What: Giuliani says TRUMP WAVED attorney-client privilege for the Cohen tape!!

Another odd piece of the puzzle drops. Giuliani admitted that it was Trump himself who waved the attorney-client privilege for the Cohen tape where he’s talking about giving money to a Playboy model to shut up about their affair.

But.. why?

Apparently Giuliani demanded attorney-client privilege for the tapes, then they completely walked it back on this issue. So. What’s going on!?

Giuliani had already said that the tape was exculpatory for Trump, meaning they would clear him of any criminal allegations.

Then Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis blasted him for saying that:

Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis is pushing back against Rudy Giuliani, who now represents President Donald Trump. Earlier Friday, Giuliani claimed that any tapes Cohen has of conversations with Trump would be “exculpatory” for the president.

“Obviously, there is an ongoing investigation, and we are sensitive to that,” Davis told The Daily Beast. “But, suffice it to say, that when the recording you are reading about is heard, it will not hurt Mr. Cohen. Any attempt to spin this story cannot change what is on the tape.”

This morning Trump hit Cohen AND the government (!) over the raiding of the offices and seizing of the tapes which are totally exculpatory:

AND Lanny Davis went after him for that too – but he doesn’t really say they’re lying, he just says the strategy is flawed.

And to be honest, the strategy seems disjointed and not unified at all.

One theory is that Giuliani ACCIDENTALLY waved the client privilege by talking about the tape publicly, and now they’re just trying to make it look like it was on purpose.

Another theory is that they really do think there’s nothing damaging on the recording.

Of course, Dems just take it to mean he’s guilty:

So. I dunno. WHAT’S ON THE TAPE??!?!?

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