“Where’s the beef?” – Alan Dershowitz responds to Michael Cohen interview

Alan Dershowitz addressed the very question I had from the Michael Cohen interview, after Cohen told ABC News that Trump knew what he was doing was wrong

Here’s the interview:

Dershowitz said that Cohen doesn’t appear to understand the difference between something being wrong and something being illegal. He noted that while reasonable people can agree or disagree whether it’s wrong to pay hush money to buy someone’s silence over alleged sexual improprieties, it can’t be argued that it’s illegal to do so. 

Dershowitz pointed out that Trump could have taken cash directly from his pocket and given it to one of his accusers to buy their silence, even telling them that it was to help himself get elected, and it would have been perfectly legal for him to do so. He said a presidential candidate is entitled to make campaign contributions to his own campaign. 

He added that the only issue for Trump with these payments – if he did it all – is if he did it properly. 

Even if Cohen had told Trump that the payments were in violation of the law, Dershowitz notes that Cohen would have been incorrect. And of course, being wrong about the law doesn’t make something illegal. But he said it’s pretty clear Cohen didn’t have that conversation with Trump.

Watch the video for more…

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