard for every time I listen to Allen West speak.

    ….What a guy!

  41. What a shame that this man didn’t become your first Black prez but instead that historical biggie went to an idiot.

    1. If he gets elected (or should I say WHEN he gets elected) Alan West WILL be our first black prez. The fool currently occupying the White House is more white than black.

  42. I am SO tired of this administration investigating people who tell the truth and letting those who promote racism, riots, destruction of the constitution and socialism skate.

  43. Allen West is going places, high up, and taking America with him …. if only the elite and the voters let him.

  44. I was wondering, “who was that clapping?” and then I looked and I saw – it was me! (and most likely, you too!) Go get ’em Congressman. Hammer ’em. Shame ’em. Out-fact ’em. Nail ’em!

    This man needs to be in a leadership role ASAP.

  45. I’m a 60-ish year old woman and would stand shoulder to shoulder with this man in a heartbeat!

    God bless you Col. West for your bravery and patriotism. Stay strong, sir, your country needs you now more than ever.

  46. I hope in my lifetime I see Allen West as President.

    Do you think if a white person said “call a spade a spade” he would be called a racist? I think without a doubt.

    1. I was laughing out loud when I heard him use that term. It was a common one in my house growing up. I use it a lot, out of habit. I get all sorts of looks 😀

      West knows history – it goes back to ancient Greece

      1. I remember the term ” Black as the Ace of Spades” imagine that being as aid today. Makes my gums bleed just laughing about it.

        1. “Black as the Ace of Spades” is not what he said and not what he meant. There is another term…”Calling a Spade a Spade”. It has nothing to do with the color of the spade…it’s calling it like you see it. He did!

  47. ROFL!!!!!! YEAH!!!! “Maybe you in the Media could do a little research…”

    It’s about freakin’ time! Don’t think Mitt will come anywhere close to this level of hard-nosed, fact-driven criticism. Nowhere even CLOSE to this man’s level of character.

    I halfway hope Mitt loses in November just so we can vote in West next time instead of trying to run him against an incumbent “Republican.”

    1. Mittens couldn’t come close to Allen West when it comes to principles and beliefs and the courage to stand by them.

      Mitt’s theme song should be “Blowin’ in the Wind” for all of his flip-flopping.

  48. There is a coup underway rolling forward slowly, inexorably, like a glacier. Obama is the black face the racists added to the leading edge of the glacier because guilt-stricken, mama’s boys and hen-pecked, white ass-***** in this country are afraid to tell blacks, gays, immigrants and liberal women that they are wrong, they are corrupt and that they are the foolish, proud, ignorant stooges of their worst enemy, the communists.

    If the communists thought the the UNIONS had been corrupted enough then they would not have required the extra momentum which could be generated using Barrack Obama to instigate race-hate, sexual preference fear, gender-hate, native/immigrant hate. Obama is just a pawn, a puppet. He’s not stupid and he’s not a liar. He’s simply a well-disciplined communist. He hasn’t made any mistake I can see. He’s been a lot more successful at conducting the coup at his earl/middle stage than the sagging, pickle-mouthed beer-sucker Clinton ever could have been. Obama needs to be sent packing.

    You can’t say it’s paranoia or a conspiracy theory when there is a U.S. Congressional Progressive Caucus. These are Communists. The Progressives are communist/socialist/ state-ists. It’s not a theory any more. These foul, corrupt, perverted Americans are communists, they are traitors and they are in the CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES.

    The communists are not afraid of America anymore. They are communists and they will take away your constitution, your rights and your future.

    Look. Say I’m out camping and a couple of guys come up to me and tell me that they are taking my car, my food, my credit cards and my guns, I am going to kill them. I don’t care what color the scum are or whether they grease themselves up at night and crawl into the same sleeping bag. Either the scum is going to die, right here, right now or I am.

    What if I overheard these three guys discussing their plans for me before they attack? Should I retreat? Should I pretend I didn’t hear? Should I forgive them because they are other-than-white or other than male or other than straight or other than native born? If you were Zimmerman, would you have shot Martin? If some hooded gold-toothed stranger is smashing your head into the sidewalk and threatening more and no help is on the way, will you NOT reach for Mr. Glock?

    If you were West, would you NOT have fired the shot that convinced a Muslim that the Truth would set him free?

    This is my home. This is my life. If you come for me, come heavy, because that’s the way I am coming for you.

    ALLEN WEST, Not the last honest man, the ONLY honest man. Where is the rat Romney hiding today? Mom still fighting your battles and giving your speeches, punk?

    1. I don’t comment here often (but I read a lot), but this post deserves a response.

      Well said, WFM. Kudos and keep up the good work.

    1. I would rather him be in that role than VP – He’s got waaaay too much value to sit around an be a boxing bag for the opposition.

  49. The presidential race is not over until Tampa. GO WEST! All the way to the TOP of the ticket, we’ll find a good VP for you, Sir!!!

  50. GOOD FOR YOU, Congressman West! Keep calling a spade a spade, or a duck a duck…as Netanyhu, another brave soldier does.

    Fight the good fight.

      1. “Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”
        ~1 Timothy 6:12

  51. I will vote this man! He is terrific, and he is absolutely correct. We need to stop walking behind and start leading at the front of the line!

  52. When he was interviewed on Mark Levins show a while back, he impressed Mark with his grasp of history and the founding of this country. When he said they can’t argue the points he made, they just don’t like him saying it, was spot on 100% accurate.

    1. And I LOVE it when he whips out a bunch of notes on real facts and figures, just as quick as he’ll whip out his pocket copy of the US Constitution.

      This guy is tops. He should be TYPICAL of our representatives, not exceptional.

    1. Hey now, Rush is the army of one but I know he would be more than honored to sha the battle space with Col. West!

  53. True. Is the best.
    Pleasure to hear him, and how he answers directly to the heart of the problem.

  54. He is at a different level right now articulating facts and Thank you, RS. He would have been an excellent-side wing to Santorum but not to Romney because Romney’s ideology is completely different than Col. West.

  55. He’s supposed to regret telling the truth? Someone should ask the con man in the White House if he regrets all of his lies.

  56. This man is Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron all in one because he keeps hitting it out of the park.

    HE is who we should have had for president!

    1. I’ll tell you what, ST, I greatly respect him for NOT running. He said he just got there, has a lot to learn, and owes the people who sent him to Washington his full devotion to the job of Representative.

      Unlike one former Jr. Senator I can think of…
      “Mr. Obama, you just got elected to the Senate. What are you going to do next?”
      “Heck, I think I deserve to be President!”

  57. I doubt the Repub. “leadership” is very happy with him. He’s not concerned about keeping up appearances.

      1. But then he would have to lock arms with those in the Washington inner circle. The whole inner circle needs to be replaced.

      2. Agreed,Jasper.It is a little insulting to take it as a given that West would summarily submit to cronyism and somehow lose all moral fibre upon entry to this “circle”.If this inner circle is to be held to account then just staying away from it and letting it fester isn’t an option.

        1. I think that if you’re in the inner circle, you either play their little games or you’re out. So judging by West’s fortitude in telling it like it is, I don’t think he would want to be involved with them. Rubio, on the other hand, has opted to be part of the Establishment and do as he’s told.

  58. He’s way too truthful to ever be considered a VP for Romney (if he is nominated). Newt, on the other hand…….hmmmmmm….

        1. Problem is that Romney NEEDS Allen West if he is ever to excite anyone around his campaign for general election. He’s burned too many bridges in this primary. I don’t think even Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan could rally the conservatives like Colonel West.

          We are down to the wire in stopping Obama. Romney’s choice of VP will give a clear signal (to those not paying attention to the primary process) as to what he really thinks about Tea Party conservatives.

          1. I’ll repeat it again…..Allen West is too honorable to be associated with Romney (if he is nominated).

      1. I felt the same way as you for a while. But now I feel that we have to unite to get the Marxist out. Once he’s out (I pray) then we’ll go from there.

        1. Sure, eat another shit sandwich because you didn’t want the shit burrito!
          What’s the difference between Obama and Romney other than one worked and was successful in the private sector while the other hung around with communists and ate dogs?
          Romney IS the lesser of two evils but his lies and atrocities against the Constitution are NOT forgotten.
          What gets me is the same assclown who signed one of the most barbaric gun laws in the country had the gall to go to the NRA convention and profess himself a “champion of the 2nd Amendment”
          Sorry, hypocrisy like that is unforgivable!
          Maybe Romney can sucker more naive idiots than Obama can and win… I don’t care… I got 2 local and 1 federal Conservatives I’m busy campaigning for!

            1. Sorry Bob… sometimes it’s hard to tell where the line is. Wasn’t meant as malicious, just speaking my mind.
              I like to walk ON the line, not over it. 😉
              PG-13… I get it… I’ll watch the language and keep it “network friendly” from here on.

          1. I guess I forgot or never heard……what atrocities has Romney committed? All I hear about him is Bane Capital…….I am from Texas and don’t know much about him. Ron Paul is my guy.

            1. Romney signed the first socialized medicine/forced participation healthcare into existence as well as signed the most atrocious gun ban in the nation.
              None of his ventures at Bane Capital exterminated the civil rights of anyone… his actions as governor DID.
              I too like Ron Paul but his foreign policy kills it for me. I DID vote for him in the NC primary more a protest vote and maybe a statement for those Constitutional principals he stands for.
              Personally I would rather see a Constitutional Conservative like LTC Allen West or Gov Mitch Daniels on the ballot.

        1. No, I will either vote 3rd party or leave that part of the ballot blank… or maybe write my own name or my dog’s name… because he would be a better defender of the Constitution than Romney!!!
          I will look long and hard inside before I spend my hard-earned vote on some RINO (I’m a 12-year Army vet with 4 tours combat… not counting the contract work so unlike most of the shit in this country, I earned my right to vote for whom I choose!)!
          I didn’t vote for Obama the first time and I sure as hell won’t vote for him this time!

          Now don’t give me that “if you don’t vote for Romney then you voted for Obama” shit… IF YOU VOTED FOR ROMNEY, THEN ->YOU<- PUT THAT VOTE DOWN FOR OBAMA!
          Sorry, I quit voting for the lesser of two evils after they force-fed me that McCain turd in 08!!!
          Blame your damn self if that Kenyan assclown gets reelected!

          1. that what wrong with people like you vote rep are let obmmer have another 4 yrs.and i earn the right to vote by going to viet nam for my country.and be dam if i wiuod let obummer have another 4 yrs if i can help it

            1. You have a lot more wisdom and proper perspective than Ericx shows on here. One votes against the enemy, rather than ignore him.

              1. Really? So we’re supposed to shut up and vote for whatever RINO the establishment props up there no matter how liberal or to the left he is… simply because he’s not the other guy, right?
                And slowly, cycle after cycle, the whole thing shifts to the left.
                If you think Romney is a conservative then either you have not been paying attention to the facts or are as much the ignorant deer-in-the-headlights supporter as the Obamabots are.
                Ignorance like that is the death of this once-great nation!
                Complacency is the disease and acceptance of status quo is the symptom.
                Go ahead sheeple, cast your vote for another establishment RINO… be as much a problem than the solution you feel you are part of.
                Ignorant fools and their freedoms shall soon be parted!
                It’s the same sort of ignorance that put that lying jackass in the oval office in the first place!
                WAKE UP!

            2. Use proper grammar and people might respect you more.
              I too earned my right over 12 years of service including combat deployments to Panama, Iraq and 2 other locations I’m not allowed to disclose so don’t pull that card on me pal.
              I vote for whomever the hell I want because I EARNED THAT RIGHT and I took a bullet, destroyed 4 disks in my back, the cartilage in both knees so that YOU and others would have that same right.
              Now, am I supposed to vote for the lesser of two evils simply because he is the lesser of two evils? That’s still a vote for evil and I’m f%&*#@g sick and f%&*#@g tired of having to vote for evil!
              I will write my own damn name… or maybe my dogs… or I might just find something in that Massachusetts liberal who lies and tells us he’s a conservative and vote for him… either way, it’s MY f%&*#@g decision and if you don’t like it… QUIT PUTTING THESE F*&@#$G RINO’S ON THE F*&@#$G BALLOT!

      2. Think Sonia Sotomeyer and Elena Kagen. Then rethink your statement. Besides, you don’t vote for a president, you vote for your state’s electors. Winner take all in most states. So, if you don’t vote for Romney, you might as well vote for your own pure self.

      3. I would vote for a pink eyed lizzard before I would vote for Obama. Romney was not my choice…unlikeable Newt was the best candidate….but I stand with the party.

    1. MAN ALL the posts below are pure stupidity. none of you even come close to seeing the urgency of the situation… We have a Patriot Act + an NDAA Act + lther illegal laws recently passed that ARE EQUAL to the HITLER’s Enabling Act of 1933, with a Prescott Bush who put HITLER in Power and supported his war machine, and you all are here discussing lame ass politics over corrupted billionaires who are all bought and paid for by the Rothschild Dynasty via the PROVALTELY OWNED FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS scam… with a government completely hijacked by the Ashkenazi Jews including Hollywood, music industry, text books, NEWS(REUTERS/ASSOCIATED PRESS) ahhrrhhhhhh i ma disgusted wake up idiots… you will soon, be helping the gobalists/jews/zinosts push the patriots into the FEMA(concentration) camps all around you!!!

    2. don’t tell it as it is here… they censor you… this is crap… that is how they got you in the first place… the big word “CLASSIFIED”… this is BS… if you are not allowed to say what you want exercising your free speech… then this site is part of the tyranny!

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