WHAT BIAS? Democrats and media FLIP OUT at idea of conservative moderator at Dem Debates

You got to be pretty biased to have a hissy over the supposed bias of a POLITICO writer being a moderator at Democratic debate alongside PBS ultra libs.

Does anyone even remember the Republican primary debates? Any of them EVER? Because every four years when there’s not an incumbent Republican in the white House, Republican voters are treated to a slew of liberal progressive Democrat-aligned, MSM moderators trying to out-do each other in “gotcha” questions directed at GOP candidates. But how does the MSM react to the notion of a Politico reporter who once wrote for National Review being allowed in the hallowed DNC debates?


At the behest of its publisher, Robert Allbritton, Politico is pushing for Tim Alberta, the chief political correspondent for Politico Magazine, to join journalists from PBS Newshour at the moderators’ desk. The top PBS journalists under consideration are Judy Woodruff, Yamiche Alcindor and Amna Nawaz.

Politico’s decision to push for Alberta has rankled officials at the DNC, as well as some journalists at PBS and even Politico, the sources said. The reason: Alberta previously wrote for National Review, a conservative magazine, and has spent the bulk of his recent career chronicling the Republican Party.

The whole establishment is in fits. Just read this ridiculous quote:

Democratic Party officials say such a journalist is ill-suited to co-moderate a debate meant to better inform Democratic voters about their potential nominees.

Folks, that’s not even from the PBS people throwing fits. It’s from an NBC News article about the PBS people throwing fits. Do you even realize how messed up that is?? “a debate meant to better inform Democratic voters about their potential nominees” they say with perfect guilelessness and innocent eyelash-batting.

Alberta wrote for National Review, not Breitbart, and he works at Politico now, not National Review.

I told y’all before, this is the real reason the DNC ditched Fox News. It has nothing to do with “taking a stand” or defending journalism. It’s that Democrats don’t want to take tough questions, and thanks to an utterly, docilely, cooperatively compliant media, THEY DON’T HAVE TO.


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