When you’ve lost CHRIS WALLACE: Fox News anchor says Biden has a REALITY PROBLEM

The MSM is the propaganda wing of the Democrat party. So we can only assume that everyone who said Biden was just a vehicle for Kamala to take office had some keen insight, because obviously Dems aren’t that attached to him if they’re letting the media say things like Clarissa Ward has been saying. Like even Brianna Keilar said. Like, I can hardly believe I am saying it, Fox News Sunday anchor CHRIS WALLACE just said.

The media who are still being friendly (which is PLENTY) and the Dem strategists and guests are all saying this is an “optics” problem, but Chris Wallace says that’s horse puckey: It’s a reality problem.


You can talk about the messaging problem and certainly that’s an issue. But it’s really, it’s a reality problem. The problem isn’t what had happened in terms of Biden’s speech. I mean, that was bad, his first speech, the buck stops here, but he pointed fingers. I think the interview with George Stephanopoulos went badly. The pictures over the weekend of him sitting by himself at a big table at Camp David while all of his aides are at the White House, all of it was a mess. But in the end, it’s those pictures on the other side of the screen from me, the fact that that, you know, we have this airport secured, but we have no way of getting Americans and our Afghan allies from downtown Kabul or elsewhere in Afghanistan to that airport. And as long as that remains the situation, the president can make any speech he wants, get any interview he wants, it isn’t going to make any difference. That’s what people are focusing on, that Americans and American allies are unable to get to the airport and get to that hope and freedom on one of those C-17s.

Biden absolutely has a reality problem. Not just that the reality in Afghanistan is a problem. He has a problem RECOGNIZING reality.

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