“What exactly do people think they are supporting?” – CBS anchor BAFFLED why people support deporting illegals

CBS Face The Nation anchor Margaret Brennan was baffled this morning at a new CBS poll which found that 62% of people want all illegals deported out of the US. And it’s not just ‘MAGA’ Republicans – that number also includes Democrats.

Brennan claims that it’s impractical to round up and deport children and suggests some of what Trump is suggesting would be illegal.

She adds that the federal government doesn’t have the resources to deport all illegals and then asks “what exactly do people think they are supporting?”

It’s amazing how the federal government has the resources to do so much, like hire 87,000 new IRS agents, but when it comes to deporting illegals that Biden has let come here en masse, all of a sudden that just can’t be done. This is why I call them the garbage media.

How about we start by hiring 87,000 new ICE agents! That would be a great start to sending these Biden illegals back to their home countries.

This can be done and should be done. It won’t happen overnight and maybe not even in two terms, but it should absolutely happen.

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