West: We need strong women to raise American men!

As a blogger I must say that one thing I love about West is that he doesn’t recycle speeches over and over. He’s always a source of fresh content.

In this case he’s speaking at a Women Impacting Nation meeting, encouraging women to stand strong because they are essential to having a country of strong American men. He starts by using the example of the Spartans, the most feared army in ancient times:

But when you understood what made the Spartan men strong, it was the Spartan women. Because the Spartan women at the age of nine gave up their male sons. And their male sons went into a training that was called the Agoge and they stayed in that training for the next eleven to twelve years. And when they were finally qualified, when they were finally ready to join the ranks for the Spartan army, it was not their father who gave them their cloak and shield. It was their mother who gave them their shield. And when the Spartan mother gave that young Spartan warrior his shield, she gave him this basic commandment: “Spartan, here is your shield. Come back bearing this shield or being borne upon it!”

When Queen Gorgo, wife of King Leonidas, was questioned by the Persian emissary and she somewhat spoke out of turn to this Persian emissary, he tried to rebuke her. And she looked at him and said “Persian, beware, for it is Spartan women who raise Spartan men.”

When was the last time you heard a politician speak like this? They are generally too afraid of offending someone or being accused of misogyny. Not Allen West. He is as refreshing as he is strong. This is what real leadership looks like and it’s amazing to see it in action!

The speech just gets better and better so make sure you watch both parts. Enjoy!



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83 thoughts on “West: We need strong women to raise American men!

  1. Typical right wing hatred writ large. The GOP and its minions truly embody everything that is wrong with this country. And note how amazingly un-Christian the GOP thugs are. They strut around like peacocks, claiming to somehow follow Jesus, all the while encouraging war, hating the poor, hating people with anything other than white skin and otherwise doing exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught. They are truly sinners in the most basic sense of the word. Poor Mr. West, he’s a black man who realizes the very party of which he is a member is his mortal enemy. So, he assimilates and embraces his tormentors. It’s one of the oldest human reactions to imprisonment, torture, etc. The victim begins to side with his torturers in the vain hope he will be freed from his pain. Mr. West, you are a sad, sad man.

  2. Is this the guy who tortured and threatened to kill one of his Iraqi colleagues on a ‘hunch’?

  3. The Spartans were child molesters , abusers, and fascists. West Thinks we need to emulate a civilization that he himself characterizes as “vicious and feared?” He calls himself a Christian and he evokes a people who told their children, at the age of nine, to go out and learn to kill or don’t come back. Nice. You people are so damn proud, so ignorant. You are in for a rude awakening come the return of the Messiah. You align yourselves with the weapons dealers and the money hoarders, and would be 21st century Spartans and you think your on the side of Christ. Please. Stop living in fear, try praying for the worlds impoverished instead of for the preservation of your own comfortable American lifestyle.

  4. You heard the man. Women, you will now be forced to give up your nine year old for 12 years of military duty! Yes, I can totally see that working in this day and age. Good luck in all your fantasies though, I’m sure they’re quite productive.

  5. Abraham Lincoln…had only one term as a Congressman, before he was elected President.

    Lincoln was the first Republican President.
    And he had only one term as a Congressman, before he ran.
    That turned out well, didn’t it?

    If we did it before….we can do it again.

    West/(anyone-he-picks) 2012

  6. I could listen to this man speak for days. I love how he uses historical references in his speeches.

  7. 17 And they entered into a covenant to fight for the liberty of the Nephites, yea, to protect the land unto the laying down of their lives; yea, even they covenanted that they never would give up their liberty, but they would fight in all cases to protect the Nephites and themselves from bondage. (Alma 53:17)

    46 For as I had ever called them my sons (for they were all of them very young) even so they said unto me: Father, behold our God is with us, and he will not suffer that we should fall; then let us go forth; we would not slay our brethren if they would let us alone; therefore let us go, lest they should overpower the army of Antipus. 47 Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them. 48 And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it. (Alma 56:46-48)

    A similar story from the book of mormon

  8. Veteran, intelligent, well spoken and not afraid of relishes speaking the truth….any wonder why the left hates him so !!!
    Love this guy !!
    Thanks for the post RS.. I need to spend more time here !

  9. In a state of war, we must have a strong man of conviction to carry out the tasks of war. We must bring the women together to strengthen the resolve of men to fight, both politically and physically. We must secure cohesion in mentality that war is our friend, and that we must fight and die for the State. Only men and women of conviction will save us from the perils of evil that are bearing down on our destruction. Soldier, throw down you intellect, and fight for the conviction that the State is God, and that you are only one of many that must contribute to the God’s empire around the world.

  10. Allen West quote of the day…

    At 2 min.-
    “A man must stand for something, or else he will fall for anything.”

    We know that Sarah Palin stands for something.
    We know that Allen West stands for something.
    We know that Marco Rubio stands for something.
    We know that Glenn Beck stands for something.
    We know that Mark Levin stands for something.
    We know that Rush Limbaugh stands for something.
    We know that … put your favorite “stand for something” person here.

    We know that State Senator and then U.S. Senator Barack Obama stood for … uh, voting present so many times that the memorable event was when he actually offered an opinion by actually voting.

    As POTUS, Obama is still standing for … uh, “dithering” until he gets the all clear from the focus groups and his puppet master(s).


    I stand with Israel
    I stand with Jerusalem

    “But I have chosen Jerusalem
    ” so that My name will be there, … .” (2 Chronicles 6:6)

    “… temple where Yahweh had said,
    “Jerusalem is where My name will remain forever.” (2 Chronicles 33:4, 7)
    HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible, 2010 edition)

    I stand with the name of Yahweh (YHWH) vs. the name of Allah to
    STOP! Islamization Of America

  11. I would love to see Palin/West run against Obama, for the simple fact; more people hate Palin than love her.(: She would get her ass handed to her,then tagged and released back into the wild. haha Obama 012

  12. I add my thanks to you, Scoop, for showing us these West speeches. I, too, am making converts all over the place. West has the kind of brass cojones that it will take once Obummer is done. It could not be soon enough for the sake of this country. I, too, believe Rep. West is actually overqualified for his current job…

    And as for comparing him to what went on in the MacDonalds… West, like Herman Cain, is an American who happens to be black. He had _two_ very strong parents who brought him up in a loving, Christian home. I wager that neither of the girls who have been brought up on charges for beating the white girl, nor any of the employees in that “restaurant” had a childhood remotely like Rep. West’s. They are all the product of the Liberal Left: slaves of the welfare state. They are the products of our failed education and liberal social systems.

    And as for women who whine about any statements or speeches about the strength of men, grow up silly girls. In the real world, it has always been the men who carry the heaviest burden while the women are the glue, the brains, and the multi-taskers that hold the system together. The Margaret Thatchers and the Sarah Palins are the few and far between… lest we get stuck with the Barbara Boxers et al.

  13. Thank you so much for posting this speech…..Hearing this great man/leader speak the truth provides a ray of hope given our country’s current dismal outlook! THe republican party would be wise to listen & adopt a platform of “Common Sense Solutions” to our country’s current challenges – no need to focus on all the small devisive stuff just keep coming @ ’em the way he’s been doin – What an excellent example to the “old guard” from the wise young Congressional freshman!!!!!!!

  14. He is not ready to be a dam pres.!!!!! ONe thing everything he speaks of is military . thats good but i dont want to hear military stories evertime he gives a speechl Tell what he would do not what he did on the field. What would he do for our country and I dont want another Black pres. now!!! I have had it with blacks for awhile. I have nothing against but i am sick of them making asses out of their selves long enough ..I have heard racist till i am sick of it!!!! He is a freshman and he aint ready !!!! Everytime somebody makes a speech all i hear if i hope they run for pres. Well i dont want every tom dick and harry to run, I want one that has been vetted to death and I wont to know everything he is going to do> I dont want to have to salute our pres. The next one is going to have to earn our respect back. They has not been one yet that has done that. Even Sarah says the one has not yet arrived and she is right!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I think Rep. West is entitled to take as long as he so desires. It’s his speech! If you don’t like it, don’t watch it!

  15. k so

    i’m going to get the positives out of the way first.

    i love his knowledge of history and the Bible and the way he talks about “what’s in your heart” and “Judeo-Christian values” he understands america well. i thought it was so funny the way he described abc, nbc, and cbs.

    …and that’s all i liked about his speech.

    it is heartbreaking when someone you really really really like does something to upset you because it’s such a huge disappointment. watching this, i’m super angry and sad because i see here that he’s one of those people who thinks that men have some magical leadership quality hidden deep within that women don’t have. (and i also don’t understand why he makes it seem like ONLY women can bring strength/leadership out in men, but anyway.) okay so it’s nice to have strong women in congress but strong men are “needed?” why? why is a strong man more valuable than a strong woman? (i’m not talking about physical strength) like i said, guess he thinks that men have some inherent leadership quality that women don’t have. bullcrap. that’s sexist. (OMG SHE USED THE WORD SEXIST, SHE MUST BE ONE OF THOSE LIBERAL FEMINAZIS) no i’m not… i’m just hurt that he thinks that the only reason women should be strong is to help men be strong. um, why can’t we be strong for OURSELVES? why is our purpose to help MEN be strong? that is so hurtful to me and it makes me angry. also something that angered be is the way he used palin’s quote. he thought of it as a “poke in the chest.” i see. so women are just motivators and cheerleaders and teachers but it’s the men who really make a difference because men are strong right? i think he took palin’s quote the wong way. its so much more than a “poke in the chest.” it means that a lot of WOMEN are strong and some of these weak men out there can learn somethin g from us. her quote did NOT mean women should fight to make men stronger.

    sigh i still think he should be VP or even president (if palin didn’t run for some reason) because he’s really smart and strong but this speech slapped me in the face. and looking at the other comments, i don’t understand why i’m the only person here who thinks this speech was sexist…

    1. He never said anything of the sort! West said just the opposite! It takes strong women to raise strong children! It was testament to women, not against! West is married with two daughters. He’s hardly anti-woman. You’re reading a lot into this that is not there!

      What saddens me is that you don’t get the point of his speech! It wasn’t about women being weak; it was about the weakness being exhibited by many emasculated males in our culture right now! West is pointing out how this does not bode well for Western society and I wholeheartedly agree! What West said to me is that we need both strong women and men! Not just strong men or strong women, but both!

      I think West might be talking to you directly, seeing how “passionate” it made you! Just saying.

    2. It would be ‘sexist’ if he had said that ‘women are incapable of being as strong as men’.

      But that is…not…what…he…is…saying.
      He is paying a Tribute to women, in pointing to Spartan Women, as an example of women’s capacity to be every bit as strong as men.
      Which is quite the opposite of being ‘sexist’.

      Perhaps you don’t understand the singular significance of Col. West using Spartan women as an example…

      So, permit me to point out:

      Greek women in other grecian city-states were threatened by the individual power of Spartan women.
      Spartan men revered and were inspired by the strength of their women.
      Their women set the bar.
      To not live up to the strength manifested and exhibited by their mothers, was the ultimate shame of a Spartan man.
      That is what was behind the women saying to their sons “Come back bearing this shield, or be borne upon it”.

      Spartan women were not strong ‘just to be teachers of their men’.
      Spartan women were held up as the pinacle of strength that their men aspired to become.

      So, no…there was nothing ‘sexist’ about this speech.

        1. The ‘role of the state’ back then was more a matter of tribal survivalism…than our modern idea of statism.
          So that’s a bit of a stretch.
          But I suppose that argument could be made.
          Just like one could make the argument that the invention of the wheel was bad, because it led to modern day pollution.

          Sparta had been under attack from all sides, from pirates from the sea to agression from their neighboring Greek city-states.
          Their society evolved out of a necessity for survival.

    3. Watch it again, maybe even 2-3 times more. Bone up on Spartan women. Trust me you have misinterpreted the meaning of his speech.

  16. Wowee scowee I love this guy! Another homerun, with the bases loaded.

    How many tens of millions of Americans are thirsty for this way of thinking? How many are starving for leadership of this kind? I am positively anorexic for it myself. For such a time as this.

    I want ‘West’-ern civilization!

  17. I’ve been active in campaigning for LTC Allen West for the past two years and he has not let me down yet. I don’t put anybody on a pedestal, but time and time again Rep. West impresses and inspires me! That’s very rare for me. We are truly of the same heart when it comes to principle and the need to stand strong in the face of adversity. I think it was King David that said, “you are a poor specimen if you cannot handle adversity.” I don’t think West has any problem handling adversity, unlike many RINOS I know.

    I’m sick of this deliberate and relentless emasculation and “effeminatization” of men in America. I see it everywhere I go now. That is not the America I was raised in or one I want to live in. It’s time for the real men and women of “Sparta” to rise up!

    Thanks RedScoop for all the Allen West speeches. I can’t tell you how many “converts” I’ve made by just sending them a link to an Allen West speech. Like the editor said, it’s always new with West and he’s not afraid or above-it-all to speak to small and large groups of disparate people. I greatly admire that. You’re looking people in the eye then. ***Salute*** @ LTC Allen West and all our vets!

  18. Something tells me that Colonel West will be willing to stand up and challenge Obama for the 2012 presidential race….Many qualified candidates are holding back because they are newly minted, but Colonel West won’t let that stop him. I say -“Go for it Colonel West.”

  19. That was great. Never underestimate the power of pop culture because West uses it perfectly here to get his point across to a group he’s looking to support him. And I don’t mean that as an insult. All politicians have to do stuff like this. They have to go to every rubber chicken dinner and appear before as many groups as they can or they’d never get elected in the first place, much less stay in office. The constant fundraising, the constant campaigning, it comes with the job of being in Congress. How they do it is what separates the panderers from the sincere.

    West obviously has a much deeper knowledge of history than a couple of movies, but boy that was a great way to frame his point. The movie 300 was awesome. And to frame it the way he did before a women’s group was brilliant. Man, I wanna watch that movie again now.

    1. “This….is….Spartaaa!”
      Gerard Butler kicks the slimey Persian emissary into the deep hole.


      That’s what we need to do to all the slimey libprogs.

      “West obviously has a much deeper knowledge of history than a couple of movies…”
      I get that too.
      I heard him say once that he grew up in TN….didn’t say what part though.
      The brief time that I spent in Nashville as a kid, left me with lifelong interest in Classical History.
      The Parthenon building in the center of Nashville is awe inspiring.
      Perhaps it had that effect on him as well, if he went there as a kid.

  20. I would prefer to look at this quality as “Spartan martial spirit”, the other Spartan beliefs should be checked outside the door.

  21. I’ve been called racist on other sites. I’m not. I am however, a cultural elitist. Not all cultures are worthy to exist.

    I watched the beat down that happened at the McDonalds in Maryland and I became physically ill. That it was racially motivated is under investigation, but I’m betting on it. Only one old lady tried to save the woman (white) that was beaten until she had a siezure by two other women (black), while the employees (black) laughed and filmed the crime. Truthfully, I was enraged.

    Then I come here and see this man speak. And the things he speaks are diametrically opposed to the culture that produces such reprobates as committed the beating that likely as not caused the woman severe and permanant injury.
    I’d fight and die next to a man like West. But to be honest, I’d just as quickly have shot the lousy pieces of filth that acted out in that McDonalds if I had been there.

    1. “Not all cultures are worthy to exist.”

      Which is why the socialistic philosophy of ‘Multiculturalism’ is so indsidious.
      It is designed to devalue the culture of the host country, which has provided the freedoms and economic security that have drawn the immigrants to it.

      And yeah…that incident was horrific.
      But I think that it is a part of the Thugocracy that we find ourselves in now.
      We will probably see more of this, unfortunately.
      Until we take our country back.

      1. Those pieces of trash in the video did not have strong women as good mothers.
        Most likely they are drug addicts and whores thus their children following in their footsteps. The people standing around filming are just as guilty.

        You can always tell the quality of a man by how he treats his mother, and that will tell you how good of a mother he had.

        1. That goes for daughters as well. Motherhood is the backbone of a nation. If the mother/father fails in rearing the child properly, the child has a higher potential of not knowing how to treat others. How men and women treat others shows how they were raised. If the parent shows an example of hard work, patience, perseverence, and charity, such will be the influence on the child. If the parent expects only to receive, are lazy, selfish, narcissistic and disrespectful, this is the influence they have on the children. The same goes for the people who are the mentors of our children such as teachers, pastors, and the “heroes” they look up to.

  22. Really, I’m not entirely sure that was a speech. West strikes me as an impromptu speaker, which is a requirement in the Army; you don’t always have 3×5 cards and teleprompters around, when you need them in the field. If this is the case, it accounts for his not “recycling” speeches, and it would also make for one Hell of a State of the Union Address. Imagine someone like him just telling you and the nation what the deal is, right off the top of his head, no BS included. Of course, to the liberal mind, this would reflect “unpreparedness”, and would not be “historic”. After all: the Dalai Obama did it first, right?

    As for the unwashed Persians coming over the hill to take our country:

    1. TENCOLE,

      I know one Spartan Momma Grizzly that raised a Spartan named Track Palin!!
      Hope West notices!!!

      Palin/West 2012

  23. I am a supporter of Col West. But let’s be careful: Sparta was a militarist totalitarian state, even if they kicked Persian butts. And the Persians were no pushovers either.

    1. Yes that’s exactly what he’s advocating. A militaristic totalitarian state. You really nailed it. I can’t believe you are the only one to get it right!

      Why didn’t the rest of us see that this is really what Allen West is all about? Why have I wasted so much time on Allen West when he is trying to make us like Sparta?

      Thank you Atking for opening my eyes. I really appreciate it.

          1. Look. I am a big admirer of Col West. I even financially supported his campaign. But he needs to be careful: Bushido was the code of a warrior caste that kept the Japanese people under a despotic feudalism. It morphed into State Shinto within half a century from the Meiji Revolution. Yet, it seems following Hollywood movies, Col West is full of praise for Bushido!

            I admire the guts of the Spartans at Thermopylae too. They were great against the Persians. They were not they only Greeks fighting (let’s not forget the Athenians at sea, and the other hoplites from other city-states). West seems deeply impressed with the system of Sparta from a recent movie rather than from the actual history. That worries me.

            1. I am quite sure that Col. West was aquainted with classical Greek stories long before the movie “300” was made.

              When engaging in public speaking…it is good to choose stories that your audience has likely heard of before.

            2. I think that you have taken both the Spartan structure and the Bushido codes to their extremes. All structures can be morphed, driven to extremes ~ even the present socialism of ‘social justice.’

              You are totally wrong about Bushido being driven into ‘State Shinto.’ Bushido, the warriors code was/is part of Zen Buddhism which came about in the 11th, 12th Century in Japan. Shinto was present many centuries before that. With Meiji, which removed the sword, and position of the Warriors … there was push back (away) from Buddhism and Bushido and it was replaced by the native religion of Japan, Shinto. The Shintoists went extremely far against BUSHIDO, trying to expunge temples, and building shrines in their places.

              Military officers study those warrior ethos to derive the parts that made the codes applicable to their internal personal code. Honor, honesty, compassion are also within those Codes.

              West is totally correct: A strong woman, with correct ‘values’ raises a strong son, and daughter … who knows right from wrong, is able to espouse those values, and live by them. (Say what you mean, mean what you say, and Stand for what you believe.)

              1. … not exactly.

                Bushido was undoubtedly influenced by Zen Buddhism but it had equally strong roots in Confucianism and – yes – Shinto. During the Edo Period the Tokugawa Shogunate had a close alliance with the temple infrastructure throughout Japan and there was a pretty firm caste system in place where Samurai (also know as Bushi as in Bushidou) were on the upper end of the spectrum (although within the Samurai class there was a complex hierarchy unto itself). And yes, in the wake of the Meiji restoration Shintoism was turned to in an attempt to “purify” the nation from foreign influences which was seen as a necessary step in order to establish Japan’s identity on the world stage, and the ruling class used popular anti-Buddhist sentiment to incite rioting and destruction against the Buddhist establishment (廃仏毀釈)

                This, however, did not lead to the end of Bushido in popular thought – in fact, the Meiji political engine pushed Bushido as hard as possible in the military as it was seen as a distinctly Japanese ethic in the world of war. Also, although the Tokugawa Shogunate was aligned firmly with the Buddhist establishment (花壇整備), Buddhism and Shinto weren’t really thought of as separate conflicting religions during that time – it wasn’t until the Meiji restoration that any attempt was made to separate the two into distinct belief systems – an attempt that wasn’t really successful, as over 80% of Japanese people today consider themselves to be both Shinto and Buddhist.

                1. I do not really dis-agree with your thoughts … however Confucianism as did Buddhism came from China and Korea (and were introduced into Japan’s by the Soga clan (also writer of the 1st Constitution of Japan {rules for relationship with the ruling classes}) who introduced and promoted Buddhism, building the first Temple ~ This form of Buddhism however is a combination of Chinese Buddhism, which contains elements of Tao and Confucianism because it is NOT the original form which originated in India …

                  Zen Buddhism, which encourages the attainment of enlightenment through meditation and an austere life-style, had wide appeal among the bushi, or samurai–the warrior class–who had come to have great political power (they were ‘administrators’ under Tokugawa). Under the sponsorship of the ruling military class, Zen had a major impact on Japanese aesthetics and were summarized around the Hagakure, by Yamamoto 1718 ~ . and were view’d by the Shintoists as an ‘outsider’ influence (akin to the Western influence introduced by the Portuguese previous to the Tokugawa’s era, and after Perry’s interjection in 1853). Tokugawa’s influence was that of Buddhism (since his main temples were Zojoji Temple and it was his dying wish to be enshrined in Nikko in 1616 which is the burial grounds of the entire Tokugawa clan. Temples …

                  The Japanese are ‘adaptors.’ They were the première users of Mahan’s The Influence of Sea power on History, and the code of the way of dying (Bushido) … (the Army and Navy strategies of WWII) and in the structure of the total the Army of Japan ran the military, as it does today. Each soldier was either issued sword, albeit a cheaply made one, or if they were of a higher class had a family one from centuries before and was indoctrinated in that way of dying (Bushido) by the Army. To die for the Emperor was their supreme calling … it is interesting here that Shinto shrine, Yasukuni was meant as a final resting place, instead of a Buddhist temple.

                  The common view of today (80%) of the Japanese considering themselves as both (easy to do since birth is Shinto, and death is Buddhist ~ and many things in ‘the pain’ inbetween are similar of both Shinto and Buddhist), problem here is that this a ‘modern’ view of the Japanese, not a pre-Meiji one. Pre-Meiji Tanaka-san had no name. There was the ruling class, the farming class, the artesian classes (in that order) and the ruling class were Buddhist, and the farmer class was Shinto, not the mix we see today…

      1. Typical liberal tactic, pick out one little thing a person says, twist it so it sounds bad and disparage the rest of what he has to say. You’re a looser. Allen West is right and you could learn something from him if you would listen to what he has to say and not try to make it something it isn’t.

    2. Col. West is using the ancient story of Sparta as an example of Courage and Honor in the face of overwhelming odds.
      It is also serves as a classical example of the threat of Betrayal from Within.
      These are timeless, primal themes.
      It is the core of why the story of Sparta and Thermopylae has endured for over two millenia.

      Beyond that…I doubt that Col. West is advocating that we adopt anything resembling a militaresque or totalitarian state.
      Especially since Col. West is such a strong advocate of Individual Freedom.

      1. I don’t think he is either. I just think he ought to be aware fully of what he saying about things like Bushido (in the second clip). He is probably focused only on the idea of courage and honor, but you don’t know for sure.

  24. Moral clarity, courage and leadership. A man who loves his country and the people who made it great.

    Dear God in heaven, please let this man run for POTUS.

  25. This country needs more MEN like Allen West. He is an intelligent, well educated, well-read man who loves this country. I agree with him about this country being full of eunuchs instead of men. Hell, I agree with everything he said in these videos.

  26. I bet he scares the crap out of the weasels on Capitol Hill. He radiates self confidence and leadership.

  27. That’s a REAL MAN!!! I so wish he’d run against Obama…but he says he won’t, that he’s not ready yet.

    Prayerfully reconsider that, Lt. Col West. Your country needs you right now.

  28. This man MUST be drafted to run for POTUS.

    He is a man of ideas who believes in them, to his very bones, like Reagan did.

    Although we all know that race is inconsequential, I admit that I love that he is an African American patriot, and proof-positive that it’s all about ideas, values, policies. He overturns the outrageous “claim” to African Americans that the ideologically-bankrupt democrats have staked for so long. He breaks the mold because he is a rugged individualist, a man of conservative values.

  29. LtCol. Allen West’s mother…raised a Spartan.

    Barry Soetoro’s mother…raised a Socialist Agitator.

    We need West in the White House!

    West/(anyone-he-picks) 2012.

    1. What an orator Congressman West is………… But more than that, he is so authentic…….. nothing fake about him like so many politicians.

      West in 2012 if he will listen to us……

      He is the real deal

      1. He seems to be more at ease when he is in front of a crowd.
        Than in a TV studio.
        It’s like he gets energized, and shifts into his orator gear, when there are live humanoids that he is speaking to.

        I hope Glenn Beck has an audience when he has him on his show.

    1. The Spartan named Track Palin was Trained by a Spartan Momma Grizzly named Gov. Sarah Palin!!

      Palin/West 2012!!

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