Whistleblower reveals FBI suspended agents just for attending Trump Jan 6th rally, says they’ve 100% bought into J6 hype…

An FBI whistleblower named Kyle Seraphin did an interview with Dan Bongino and said the federal agency has completely bought into the hype of January 6th.

So much so that he says they’ve suspended agents without pay for simply showing up to hear Trump speak on January 6th even though they didn’t participate in anything criminal.


Here’s a partial transcript…

SERAPHIN: I think this country broke on January 6th in so many different ways, it’s a turning point. The FBI has bought in 100% to the hype of January 6th. They’ve said it’s the biggest investigation they’ve ever done, bigger than 9/11. To me, that’s incredible.

I got the leads that come out of those cases, the days afterward. I was actually on leave on the day of and I had friends that were going to go down there, current agents, active duty, guys that were carrying a badge and the gun and were going to go down to the rallies and, just for logistical reasons, didn’t make it. They were able to retire safely, probably just because of that mishap. Because otherwise they would have been under investigation as far as I can tell.

I know two guys who have been suspended without pay, their security clearance revoked, for showing up to listen to the president of the United States.

BONGINO: No criminal activity whatsoever.

SERAPHIN: None. And the allegations are absurd, that they were engaging in some obstruction of a federal proceeding or that they had stopped a police officer in the performance of their duties. They didn’t even see any police officers. They saw secret service guys at the ellipse when they went through the magnetometer. That was it.

These are people I trust… They said the minute the tear gas started coming up we saw vans of Antifa guys coming out, guys in black clothes, and said this is not what we’re part of here. We’re going to go home….’

These are good people, these are good human beings that signed up. They’ve been named to the director…the FBI is aware of who these people are and they know what they did to them. They did the same thing to me and a number of others.

Clearly the FBI is broken and Chris Wray is part of the problem. It’s unbelievable just how bad it’s gotten. And will it ever get fixed? Doesn’t look like it…

Below is the full 54 minute interview if you want to hear more…


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