WHEE!! Biden admits he can’t GET the $3.5 Trillion; Dems mad he can’t BREAK Sinema, Manchin

Are you loving this? I’m lovin it. Watching Biden just keep twisting in the wind as more and more knives come out in his party is so hilarious. Sure it doesn’t get this country put back together from him doing more damage in a few months than most presidents could do with a lifetime appointment, but it’s still funny.

You probably heard him say today he can’t get the big ticket, which is hilarious.

But Democrats are also having hissy fits that he can’t break Manchin and Sinema into betraying our democratic republic and the ideals of democracy and freedom by abandoning all pretense in their quest to lockdown permanent dictatorship. Which is also funny.

From the New York Post:

Frustration is growing among Congress as little movement is made in negotiations, with one Democratic senator saying Sinema and Machin have both “left the president hanging,” according to The Hill.

The senator spoke on the record anonymously with the outlet to “vent about the lack of progress.”

“If [Biden had been able to walk away and say, ‘I have a commitment to $2 trillion from both [senators] and now we’re working on the details,’ it would have been like a sense of momentum. ‘The president’s magic of the Oval Office comes in once again.’ But instead it was like, ‘There’s no magic in the Oval Office right now,” the senator told the Hill.

The president has met multiple times with Sinema and Manchin separately at the White House since September. While Manchin has come forward with a top line number of $1.5 trillion, Sinema has still not publicly said how high she is willing to go.

Keep going here for more laughs.

In the meantime, you know what to consider this…


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