When You Absolutely, Positively HAVE To Blame The Tea Party Every Night

Leave it to Ed Schultz. The mental gymnastics he goes through in order to try to blame “anti-government” sentiment for the militarization of the police is really breathtaking here.

Did you catch that? If not, allow me to summarize: The police are too militarized and as a result are unfairly and unjustly using their unnecessary power to harm black people. But wait, could they actually need this stuff because of people who don’t trust the police?

Yes, he suggests that maybe the cops need all this firepower because of people who are anti-government, which is dangerous. But at the same time, he’s decrying the police as untrustworthy killers. As his guest said earlier in the show, assassins.

So it’s the people who don’t trust the government that are making the government untrustworthy. Gee, I wonder who he means?

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