Whistleblower reveals Albuquerque Public Schools reading list is almost all about race, queerness, or revisionist American history

In the public schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the indoctrination of our children is in full swing. A whistleblower revealed the recommended reading list for social studies and, according to James Lindsay, it’s almost all about “race, queerness, or derived from Howard Zinn (Critical Historian, revisionist).”

Here’s just one of the pages Lindsay posted in his tweet (click to enlarge):

Lindsay continues:


“The goal is, yet again, to criticize the existing society (per Marx’s “ruthless criticism of everything that exists”) to demolish faith and support for it.”


This is probably the biggest reason why Democrats love public schools and loathe homeschooling and private schools, because they can control and thus indoctrinate masses of children in public schools as you see above, fomenting a revolution in the hearts of those who will grow up and run this country. This is why parents fighting back, as we’ve recently seen, against CRT being taught in schools is so important. They are truly the ones who can make a difference here.

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