Where do liberals get their news from?

In a continuation of their mini-series behind enemy lines at a Obama campaign rally, MRCtv asked where Obama supports get their news:

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph visited a big Obama rally in Fairfax, VA and asked some of the President’s biggest supporters which journalists they trusted the most to give them informative and objective coverage of the 2012 election and politics in general.

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107 thoughts on “Where do liberals get their news from?

  1. Not one of these idiots has a clue as to what obama wants to do to our free nation! Everyone of them is voting for communism!

  2. When the SHTF, & people are begging for help to stay out of gulags, begging for food/water, I’ll ask who they voted for. Their answers will determine whether they get help or lead.

  3. Most all of them are politically uneducated fools. If they can’t see the damage Obama has done to this country they are pathetic.

  4. I fear for our country! “Freedom is never more than 1 generation away from extinction…”, Ronald Reagan. It will not end with me, STAND UP..BE HEARD!

  5. After watching this and reading all of the death threats on Twitter against Romney, I will never consider another DEM as smart, educated, cultured or civilized.

  6. I guess one thought is that while these zombies all hate Fox News, Fox News still leads all the other news channels in the ratings column so that at least says better for the rest of the country.

  7. I wonder if these people realize that liberalism/socialism/marxism has oppressed and killed more people in the world, than all the wars combined.. Ah, the power of indoctrination, it makes useful idiot sheeple of them all.. oh the joy of ignorance is bliss..

  8. Nothing new here. De La Boetie wrote a wonderful discourse on the subject in 1548. Well worth an hours read.

    Discourse on Voluntary Servitude
    The Discours sur la servitude volontaire

  9. If you say you get your news from John Stewart or Bill Maher, JUMP OFF THE HIGHEST BUILDING!

    We don’t need you.

  10. Rachel Maddow gets the love. I have a co-worker who uses her as a source. It’s funny, I destroyed Maddow’s arguments against Romney pretty decisively. I’ve almost convinced her to vote for Romney. I’m not sure she is going to vote for Obama.

  11. This video is terrifying for our great Republic!!! Can you believe that Washington, Grant, Eisenhower, Patton, Scott, West, and other Patriots fought for these people?! I am embarrassed that that people from other nations will see this and think we are all as brain deficient!!

  12. Oh my liberalism .. Really is a mental disorder….. I am just amazed every time I see this stuff… The shear number of brain dead people walking the streets in the United States of America…

  13. That was very funny. I appreciated the matter of fact way it was presented.

    Noteworthy were the people who follow the news follow Rachel Maddow. And, …… the rest just made it up.

    Also, the hate for Fox News goes with the territory. That doesn’t bother me so much. But, I loved how many fully admit that John Stewart and Steven Colbert were more newsworthy than the lefty channels.

    And, not a single one brought up the Al Gore channel.

    I am still laughing over that….

  14. As usual it doesn’t come down to the truth, it comes down to WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS THE TRUTH. The same argument can be made if someone from a left leaning organization attending a rally for Mitt Romney. I’m sure most people there would name the prime time hosts on Fox or say something like “only Fox News, the rest of them are liars” or something like that. The issue is that most viewers only want to hear what they want to hear. A true “fair and balanced” report or show or network would have one-for-one coverage of every story. From my perspective, ALL NEWS NETWORKS SLANT THE NEWS because that’s what gets them the most viewers.

    1. Truth… there is nothing on Fox that I have not heard on any other network.. but I have heard other networks omit important facts I have heard on Fox… facts I have heard on radio. Funny how the left has POISONED the people to believe the right are haters… DAMN WTFU AMERICA

    2. The problem with the equation example you used above is this…. Reality is real current true….. and then there is what some would call a perceived reality which is not real current or true… Some of us live in Reality including you I assume and some live in this place called perceived reality or “Fantasy Land” just because we in reality can diagnose shear fantasy does not mean we in reality can somehow be equated to those in perceived reality…. In other words… The insane do not run the insane asylum those who diagnose the disease run the insane asylum.. Insane people live in that place called perceived reality or “Fantasy Land” not real current or true… Just because one could perceive something to be true does not mean it is…. With that said I also would say that slanting the news framed in reality is correct now slanting the news in a perceived reality “Fantasy Land” is what you would find in most news outlets… But most of us diagnose the real from the fantasy and the others live in that place called perceived reality “Fantasy Land” and will forever stay “Beyond Happy” there….

  15. We really are sunk as a people if a lot of these individuals get their news from Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. Well, like most liberals, they can’t separate fantasy from reality.

  16. Just wow!!! Maybe I should have guessed some of those “sources,” but several people mentioned Rachel Maddow…give me a break!!!!

  17. This was a very unnerving video. These people are living in another dimension that does not correlate with the world around them. Rachel maddow and Jon Stewart were the main sources for their shaping of their views. Mix with a little Bill Maher and you’ve a foundation of intellectual bankruptcy that the could basically be considered why the decline of our society is nearing freefall. Liberalism is a mental illness and these “people” confirm that fact.

  18. What a pathetic group of nitwits. Most of them don’t even realize Jon Stewart is NOT a news reporter. And I’d bet that all those Rachel Madcow fans were also supporters of Cindy Sheehan.

    The FOX hate is real. My hubby works for the local FOX affiliate. Not FOX news, the station that carries FOX programming. The news vehicles carry the station logo and the FOX network logo. People regularly yell insults at him, the camera crew and the reporters, the usual “FOX sucks”, “FOX lies”, “FOX can go to hell”, stuff like that. One guy even came all the way across a gas station parking lot to yell “You drive the chariot of lies”. We had a good laugh about that one.

  19. Wow! Those people are really grounded in reality. s/

    It’s going to be great to check into MSNBC on Nov. 6 and watch Rachel Maddow(the most trusted name in news according to the insane) start crying.

  20. Oh man, I don’t want to keep comparing the news with what I taught in our homeschool co op again, but this nails it. I was teaching the kids that Freedom does come at a high cost, and that the main reason I am teaching them about the Constitution, the founders and our government is so that they will be INFORMED!!! I told them we as a nation have done so much harm to freedom because of ignorance. Imagine, our soldiers are fighting for our freedoms far away from home, yet we are allowing the freedoms they are fighting for to slip away because we won’t seek out all information about world and American events, nor about what our government is doing. I told them, some of us are doing our best to teach the next generation so they will still have at least the same freedoms we have…. and it will be still a Republic, if they keep it. Clearly the ignorant maroons in these videos could care less.

    1. you are awesome – these kids will one day look back and smile, knowing you made all the difference in their lives.

      My hat is off to an AB in C.

      1. Thanks sDee. Some times I think I’m talking to myself with them, but then the next week class, they all have questions, or if I ask them if they know about something, they say ‘yeah, I know that because I asked my dad (or mom) about it this week.’ Which means their parents are having to work too!! 😀

          1. Oh, I know Keyes. We’ve gone through the 1-5 Amendments already, and I give them homework to find me a news story which either shows the government going against these or what the founders had in mind when they wrote them. 🙂 I’ve got their brains to work with until next April, so I’ve got it covered lol. It’s cool though, today and next week we’re going through three party platforms, and I’ve copied our local vote ballot so since our class will fall on Nov. 6, they will be voting!! They know it won’t count, but they are excited to know they’re going to get to vote on copies on real ballots!

            1. What a fantastic idea! Have you found the Hillsdale Constitutional series helpful at all, AbiC? Week 8 just went online, ‘Post 60’s Progressivism’.
              You know you should be running your own private school – there must be a huge demand for real educational standards where you live and in other states. Maybe start a franchise of Constitutional Schools, or whatever name would fi?. As RR used to say, it can be done…

              1. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to do the Hillsdale course lately, but I save all my e mail alerts and have the pages ready when I do!! It’d be a cool idea to do such a course for middle and high school kids, that may be something I could work towards when my boy gets a little older and I have more time!! Thanks for the idea! 😀

                1. I’m sadly behind on them too – but looking forward to seeing part 8. Glad you might think on that idea – although it’s hardly original(!), but honestly, the number of people on this site alone who would invest in a school of yours, were you to consider such a venture, would ensure your success. There could be boarders and day-scholars, like the ‘public’ schools in the UK that are run privately. Count me and so many others in.

                  As RR also said, a rising tide raises all boats – would love to see yours among them as long as we have at least a semblance of sanity for the next 8 years! I think we will – it could hardly be worse…

  21. CNN objective… too far to the right?? Ha!! I find it unusual they get so much of there news from comedians.

  22. Perhaps it’s not Obama that threatens the nation as much as these folks that actually have a right to vote statists into power.

    1. I find it amazing that people are so lost at sea that they now need “fact checkers” to determine which lies and omissions of the “free” press they should believe. Especially when the same money behind the fact checkers, is behind the media.

      Google, Bing, Ctrl-F, bookmarks, and a willingness to admit that the press is not free, are all one needs to seek the truth.

      1. I have been tweeting since @SharylAttkisson ‘s story tonight on emails from State Dept up to the Situation Room and many others (most email addresses redacted).  I’m tweeting about the timing of the story, night after their own Bob Schieffer moderates the foreign policy debate and NEVER asks Obama about any of these emails.  Everyone needs to tweet her and ask the same question.  Why did CBS News withhold critical information the American public was entitled to prior to the critical debate.  No wonder their poll has O 54% and R 23% in that debate.

  23. LOL!

    “Anyone BUT Fox!”

    “What about Brett Baier?”

    “Yeah, sure.”

    LOL. Stupid liberals.

    Do you want to know what’s really scary? Most of these folks are college age kids. Guess what the voting block will look like when they have families? You think it’s difficult to elect a God-fearing Constitutional Conservative now, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  24. Dan Joseph is funny. The obamabots are a little creepy not to mention dazed and confused. I hope they all get out to vote on 11/7.

  25. I think “Fox Derangement Syndrome” should be a legitimate clinical psychological diagnosis. I mean when you’re asked who you trust most to bring you the news and your reaction is to give a negative response – “not Fox” – there is something irrational going on with your thought process. It’s like asking someone what his favorite color is and he blurts out, “not blue”. Or what’s your favorite sport and he says, “not golf”. I suppose a small number of people will give a “not X” response to a question that requests an affirmative response, but it just seems strange. They have a stronger impulse to delegitimize Fox News than to acknowledge who they actually trust to give them the news.

    1. It might be because they don’t know the names of the other news shows or the names of the hosts. They are too busy hating Fox.

        1. Many of them can’t even mention one news outlet that they like, but they sure can say which one they don’t like. That is the epitome of brainwashing. No critical thinking, just the regurgitation of words that “someone” else spoke.

          Edit: Just further proof that weak minds turn liberal, because conservatism requires critical thinking.

  26. Nov. 7th she said? Wow, maybe we could get that out there in mass…. they are already showing how stupid they are. Going to vote on 7th Nov., truly pricless.

    1. Hey that’s a way to help win. Don’t think that has been tried before. Only the liberals would fall for it. Now or never.

      1. In 2004, Glenn Beck and some of his listeners put together a giant John Kerry head (made out of “waffles”) that rested on a swift-boat float and cruised through some city in Ohio on election day. Listeners built the thing, and Glenn had a lib friend of his record messages for it saying things like “Hi, I’m John Kerry. Due to high turnout, Republicans vote today, and Democrats vote on Wednesday.” or “don’t forget to vote for me, on Wednesday”

        Recording session for the waffle-head’s voice box:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaP7icw8ew0

        About Project Longface:http://archive.glennbeck.com/news/09172004.shtml

  27. Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom. – John Adams

    The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty. – James Madison

    The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions at state expense. – Karl Marx

    1. The liberal eugenicists want to get rid of the “useless eaters” and the bad gene pools. They missed their chance at a mile long line here. Maybe they are not willing to sacrifice their own, yet.

    2. @sdee great posts.

      Those quotes remind me of another, much older version, from the One who gave us freedom:
      “And ye shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.”
      Deuteronomy 11:19 (King James Version)

  28. I wonder how many of the older folk are paid indoctrinators (political correctness–>teaching faculty) at this institution of indoctrination.

      1. Well, not quite. The great Walter E. Williams is still affiliated with George Mason. He fills in for Rush sometimes and taught Econ at GMU.

        1. sDee’s comment stands alone. I think yazz was referring to the older people in the video ONLY. It is possible they are faculty. Would not suprise me at all.

  29. I think the younger folks there are liberal because they think it is cool, and they think conservatives are backward because we are traditional, they confuse being traditional to being backward because of the media, and culture etc., libs have done a great job of controlling culture, things are starting to change because of radio, internet. Long way to go though.

  30. In fairness some of them didn’t have bad answers. Politifact is a strange source. Personally I think they can confuse facts and opinions, but I can see where they are coming from, but it is an unusual primary source. Brain Williams is a pretty good answer. Even Jon Stewart is better than most. He leans left himself, but he has been willing to poke fun at both sides, and is often right when he pokes fun at the right. I really can’t stand it when people talk about the hate coming from the right, but can’t see the real hate right in front of them. That is what gets me. Rachel Maddow? Really?

  31. Houston, this country has a problem. Notice it is mostly women that are crazy over Maddow, Stewart and Maher.

    1. Yeah. I sure don’t get that liking Bill Maher thing. If there ever was anyone who was truly anti-woman, it’s bill maher.

  32. This guy is so good. Can still see the look on his face after he talked to Cinnamon. The madcow fan who jumped up and down and waved her arms – madam, please restrain yourself, or get a better bra.

    Funny but sad that comedians get as much of a look-in as the others. Taking zero’s healthcare policy cut off age of 26 at its word, we shouldn’t allow children to attend such rallies and certainly not allow them to vote! BTW the reason the line-up was a mile long was cos they all lined up 2X2 – for the optics…

        1. Sorry Mike, I meant deep as in body depth (fat).  I totally agree, intellect is no deeper than a birdbath.

      1. Free Gubmint Cheeze, Free Obama Cell Phones, Free ObamaCare, Free Contraceptives & Free Baby Killer if I forget to use my contraceptives. What more could a society ask for?

        Obama Supporter after his inauguration “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won’t have to pay my mortgage!” With idiots like this we need a dose of natural selection like never before! God please strike down the people that don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together!

        If we don’t start taking our country back this November it will be lost forever! Tell everyone you know to go Vote for Romney!

    1. Depends….which they’ll need the night of Nov. 6th when obama gets sent back to chicago, oops I mean kenya…oops I mean Hawaii….oh wherever he came from.

    1. I hope soon that a great conservative philosopher like Sowell can coin an “acceptable” term for them but the reality is that these people neither deserve nor want liberty. They are the contemporary versions of what Aristotle and Plato termed, “natural slaves”.

      They choose a life with less freedom, for one of less responsibility. They will choose not to seek out knowledge, but instead, find comfort in the mental reinforcement of the elites who rule them.

      Those who seek to rule them know this all well, and, that the natural slaves will amass a majority in any culture.

      I believe this is in their genes. It does no good to argue nor to educate them. It is better to nod, agree and, to know that our fight for liberty and a Constitutional Republic, is an eternal one. As history has history has shown, that is the only protection against majority rule.

      1. Great post, sdee. Natural slaves are predominant in all society. They sacrifice independence, including their intellectual capacity, for the comfort provided by others that reinforce their feeling of inadequacy. They become parasitic in the way they choose their external stimiuli that composes their mental makeup. That is why you hear the communist and socialist leaders talk about the masses in a singular manner and not for the millions of individuals the term actually represents.

      2. First, your comments on “natural slaves” was brilliant. I wish it were not so true. However, that is our reality. To do other than accept that reality would be to put one on the road to being one of the slaves, natural or otherwise. Thank you, for your thoughtful piece.

          1. We had it figured out in the Constitution but the progressives convinced unremarkable idiots of the 1900’s that it was in their best interest to allow anyone to vote no matter what the consequences of allowing those with no stakes in the game to have a say in how policy would be made. They chose poorly!

      3. I used to love hearing Mark Scott describe these kinds of people, by saying:

        “They want their lives controlled by the government. They demand the lash! Yes, sir, yes sir, three bags full!”

        1. Reminds me of the clueless convert to islam who sought the counsel of his religious “mentors” after going on a drinking and cocaine binge. After calling them and confessing…….

          Mr Martinez, allegedly went to his home before letting the other three men in

          Mr Martinez said he was “grabbed and held down” on his bed and whipped 10 times with an electrical cord before he ran to the bathroom to vomit. “They stopped after about 10 lashes to give me a break,” he said, adding he got back on the bed willingly for the next 10 lashes.

          But after those, Mr Martinez said he was “vomiting, crying and begging ‘please brother no more, no more’.”

          Fayad allegedly told him that the vomiting was “Allah taking impurity out of the body because you are being cleansed” and that if he didn’t finish administering the punishment, he would be punished himself.

          The court heard Mr Martinez was given a cold, wet towel for the welts on his back before the next 20 lashes.

      4. sdee,

        Thank you for so eloquently stating the plight of America. The eternal fight for liberty is worth it, and we owe it to those who have fought and continue to fight on our behalf throughout the world to continue on.

      5. You are right about the adults…. the kids have been raised in a culture of political correctness and indoctrinated by teachers and professors – so there is still a chance for them.

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