What is the Fate of Honduras?

Today the UN passed a resolution that “condemned what it called a coup d’etat and demanded ‘the immediate and unconditional restoration of the legitimate and constitutional government’ of Zelaya.”  With countries such as France, Ecuador, Chile, Spain, Argentina, and the United States condemning the new government and with the EU threatening to pull out their ambassadors in protest, this puts mounting pressure on Honduras.  Zelaya has vowed to come back to the country and Honduras has vowed to arrest him as soon as he does, with Zelaya facing up to 20 years in prison.

So what happens now? Can Honduras stand the world pressure and long enough for another president to be elected?  Will the world win and Zelaya be put back in power? Some believe that it will be a miracle if Honduras can withstand this mounting pressure. I hope that the world will come to accept Honduras’ actions in ousting Zelaya because it was truly the best thing to happen to Honduras.

What do you think?

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