West: We need strong women to raise American men!

As a blogger I must say that one thing I love about West is that he doesn’t recycle speeches over and over. He’s always a source of fresh content.

In this case he’s speaking at a Women Impacting Nation meeting, encouraging women to stand strong because they are essential to having a country of strong American men. He starts by using the example of the Spartans, the most feared army in ancient times:

But when you understood what made the Spartan men strong, it was the Spartan women. Because the Spartan women at the age of nine gave up their male sons. And their male sons went into a training that was called the Agoge and they stayed in that training for the next eleven to twelve years. And when they were finally qualified, when they were finally ready to join the ranks for the Spartan army, it was not their father who gave them their cloak and shield. It was their mother who gave them their shield. And when the Spartan mother gave that young Spartan warrior his shield, she gave him this basic commandment: “Spartan, here is your shield. Come back bearing this shield or being borne upon it!”

When Queen Gorgo, wife of King Leonidas, was questioned by the Persian emissary and she somewhat spoke out of turn to this Persian emissary, he tried to rebuke her. And she looked at him and said “Persian, beware, for it is Spartan women who raise Spartan men.”

When was the last time you heard a politician speak like this? They are generally too afraid of offending someone or being accused of misogyny. Not Allen West. He is as refreshing as he is strong. This is what real leadership looks like and it’s amazing to see it in action!

The speech just gets better and better so make sure you watch both parts. Enjoy!



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