Whackjob Democrat Senator actually suggests an illegal should NOT be deported for DRUNK DRIVING!

You wanna know why Democrats are trying to limit the number of detention beds ICE uses to detain illegals? It’s because they are pissed about Trump’s zero tolerance policy on criminal illegals.

Watch Democrat Senator Bob Menendez explain to CNN that an illegal, who’s been convicted for drunk driving, should not be called a ‘criminal illegal’ and deported:

Menendez isn’t talking about ‘criminal’ in the sense of jail time; forget what Saavedra says about that in the tweet. He’s talking about the definition the Trump administration is using for a ‘criminal illegal’ as criteria for deporting illegals.

Clearly Menendez and other Democrats are upset that Trump has widened the definition of a ‘criminal illegal’ beyond the scope of violent crimes. That’s why this demand to limit the number of beds for ICE detention centers has cropped up. They believe if they can limit the number of beds, then ICE will be forced to prioritize the illegals they detain and will let those who aren’t violent skate away.

The Obama administration chose to do this prioritization on their own and now Democrats are trying to force this prioritization on the Trump administration.

But forget about that for a second. What about the public safety argument? Is Menendez really arguing that we should keep illegals here who’ve been convicted for drunk driving? How many people should an illegal kill before we decide to deport them? Seriously, how many people have been killed by illegals who were drunk behind the wheel? ONE IS TOO MANY!

I’d love to see Menendez explain this to a mother who has lost a child to drunk driving by an illegal.

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