What Mitt Romney did to Massachusetts

BillO decided to make RomneyCare the subject of one of his segments and did a nice summary of how it’s currently affecting the state:

So it’s basically bankrupting the state. That sounds sustainable! BillO pointed out that some are saying that Romney will just counter this by suggesting that if he were still governor it would be different because he would have managed it better. I hope he doesn’t defend it that way because there’s no way he can be governor of Mass. forever.

This, along with Romney’s refusal to admit that Romneycare was a mistake is the main reason I will never vote for him.

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22 thoughts on “What Mitt Romney did to Massachusetts

  1. Well, what we have to remember is that Romney was the governor of a liberal state, similar to why Pawlenty considered cap & trade. So the legislation you see from Romney can be described using that dirty political word, “compromise”. I cannot understand why this is something that is frowned upon, as he gave his citizens what they wanted while addressing a problem that had been neglected (similar to our sudden concern over budget deficits)

    Now I’m no stranger to Fox News, so I know when I’m given “facts” from these guys I need to be sharp. Showing the state debt of Massachusetts since the law, we see only a number… it sounds high, so we think to ourselves, “Damn that healthcare law for raising the debt.” However, Massachusetts has always been a debt ridden state even prior to healthcare, in fact in 2004 – 2005 the state was #2 in outstanding debt per capita (http://www.ppinys.org/reports/jtf/2005/debt2004-2005.htm)

    Also, let’s not forget most citizens of Massachusetts favor the law. So, when does the moral obligation come to question? At a time when healthcare wasn’t discussed, Romney did something about it in order to help his citizens. Is that not an admirable feat and characteristic we want in a political leader?

    1. Sometimes doing something is worse than doing nothing. The main objective of conservatives is to repeal Obamacare, so Mitt seems contrary to our cause – No?

  2. Even aside from this important health care issue, in ’08 Mitt spent his time trashing the Republicans without claiming better solutions, IMHO. He just kept repeating the same talking points and trying to get people all fired up.

    Example: “They promised to do XYZ, and they didn’t. They said they’d ABC, and they didn’t. They said they’d give us more of 123, and they didn’t.”

    On and on for thirty minutes with that kind of thing trying to get the audience to join in. Blaming Republicans is for Dems to do, but a turn-off for me when Mitt did it.

  3. Romney is another con-lib politician that likes to experiment with citizens. He also has the Washington tone down pat when he says, “I’m not going to apologize for bad decisions I made.” This type of arrogance is exactly what we are trying to get rid of. Romney is a couple steps behind Obama in usurping the freedoms of the American people. Give him the white house and he will be Obama in no time.

  4. Romney’s nothing more than the “target” to attack, so that the REAL seller (Herman Cain) can APPEAR to be the “outsider.”  Please think for yourselves and stop letting the media do it for you.

    That being said…I would like to have Romney supporters see this video.

  5. Look, I’m a conservative, but conservatives are spinning Romneycare with falsehoods. Checkout this link http://factcheck.org/2011/03/romneycare-facts-and-falsehoods/ …. you’ll see “Claims that the law is “bankrupting” the state are greatly exaggerated.
    Costs rose more quickly than expected in the first few years, but are
    now in line with what the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation had

  6. Is it fair to hold Romney accountable for a program that has changed since he left office?  These statistics were not like this when he was managing the program. 

    1. Nation at a crossroad. A Fundamental central issue and a clear choice of a small conservative constitutional govenment vs. a big-govenment statism, Keynesian economic advocated by the Progressive democrats and status-quo RINO. Romney’s been trying to rewrite RomneyCare history. It’s good that BillO put it in under the sportlight. 

      1. I totally agree with you, however, the political winds have changed.  I don’t think Romney would do any of this today.  I don’t think you will find a candidate who has a clean slate either.  I think Romney can be trusted with conservative values and he has moved more to the right with regards to the government seeing how we are in crisis mode now. 

        1. True, many conservatives at times supported TARP and stimulus package for no other alternatives under the situation. Romney is a formidable contender but I doubted that he is able to convince majority fiscal conservatives, it’s a very steep mountain to climb. Can he defend his Romneycare if he’s against Obamacare and support the repel? there’s no middle ground there. But if he wins Iowa, NC and the primary, just may be, conservatives of all stripes may throw their support behind him.

  7. BillO shone a sportlight on RomneyCare (Establishment vs. Establishment). Romney’s a formidable contender in Iowa and South Carolina with deep pocket in campaign fund and polls to his advantage. Wonder if SP team is doing any canvassing in the two key states to gain momentum to counter Romney surge?

  8. It’s unbelievable that there are these so – called Conservatives who like and support Romney . I mean , he always had SOCIALIST written across his forehead . It’s scary that we have morons out there voting .

  9. bill o didn’t mention that people with lower costing insurance get fined based on the difference (i believe). i heard on Howie Carr’s show yesterday, one guy was facing a $1,000 fine. he said he’d mention it on the factor last night but i didn’t see it. detective is spot on, i live in NH and i see and hear all that goes on in the CCCM (communist clusterf__k commonwealth of mass) i don’t go there unless i absolutely have to. sad really, to see the cradle of liberty brought low

    1. This is part of the problem, guys. You still don’t get it. It doesn’t matter what slides you show, what lectures you give, RomneyCare is government interference in private enterprise, so from the ground up it was doomed from the start. These programs not only violate the principles of the country, they also violate the principles of the LDS church Romney believes in. Get a Gospelink.com subscription and do a few searches on what the early brethren said about how government ought to run. The concepts are very libertarian. Add the fact that Romney can’t humble himself to admit when he makes a big mistake and you have a recipe for disaster. I am LDS myself and I wouldn’t touch Romney.

      The last thing we need is another politician who doesn’t have the insight to see that government interference will never save this country… Government getting out of the way of its constituents will allow people to fix their own problems.

      1. Frankly speaking, you should probably tell Mitt to save his money on the campaign and not bother running this year. On the one hand if he does apologize for RomneyCare, he will upset the people he already has on his side who believe in it. If he doesn’t renounce it and apologize, and explain how he’s now grown past his belief that government ought to have their noses in our medical business, he will never receive the support of the Tea Party in the primaries. They are vehemently upset with ObamaCare, and will refuse to accept someone who passed another medical entitlements program whether it resembles ObamaCare or not.
        Now I mean no offense to him, but I’m saying it like it is. I really like Mitt. From everything I can see, he is a fine upstanding person, whether or not I agree with his ideas about government. But he is in a bad situation politically.

  10. Just wait, Romney is a glossy RINO from Mass, should I say more, plus recently we have seen what Scott Brown brought to Washington and don’t forget Markey of Cap and Tax. Also remember Teddy standing in front of the USA people and supporting Obama.

  11. Everyone needs to see that…I don’t know how anyone could vote for Romney after seeing the factual numbers of what Romneycare did.

    What’s that sound Mr. Romney? Oh that’s the ship with your campaign chances leaving port.

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