Where’s the collusion??? – Mark Levin HAMMERS media for scandalous coverage of Trump Jr meeting Russian lawyer

Mark Levin opened his show last night discussing the Trump Jr. Russia scandal, arguing that there’s really nothing here to see that supports the media’s scandalous coverage thus far.

After going through the New York Times article on this story, Levin lays it out like this:

But what’s going on? Exactly what’s going on that requires the attention of the American people to be drawn away from threats to this country, from the agenda of the president. Exactly what is it that should compel our attention every second of the last 48 hours, where we’re told this is a big deal? We’re told that this is evidence of dishonesty, evidence of a pattern. A pattern of what? Not getting information…?

You know oddly enough what is this demonstrating? It demonstrates there was no collusion. Donald Trump Jr. goes to a meeting that has nothing to do with the Russian government, that doesn’t provide any information, let alone information provided by the Russian government. There’s no DNA, there’s no fingerprints, there’s no photo, there’s nothing! Nothing!

I’m sorry, there’s nothing! I know, I’m going against the winds here. I can’t help it! …I call them as I see ’em.

Levin goes on to point out that all Trump Jr. reportedly did was meet with a Russian lawyer, and the New York Times hasn’t given any evidence to substantiate their claim that this Russian lawyer was connected to the Kremlin.

Listen to the two clips below from his opening segment for more. (The second shorter clip is where the above snippet came from in case you just want to jump ahead to that one.)

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