“What is the relevance?!?!” – Judge ends prosecutor’s line of questioning after he tried to impugn witness for hiring a lawyer

The judge in the Rittenhouse trial yelled at the prosecutor today after he asked why a witness, who provided footage of the attack on Kyle Rittenhouse, hired a lawyer.


Here’s a quick transcript:

PROSECUTOR: That’s an attorney that you have out of Madison?

DEFENSE: We object to the relevance.

JUDGE: What’s the relevance of this?

PROSECUTOR: Well Your Honor, we heard of a lot of questions about other people…


PROSECUTOR: I would like to know why he felt the need to retain and attorney to provide video in this case. I think it goes to bias. I think it goes to credibility.

JUDGE: Uh, I think..let’s take a lunch break. Please don’t talk about the case during the break.

This judge is clearly miffed at the prosecutor. Can’t blame him. This guy is trying to make a case out of nothing, because he has none.

In related news, the libs are attacking the judge for saying this when asked what time to return from lunch:

But Biden calling Satchel Paige the ‘great negro’ gets nothing from the libs. No, they aren’t hacks at all.

Lastly, read this tweet and then watch the video. The bias against the judge is oozing out of the tweeter and is not justified at all:

I couldn’t help myself…

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