WHAT BIAS? A look at the headlines between the Wendy Davis and Ted Cruz filibusters

Against all odds. That’s what most people knew about the filibuster that Wendy Davis was waging in Texas and that’s what most are saying about the filibuster Ted Cruz is now waging. And there is some truth to it. We know that in Texas, the anti-abortion law that Davis opposed in her filibuster was eventually enacted and we all knew it would be given the size of the majority in the Texas legislature. And given the fact that Harry Reid and Obama both support Obamacare, it’s difficult to see how, at this moment, Obamacare will be defunded. So with respect to the odds, both filibuster fights are similar.

And just as liberals heralded Wendy Davis for fighting against all odds, many conservatives are heralding Ted Cruz for the same reason. But that’s not so with major media outlets. Just look at the difference in how the NY Times, the Washington Post, and CNN are portraying the two just in their headlines:












The bias couldn’t be more obvious. Thanks to @Will_antonin for making these comparisons on Twitter.

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50 thoughts on “WHAT BIAS? A look at the headlines between the Wendy Davis and Ted Cruz filibusters

  1. First let’s remember that even “conservative media” outlets pounced on Cruz’s stunt. Fox News’s anchor Brit Hume speculated on air that Ted might be just a little tiny but kray kray. That’s Fox News saying that. Here’s why the Ted Cruz Show wasn’t evidence of “bias”, but a simple apples to oranges issue:

    APPLE: Democrat Wendy Davis successfully filibustered a bill introduced by Republicans in Texas. A bill which she personally, her party, and her constituents didn’t like. She blocked the final vote on what she thought was a bad bill.

    Apple’s objective: Use a legal tool to do her job, to block a law she and her constituents felt was bad. Her actions had the full support of those constituents and her party.

    ORANGE: Democrats introduce no horrible bill for Ted Cruz to filibuster, so Ted introduces a bill himself, to give himself the opportunity to talk. A lot. Ted Cruz introduced a bill his own party didn’t support, ate up over 21 hours of the allotted discussion time, sat down, and then voted for it anyway at the regularly scheduled time, along with everyone else. Not voted to pass it, just voted to advance it to the next stage, where eventually it would be voted on, for real. And killed, because even Republicans thought it was stupid, and they said so out loud all over the media.

    Orange’s objective: Draw attention to Orange. He introduces a bill even his own party calls “ridiculous” and “the stupidest thing I ever heard”, merely to create an opportunity to…talk a lot. He knew that whether he talked for 1 minute or 21 hours, it wouldn’t affect the vote on the bill. It wasn’t a filibuster, it was just him talking a lot during the regularly scheduled talking-about-the-bill time.

    The difference in the reporting in the media reflects that difference.

    That’s not evidence of bias, it’s evidence of the media knowing an apple from an orange. Even Fox News saw that, with Brit Hume scratching his head going “Cruz! WTF, little buddy?!”

    1. So your contention is that in the Cruz’s action had nothing to do with attempting to garner support against Obamacare? And Davis didn’t stop anything as it was the injection of her supporters and their disruption that delayed the vote, not allowing it to pass. That is NOT part of the law and the process.

  2. NYT: “…extremist package of abortion restrictions…” Wow. Killing babies must be really important to them. But then, didn’t Ann Coulter call abortion the holy sacrifice of the leftist religion?

  3. But Wendy Davis was doing a real filibuster. Ted Cruz was doing a pretend filibuster. He didn’t seem to realize that it was pointless. That’s comedy.

  4. Even CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) published an AP report that was an attempt to discourage Cruz and conservatives, and belittle Ted Cruz’s heroic stand. There is apparently no news outlet that is unbiased.

    Scoop, your value and the value of TRS is increasing exponentially literally by the minute. I’m not talking about money, of course. I mean your value to patriotic Americans. Thank you for giving us a forum, and for being a big part of the victories we have had so far.

    I made many calls to senators this morning, and many of their numbers were either constantly busy or their voicemail boxes were full, so I know people were making themselves heard. I’m certain that many of those were my fellow conservatives. But neither reid nor obama nor any democrat care.

    If the traitors pass this, we will soon see the end of the dollar and the re-enactment of the Weimar Republic collapse, except we have millions of enemies already inside our borders. Let’s make sure that the nazis (whatever they call themselves this time around) pay a Pyrrhic price for their power.

  5. And I repeat…Until we do something about the media in this country we cannot begin to fix this country. Media manipulation is pure evil.

  6. This is why the MSM is the biggest criminal (I’ll also accept the term” terrorist) in America. This is what they do. They smear the truth and lie their butts off. They are criminal in what they choose to print. And the average, complacent, goober in America is too dumb to dig deeper and learn or even accept the truth. Furthermore, these criminals must cover for their monster messiah – Obama. It’s funny really… Islamic terrorists attack and kill anyone who dares to point out the truth about what a deviant and false ‘god’ muhammed is… our MSM is the same way about their deity.
    Ted Cruz is currently the face of conservatism, the Tea Party and freedom. Oooooo! They hate that and will do all they can to figuratively kill him. So no one is surprised – rabid dogs bite. But it doesn’t lessen the bias and spin and outrage of these retarded SOBs.

  7. Shut down the Government.

    Only way to even slow down Obama Care.

    The democrats know we will win the shut down why they argue against it same the biased press.

    We won the last shutdown. Got Welfare Reform, A balanced budget and much more that is the simple truth.

    1. Not good enough. Laws need to be crafted with criminal punishments and impeachable statutes clearly delineating what agencies can, and cannot, be defunded for money-saving purposes, as well as when and how. Current laws aren’t made with teeth.

      1. The constitution would need amendment to forbid defunding. The House has that ability via Constitution.

        I agree laws need teeth. House should have teeth to enforce laws they make.

  8. We need more of this. Lots more. The self proclaimed smart, unbiased, open minded people should be shown a nice clean mirror.

  9. When the RINOs show up and vote with Harry Reid on cloture, make a list and let’s get a Tea Party candidate to run against them. I’m furious with these fracking fools who claim to be conservatives.

  10. The LSM will never let up
    THEY are complicit in destroying this Country
    Which is why their readers and viewers are leaving in large numbers
    In the meantime they are causing plenty of damage
    And the GOP are allowing it !

  11. Just remember, the Republican House WILL fund the government while defunding Maobamacare. It will be the DEMOCRATS who vote it down or Maobama himself who will veto it and shut down the governmtent. I hope they DO shut down the government. They do far less damage when those arses aren’t in DC.

  12. WHAT BIAS?

    There is no such thing, in American PRAVDA press.

    For the collectivist, news is nothing more than propaganda tool.

    Stop expecting objective news from communist mouthpieces

  13. The religion of Liberalism at work again. Democrats, progressives, and the media have made social issues sacred and traditional values and opposition are evil.

  14. Ted Cruz = an American patriot who is an exceptional human being
    Wendy Davis = a baby-killing lowlife human being

    Those are the differences.

  15. Its not only the liberal media it’s also the so called right-wing media. I am disgusted at Jonah Goldberg, Charles Krauthammer, et al. They don’t like his tactics, they say it can’t possibly go anywhere in the senate. Well if not for Mike Lee and Ted Cruz there would be absolutely no chance of even getting concessions when the bill goes back to the house. Senators Cruz and Lee have put the conversation front and center and have forced Republicans to fight. I’m disgusted that the main problem with the Republicans in the house and senate is that they didn’t kiss their ring and follow their plan of surrender. Email your congressmen and senators and let them know that we support their actions and we are disgusted with the attacks on Ted Cruz from inside his own party. Despicable.

    1. We therefore have little choice then to presume the GOP mainstay want obamacare too. If they are not willing to fight against ocare or need their arms twisted to do so they are nothing more then another face to the same problem, that is they are leftists.

      It is rather simple either they are for it or against it, once enacted it will not go away and the main stream GOP are not fighting against it, therefore they want o’care, and we do not want them!

  16. Don’t forget. No one watches CNN nor reads the NYT and WaPo. All of these propaganda organs are floundering financially. The only reason I even have a clue as to what is going on the fantasy world of the Progressives/Marxists Islam loving Left is what is mentioned on blogs. Wendy Davis had her 15 minutes in the sun. Ted Cruz along with Sarah Palin are the Left’s worst nightmares.

    1. Betsey…the only people who read/watch CNN, NYT, WaPo are OUR guys in Washington DC…John McCain for a time was the most frequent guest in the HISTORY of Chris Matthews Hardball!!! No Joke…but he wouldnt appear on the Rush Limbaugh show when he ran for President!!
      Sadly our GOP “lifers” in Washington are caught in the DC/NYC bubble and think people like Scarbourough, Matthews, Frum, Brooks, etc are the MAJORITY of thought…

  17. Sure…the media are progressive/liberal advocates. Journalism is dead and these so-called journals will find themselves expendable in the new communist/socialist America.

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