‘WHEN can we expect subpoenas?!’ – Maria Bartiromo CALLS OUT Lindsey Graham

Maria Bartiromo called out Lindsey Graham on why the Senate hasn’t issued any subpoenas about the deep state conspiracy to take down President Trump! Watch his reaction:

Graham responds that he will not get ahead of the Inspector General’s report, and says that he’s gonna wait until that report to do anything. So there you go.

Graham also says he doesn’t want China to look investigate Biden, saying that you can’t trust anything out of China, which I think is reasonable. It was probably a bad idea for Trump to be telling everyone that China is the worst country ever and then also ask for them to investigate on his behalf. Ah well, it’s all #MAGA now.

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64 thoughts on “‘WHEN can we expect subpoenas?!’ – Maria Bartiromo CALLS OUT Lindsey Graham

  1. Heh. Relevant.

    The “deep state conspiracy theory is for nut cases”, Bannon is quoted as saying, because “America isn’t Turkey or Egypt”.

    There is a formidable government bureaucracy in the US, he adds, but “there’s nothing ‘deep’ about it. It’s right in your face.”…

    Bannon has reportedly asserted the deep state is false before. In Wolff’s follow-up book, Siege: Trump Under Fire, Bannon describes advice he gave to a ghost writer working on Trump’s Enemies: How the Deep State is Undermining the Presidency, a book by Trump allies Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie.

    According to Wolff, Bannon said: “You do realise that none of this is true.”

    Steve Bannon: The “deep state conspiracy theory is for nut cases”

  2. Republican senators Lindsey Graham and Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell will do absolutely nothing no matter what the corrupt Democrats did. The Republican senate is a club of do nothing politicians. McConnell never has and never will hold corrupt Democrats accountable. Graham is just talking to pacify angry Conservatives. He has no intention whatsoever of really holding them accountable.

    1. I agree, and they sicken me. They do what they do because they share the goals of their follow Dem globalists.

  3. Where were all of you ? Crickets. Why aren’t you investigating Biden? All talk. “Somebody needs to investigate Biden? Somebody? You all have those committees.
    “I want to keep politics out of this”. Gee Lindsay, it’s got Zero to do with politics! Moron…

  4. Graham is as useless as Romney. Graham has been saying he won’t do anything until the IG report is released. Thing of it is, there are so many other issues, aside from Spygate that Graham is refusing to touch. How about this whole WBer scam little Lindsey, among other issues.

    1. Surprise! Guess who is a key board member on a group started by “nonpartisan” lawyer Zaid attorney for wb1 and leaker 2. JOHN PODESTA. What a cozy group we have. Also new it is out that WB1 is already back at work at the CIA which is highly unusual for an actual WB.

    2. They have investigative powers and oversight themselves. They are worthless. The articles are starting to come out with anonymous sources saying there is lots of handwringing behind closed doors as the GOP is concerned for their future and reputations being destroyed by Trump.

  5. Can’t and won’t defend Graham but do know he’s been in contact with Horowitz to set up date for him to testify.
    The problem I have is why isn’t Horowitz finished yet? Is he now waiting for Durham?

  6. Right on cue, Colin Powell,Obama lover, goes on tv with his handwringing about the GOP and what’s happened to them and how they have to get it together. Thanks for playing.

  7. Because there won’t be any Lisa. If Graham starts he will expose his buddy McCain ss part of this scheme

    1. You’re right because it’s well documented McCain was involved with the Steele dossier so I don’t think many senators want that out there,

  8. Why is it every time Graham speaks my skin crawls?

    Newt Gingrich has more credibility in his current role as a commentator than you do as a sitting Congress critter.

    1. Because you’ve heard their spin before. It’s always excuses even as the Dems are going for their own party leader’s jugular.

    2. It’s a man thing. There are some men, e.g., Romney, Wray, Rosenstein, and so on who trigger some degree of nausea even before they speak. Amnesty Graham should be asked by interviewers, “Which face will we hear from today, Sen. Graham?”

      Also, Rep. Cringeworthy Blumenthal.

  9. Typical GOPe, Grahamnesty is one of a series of all bark-no bite players in the kabuki theater. Expecting one to actually grow a pair and do something is like Charlie Brown thinking Lucy won’t pull the football away.

    1. My mother reminded me the other day how during the Clinton impeachment Lindsey ran around going after Bill and then voted to not convict in the senate.

  10. Uh huh….gonna wait. That’s all these RINOs do…sit around with their thumbs up their….well, never mind.

    1. I concur. If Graham really wanted to help Trump, he would speed things up on the federal judge confirmations. But, they sit and spin, sit and spin…..

  11. From John Cardillo on Twitter:

    Sitting in a diner eavesdropping on the table behind me.

    All Dems critical of Trump, saying that Pelosi and Schiff are possibly costing Dems the House.

    Said about Trump, “I don’t like him, but what they’re doing to him and his family isn’t right.”

    These are normal Americans

    1. Exactly yet the D.C. Bubble doesn’t want to believe it and won’t ever believe people aren’t all clamoring to get Trump.

    2. The way they have treated Trump since the day after the November 2016 election is unprecedented and completely inexcusable.
      They have propelled their hatred into the stratosphere.
      They are completely blinded by their hatred for not only Trump but the people who voted for him.
      The Demshevik Progressive Party has NO agenda, NO ideas, and NO plans that will actually help Americans achieve or sustain prosperity.

      They have demonstrated abundantly- certainly since taking over the House last January, but primarily since November of 2016- that their ONLY plan, agenda, or idea is to find something, anything, to get rid of Trump and nullify the election.

      I find them to be as despicable and disgusting as they try to convince us that Trump is. I also despise anybody who supports them and their non-stop crap.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks.


  12. Ron Johnson was on MSNBC and he got into with Todd because he brought up Clinton using foreign sources to dig up dirt on Trump. Of course just like Wallace last week Todd started screeching about answer the question and not bring up conspiracy theories. They are showing flop sweat now. Ben Rhodes is out attacking Barr for investigating a conspiracy and twitter is demolishing him.

  13. The entire Ukraine shenanigans the Dems are pulling – well I think it is actually going to help bring the entire Russian Collusion storyline farce to a head. I’ve seen lots of Republicans pushing back against the corrupt investigations, corrupt media, and corrupt Dems.

  14. NFL at it again today. I have the Bal v Pitt game on CBS and they are pushing the impeachment crap on 60 minutes tonight. Then I hear one of the football talking heads as he is describing a pass..”talk about an insurance policy”…which that could be innocent, but with pushing the 60 minutes ads, I’m not giving anyone any breaks.

    1. You shouldn’t be watching those boneheads(the NFL) in the first place.
      The NFL banned in my house.

  15. Some wealthy friends invited me to a Republican dinner last year and Lindsey was the speaker. I got to meet him briefly and get my pic taken with him. His hand was very soft, squishy, and quite damp.

    1. I, on the flip side, met Zell Miller…The Georgia Democrat…His handshake was strong, firm, and what you’d expect from a handshake…No cold, clammy, sweaty dead fish shake… May he RIP.

    2. I met several politicians as a young staffer and driver many years ago. You end up learning a lot, some of which you wish you didn’t know.

      Senator Gordon Humphrey was a sincere person. He was also very independent. He and his wife were so committed to candidates they endorsed. I remember she would come (with her 2 year old son) to our campaign office to stuff envelopes – the wife of a sitting US senator doing the most menial task on a campaign. They were nice people.

      Even though I was a huge Jack Kemp supporter in 1988, meeting him was a big disappointment. In person, he was very plastic, fake, and insincere. He was also very demanding and rude to staffers. He didn’t come off as jovial and reasonable in person like he portrayed in public. His son, Jeff, was a million times worse – talk about entitled. They were royalty and expected us to treat them that way. I liked his politics, but I found him personally obnoxious.

      Governor John Sununu (the father) was a jerk and a jackass — exactly the same in person as he portrayed in public.

      Governor Pete DuPont was amazing. I didn’t support him in 1988, but I wish I had. He would have been a great president. He was sincere, authentic, and he was a downright decent person. I was his driver one day. I had met him a few times, but when I showed up in the morning to his hotel room, he had over-slept. He apologized to me, a punk 20 year old, for being late. Politicians never apologize (I’ve driven many, they always have excuses). At the end of the day, we were at a reception. At these gigs staffers and drivers kind of stand in a corner to keep out of the way, but be available to fetch something. He made a point to come over and talk to us. He didn’t need to do that. We couldn’t vote for him or donate to his PAC. I realize part of being a politician is making everyone you contact feel important, but most politicians (like most salesman) only spend time on viable prospects. Pete DuPont was the best of all the politicians I met.

      Did you wash your hand?

  16. In case anyone has been wondering what Cruz has been doing or saying (someone asked me) here is his response to John Brennan’s tweet calling for more whistleblowers to come out against Trump. Cruz is the best LOL

    Ted Cruz
    Oct 4
    A reminder to federal officials:

    There is no limit on the number of individuals who can use the whistleblower statute.

    If you think you were involved in unlawful activity as a result of a directive from Mr. Obama or Mr. Brennan, now is the time to report it.

  17. Amnesty Graham builds verbal superhighways into outer space, and still can’t get the big picture.

  18. I’m very skeptical of anything coming out of the Ukraine probe. Durham may be interviewing/investigating taco-lady but that doesn’t mean he will delve into all the corruption inside of Ukraine.

    Manafort is seeming to be a plant by the left. He was tied up in all things Ukraine and then Obama recommended him to Trump (from what I heard). It’s as if Obama threw the Manafort briefcase in the back of Trump’s car laughing all the time while driving away. Yet somehow Mueller never followed the links to where Manafort would lead him. He only focused on Trump.

    Big players in Ukraine and a very corrupt Obama administration in the UK makes me believe this will not be exposed….on purpose.

    1. Thomas Barrack, a NY real estate developer, recommended Manafort to Ivanka and Jarad.
      Barrack not Barack. I think the big failing here was Trump listening to his daughter.

  19. Lindsay is part of the Swamp, just like Ryan was.,All talk. No action, delay, no subpoenas, so old SH..T

    1. He is a gun grabber and he has the nickname “Grahamesty” for a reason…yet many love him when he defends POTUS and then condemn him 5 minutes later for something else. I just condemn him because the is who he is: a DC aristocrat taking a senate seat that should be held by a conservative.

  20. Graham is a big nothing burger.At least Maria had him admit he will do nothing and he also admitted how much he respected the Obama appointee Horowitz.I cannot remember one Incident that Horowitz reported on involving Holden or Lynch.Nor can I remember any criminal issues Graham and his committee looked into and reported on.I will be satisfied when Graham puts his scales of justice away and joins his good buddy Gowdy.

  21. He’s my senator but for years been wanting someone to primary his butt….good at talkin….not so much with action

  22. “We’re waiting on a BO appointee” while the left and guys like Graham destroys the whole white house team and anyone associated with it.

    I wish I could say “frankly tired of all the talk and no action” but we don’t even get talk unless it’s from that freaky low life Romney! What a joke. errrr

  23. What a piss poor excuse. The Dems aren’t waiting for the IG report!!!!
    He’ll do exactly what he always does. Nothing

  24. Graham is all talk and no action as usual. He isn’t going do a damn thing. Wake up South Carolina and stop voting in this deep state RINO!!!

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