“What the images SUGGEST”: Lying Mayorkas hits Sunday shows to SPIN border FAILURES and fails at THAT too.

The videos below, one on CNN with Jake Tapper, two with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, and one with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, are by no means a tour de force of journalism. The interviewers are incidental to the point, which is how ridiculously and incompetently DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas fails at spinning his ridiculous incompetence.

I mean it makes sense he’d be bad at that, too, if y’all think about it.

In the CNN clip, Mayorkas is answering about the FALSE claim hyped up by the media in direct collusion with Democrats and the White House that border patrol agents were actually WHIPPING Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants at the border. As we now know (and knew already if we weren’t idiots) and has been proved on video, that was completely made up by them.

Asked about Mayorkas actually says ” the American public.” SUGGEST? Then he continues to claim that an “investigation” will sort out the facts, which he is saying are still unknown. Then he REPEATS that the fact that it SEEMED horrifying “deserves attention.”

Tapper points out the story was patently false and that there is video, and Mayorkas refused to concede a damn thing.

Tapper asked him if he can be relied on to be fair and not suck up to Twitter and he’s like “sure” and I guess that’s all there is to it then, problem solved.

But you don’t have to give too much credit to Jake, even though “tell it to Biden” was pretty badass, but you can give him credit IN COMPARISON to Chris “door mat” Wallace.

On his show, Mayorkas just blatantly lies and gets caught. He’s like “oh no yeah we are testing EVERY person for Covid and totally taking care of that 1000%” and then Wallace says, that’s great! But also you aren’t though and you already admitted it. And Mayorkas goes, oh totally, even though we are, we very much aren’t, but we weren’t and now we will, because our number one job is correcting ourselves not doing our number one job.

It’s ridiculous. And Wallace just goes, aight let’s move on bro.

Still, at least Wallace managed to point out that the border is insanely out of control.

Not that Mayorkas will admit it (Or Chuck Todd make him.)

The media will pretend that these mild confrontations means they’re doing their job. But no one asked him if he should resign. No one asked him if this proves Biden is a failure, or if Biden is in some foreign leaders pocket. None of them offered their own little opinionated commentary at the end about how bad the crisis is and how bad Biden is for letting it get so bad.

They barely nudged Mayorkas, and he still fell apart. Yet tomorrow he’ll go back to his desk feeling accomplished and like the whole kerfuffle is over. The media, meanwhile, will spend the rest of Sunday complaining about Trump’s rally.

So like I said, don’t feel compelled to give them a lick of credit. These videos aren’t about them. They’re about Mayorkas the clown, the liar, the fraud.

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