‘WHAT IS ALEPPO?!’ – Gary Johnson pretty much destroys his campaign with 3 words

Everyone is just stunned at the seemingly potheaded response from Gary Johnson this morning to what should not be that difficult a question about ISIS.

Watch Johnson destroy his campaign with just three little words:


I understand how maybe most Americans aren’t expected to know what Aleppo is, but if you’re running to be president, you better know the major city in Syria that had been taken over by rebels and is the source of so many refugees. This is bad, bad, bad.

At least he was honest about it and didn’t BS anyone, but unfortunately for the libertarian ticket, this video is going to be run a million times today. Unless Trump gets jealous and says something stupider to steal the spotlight away.

And the sad thing is, the only reason this will hurt his campaign is that people actually expect him to know something. If Trump did this, his legion of mindless followers would argue that NO ONE needs to know what Aleppo is, and that actually know what it is hinders your operation as a Commander-in-Chief. But Gary Johnson just can’t make this kind of error.

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